Friday, July 6, 2012

Monti Carlo : A Mountain, A Food Truck and 456

Monti Carlo : A Mountain, A Food Truck and 456

1.“OH NO! It’s a fire.”
2.“I’m not going to make it. I have asthma.”
3.“I hope we don’t miss our plane to Hawaii.”
4. “ Look at the ****ing Board!!! “

Today , I am going to switch things up.  Going to start
at the end , make a G line for A Mountain and end up
at A Food Truck.  Are you ready? 

In a town called TEMPE, ARIZONA there is a place called
A MOUNTAIN with an elevation of 456 Meters above sea level.
So we start at 456. On your keypads, vote now.  Sorry, I just
threw in a little Meredith Viera Who wants to be a Millionaire for fun J
456 , how are we going to use these numbers to start to make a
fortune? When I say fortune, I’m explaining this so you will understand
that you can do this too!

( Just a reminder for you, this is National Debt Training
so if you came here looking for Monti Carlo and Master Chef, be patient.
I’ll get to her in a bit.  )

456 and a Billion Dollars J  Let’s break it down in simple terms.  For one
thing , you may not want to invest your time in order to learn how to make
a Billion dollars.  If that is you, be my guest and leave now.  I only want
Entrepreneurs who are willing to invest a little bit of money and time so
they can wake up every day with a simple system to follow to gain wealth.
This is not for people who like working for an hourly wage or a yearly salary.
Because I bring you to A Mountain, similar to how God taught Moses back
in the day, WAY back in the day.

456 < 4 > < 5 > < 6 > You are going to want to meet somewhere.  Now,
where could you meet so that you could walk in a G line?  A Mountain in
Tempe Arizona would not be ideal for this part.  After all, you can’t park
a FOOD TRUCK on A MOUNTAIN right Monti? So, CLUE #1, find a nice
oval track , pretty sure they are abundant in the United States, am I right?
Football, Soccer, La Crosse, Track and Field you get the picture. Ideally, a
flat oval track where they allow a Food Truck or some type of vending
in the END ZONE.  We will need to feed the people who are paying to
learn how to make a fortune J

456 < 4 > < 5 > < 6 > This is where you need to open your mind a bit and
accept what I am going to explain.  456 ===+++=== You will need to make
room to accept 450 people on your track.  You will need 6 lanes on the
track.  You will accept either cash payment or credit cards in the form of
a 249 dollar payment.  Before anyone sets foot on the track, they must
pay upfront ( no exceptions ) .  Now, let’s do the math.

450 people times 249 dollars equals a total of ==++== $112,050.00
Are you taking notes Monti?  They won’t be teaching you this on Master
Chef I guarantee that!!! So, now that you have collected the money from
your paying customers, THE SHOW must go on.  Now, from the last post,
the OAK that was cut up and prepared in exact measurements is brought out.
You ask for 5 lucky volunteers from your paying customers.  You use these
exact words,

     “ I need exactly 5 Wise Virgins to start the G Line. “ 

Read the post before
this in case you don’t know what I am talking about here. If you are lucky like
me, then you can play the G chord on an  acoustic guitar for emphasis.  The 5
Wise Virgins will be instructed that they will be making a SILENT WALK around
the track which means, absolutely NO TALKING ( Smiles though are acceptable J
When you have your 5, you then give to them in this exact order the OAK wood
that was cut up.

The 6 foot piece of OAK , which is named the FAITH piece, you hand to the first
Wise Virgin.  The 8 foot piece of OAK, which is named the HOPE piece, you will
need two Wise Virgins to carry.  Then you have two 4 foot pieces of OAK , which
are named LOVE. You should always double up on LOVE J You hand the remaining
two Wise Virgins the two 4 foot pieces of OAK.  You ask them to start the walk with the OAK
at around the Twenty yard line on the Track and to walk around the Track in a
counter clock wise fashion until they reach approximately the 44 yard line.  So, roughly
around ¾ around the Track

