Friday, June 22, 2012

Orange Race : Peridot's Sapphires and Laurie's Mountain

Orange Race: Peridot’s Sapphires And Laurie’s Mountain

Birthstones and Mountain Stones and the Orange Race