The 5 Wise Virgins will be guided to take a sharp left onto the field.  They will walk
across the field until they are met with four tables.  The first Wise Virgin will
set down the FAITH piece on the table marked FAITH.  The second and third
Wise Virgins will set down the HOPE piece on the HOPE Table.  The fourth and
fifth Wise Virgins will set down their pieces on the LOVE Tables.  Once this is
accomplished, the 5 Wise Virgins will walk away from the tables and walk toward
the END ZONE.  If they feel like it, they may also RUN toward the END ZONE.
When they get to the 5 YARD LINE in the middle of the field, they will all look
into A HIGH DEFINITION Camera and in unison say out loud 39 Words that will
be given to them.  THAT IS IT for the 5 Wise Virgins.  At this point they will get
to be the first in line at the FOOD TRUCK in the END ZONE.

OK, again, I am going to stop here because I am giving away way too many highly
sought after secrets.  But I refuse to give away the kingdom just yet J  Remember,
I have yet to invite up the 5 Foolish Virgins and there are still 445 Customers on the
sideline who are still left in the dark and are probably getting restless and hungry.
After all , Monti’s FOOD TRUCK is cooking up some awesome food and the aroma
has drifted to the customers.  Hmm, let’s see.  I will leave you with this nugget of
wisdom.  At the bottom of this post, there is ONE VIDEO that if you think you can
figure out the rest of the system, be my guest.

For Monti Carlo J The name of your food truck will be as important as the food
you prepare for the customers.  In the Minneapolis/ St. Paul MN area there is a
thriving food truck business.  Here are the names of some of them:

Anchor Food Truck, Aussie’s Kebabs, Barrio Truck, Bloomy’s Roast Beef,
Cupcake On The Go, Dandelion Kitchen, Get Sauced, Golden Tummy,
Harvest Grill, Hola Arepa, House of Hunger, Little G’s, Nate Dogs, Saucy Burt’s,
Scratch, She Royal, Simply Steve’s, Smack Shack, Stanley’s On Wheels,
Sushi Fix, Tollefson Pork, Turkey To Go, Untamed Cart, Vellee Deli,
World Street Kitchen, YumMi Truck

128 Café, Bacon Trolley, The Cave Café, Chef Shack, Fork In The Road,
Foxy Falafel, Gastro Truck, Home Sweet Home, I Heart MN Coffee,
Meritage Crepe Stand, Messy Giuseppe, Ngon Bistro, Neato’s Burgers,
Potter’s Pasties, R.A. MacSammy’s, Sassy Spoon, Tot Boss,
West Indies Soul

Direct message me on TWITTER Monti if you want to hear what the name
of the truck SHOULD be for you when you do National Debt Training.

Now, let’s see did I leave anything out here.  Oh, yeah right, the 3rd and 4th quote’s
from Monti. 

3. “ I hope we don’t miss our plane to Hawaii. “  I’m going to say this
HOPE is in the mix so you and your son will be just fine flying first class to Hawaii
if you decide to take a trip there.

4.  “ Look at the ****ing board “  Ahem, unlike Gordon Ramsay, I don’t allow
swearing at my events.  So that is why I DOUBLE EMPHASIZE with two
pieces of 4 foot long OAK boards I call LOVE J

Well, that’s it folks.  The next posts will deal directly with ENTREPRENEURS who
are ready to tackle A MOUNTAIN of debt in a new and advanced way. Advanced
meaning SIMPLE.  And lastly, good luck and best wishes go out to
MONTI CARLO who is competing on the show Master Chef.  I HOPE she wins J

Respectfully in TRUTH,

Sole Owner of Orange Race Card Angels
Head of Angel Promotions

P.S. The length of the song represents your 445 remaining hungry customers Monti !!!

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Monti Carlo and the Ideal Reality Show ( I.R.S.)

Monti Carlo and the Ideal Reality Show ( I.R.S. )

1.“OH NO! It’s a fire.”
2.“I’m not going to make it. I have asthma.”
3.“I hope we don’t miss our plane to Hawaii.”
4. “ Look at the ****ing Board!!! “

If you look at quote #4 , to semi quote Gordon Ramsay, those

 NOT  Michelin stars L L L L !!!!

Click Here for where the quotes came

You know maybe I should have titled this :

Monti Carlo’s 4 Quote Monti as a play on the 2 Card Monte but this
is not a blast or a put down of my favorite contestant EVER on Master
Chef.  No, believe it or not , this is about


And it is my belief that when you learn my incredibly easy


you will begin to see that light inside of you and those around you
shining brighter than ever before.  So let’s get busy shall we.

And Monti if you are reading this, Whether you win Master Chef or not,
I will need to know, if you care to elaborate ,what your
IDEAL REALITY SHOW would look like in FIVE YEARS by following my
lead .  Let’s talk money! 

From Zero dollars or dinero ( what’s dinero got to do got to do with it,
what’s dinero but a sweet old fashioned Freakin Rican notion J ) to
a humongous LEAP to 3.6 Billion dollars.  Even Gordon Ramsay would
be shocked to learn this system. 

Are you still with me Monti?
From zero to 3.6 Billion dollars in ONE SUMMER J

But how?  Let’s look at the dream that one day Monti wants to own
a food truck.  I’m not going to be the judge here, but Monti I would
not go with the name Slap-Yo-Momma.  Not to ring the bell called
“ that sounds ghetto “ but it does.  Using the Leaping Operating System,
you will not only be able to afford your FOOD TRUCK after one afternoon,
but within one week, you SHOULD be able to afford a whole fleet if that is
where you want to go.  For me personally, my goal using the
Leaping Operating System, is to open a humongous Mountain Resort
that eventually will become about TEN Mountain Resorts in the various
United States.  So, what I do and what I say will need to match my goals.
Now this next part is hard to write.  Because I am going to use your first

“Oh No! It’s a fire”

One day, about eight years ago when my grandson was like 3, I was working
on fixing a computer.  It was a beautiful sunny day that quickly turned ugly.
The smoke detector inside the 100 year old farm house on the lake went off.
Hmm, that’s funny.  So, I got up to check where the sound was coming from
and got a shock.  When I opened up the back porch door, I looked up and
saw a line of fire stretching from the porch light to the wall that separated
the porch from the house.  I immediately ran upstairs to where my 3 year
old grandson was sleeping and freaked out. There was plumes of thick
black and gray and green smoke that had entered the room where he was
sleeping.  Amazingly , he was still sleeping, so I scooped him up and rushed
outside “ Long story short, because of  where the house was and the time
it took the firefighters to reach us, that house burned to the ground.  It was a
helpless feeling but one filled with the grateful sound of a smoke detector.  Without
that sound, I would not have had a grandson the next day.  Cause of fire---
Fire department said the light on the porch must have sparked with a loose wire
and the wood which was separating due to the age of the structure made for a
perfect condition to start a fire.  Lesson I learned, never rent without renters insurance.
We lost everything. 

Flash forward to today.  Colorado Springs.  When I decided to plan out the Orange Race
with the ending in Colorado Springs, I did not count on there being a set of wild fires
that are currently ravaging that beautiful area.  So, unlike the “ Where Angels Fear
To Tread “ quote from the song Foolish Heart by Grateful Dead or Jokerman by Bob
Dylan, this is getting serious.


And now a word from our sponsor.  Jesus Christ +++ Mark 25

Jesus Christ sat up with Christo Strom and explained to him all about suffering.
He told Christo through a DREAM how to set up the Orange Race and to
teach it in Wisconsin, Iowa, Nebraska and Colorado.  He said, to start in the
MIDDLE at MATTHEW 25 with the Parable about Ten Virgins.  He said to
USE THE WORDS as if you were explaining it for the FIRST time to
people who have not been BORN yet.

Here is a re-enactment of the DREAM

Je’-sus : Start Here Christo at Mark 25 è

Matthew 25 : 1     Then shall the kingdom of heaven be likened unto
ten virgins, which took their lamps, and went forth to meet the bridegroom.
25 : 2     And five of them were wise, and five were foolish.
25 : 3    They that were foolish took their lamps, and took no oil with them.
25 : 4     But the wise took oil in their vessels with their lamps.

Ok, that is all you need to read out loud Christo.  It is not up to you to read
the rest to your followers.  Teach them how to be WISE forever.  Do
not tread over to the foolish side.

Christo : ( that’s me J ! ) Alrighty All Mighty! That is where I will start in the
Middle.  With Matthew 25, with the first four verses.  Hey Je’-sus, since I got
you here or I guess I should say since You got me here, I would like to explain
this Leaping Operating System through this blog.  Only a few people read this
anyway and it seems like no one ever leaves a comment so what have I got
to lose right? ( the sound of Thunder and Lightning appear in the DREAM )

Je-sus : Go on Christo!

Christo : Ok so I know you’re a carpenter and a carpenter’s son and I really
appreciate, respect and get who you are, and were and will always be. So,
here is how you START the Leaping Operating System.
At this point I am going to DELAY the rest of the DREAM because it was just
too incredible to do it justice.  But here is where you MUST start.

Are you still here Monti?  Ok, out here in MINNESOTA, I went to a hardware
store and bought one sheet of 1/2 inch plywood made of OAK.  I cut it up
into six pieces by using a FORMULA.  Now, here is where Monti’s second
quote comes into play:

 “ I’m not going to make it. I have asthma . “

Well, guess what. BINGO
was his name O so do I. Lung capacity is growing shorter every day.  But we
deal with it.  So here is the FORMULA I used to cut up the 1/2 inch
plywood made of OAK.  Ready to get goose bumps?  Now Monti,
this is for Women Entrepreneurs who want to succeed during the
Orange Race.  I used this FORMULA to start.

Genesis 1 : 1     In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth
Genesis 1 : 2     And the earth was without form, and void; and darkness
was on the face of the deep.  And the spirit of God moved upon the face
of the waters.

Continuing with the FORMULA, I START to cut up the plywood.  But before
I go any further in this explanation, I am going to insert the painting I call

CAPITAL G ( don’t show this to Gordon Ramsay, he might start to cry J )

I put saw to wood by looking at the FIRST WORD of the FIRST LINE of
Genesis è In
Capital I and a small n.  I tend to recall that Je’-sus was crucified on what
everybody calls a Cross.  I won’t deny that fact but I am going to remind
the readers ( and Monti, Master Chef, and Women Entrepreneurs ) that
I am dealing with the National Debt and it is going to take a humongous
effort of simple steps for a desired outcome.  Ready then? OK, back to the
In.  Now since I am cutting up a thin piece of plywood made of OAK
( Red Oak to be exact ) I remember from the GOOD BOOK that Je’-sus
is quoted TWICE as saying something like


or something similar to that effect.  So that got me to thinking, WHY?
and then I thought WHY NOT?  That is when the cutting of the OAK began.
I started from In.  I looked at the letters in ENGLISH because believe it or
not, that is the language I speak.  In, the Capital letter I , would be the Roman
Numeral for number ONE. When you look at a CROSS, it looks like the lowercase
t.  But, the upright part of the Cross that is stuck 
in the ground is the I.  The I is the third vowel of the
English alphabet.  And the 9th letter as well.  So if I were to truly get the story
of Je’-sus, then I need to understand the FIRST WORD!  In.  Now, I look at the
second letter n.  It is the 14th letter of the English alphabet.  Pay close attention
because this will make the difference between making one hundred thousand
dollars or 3.6 Billion dollars. ( Foolish versus Wise, remember )

STOP RIGHT HERE!!! Before I go any FURTHUR, I am going to say this is the end
of PART ONE.  But before I end this
Part One I need to ask you ONE QUESTION :  è Do you really believe that
you are GREATER THAN the National Debt?

Respectfully in TRUTH,

Sole Owner of Orange Race Card Angels
Head of Angel Promotions

P.S. For Monti, let’s look at the word MOUNTAIN and the name MONTI.
The letters I need are U A N . And if I added the J from Hey Zeus I would
get JUAN.  ( JOHN ) Insert theme from Welcome Back Kotter and cue
the Tarjeta Naranja Carrera Ángeles J

P.S.S. Next post will deal with Monti’s third and fourth quote.  and the
continuation of In.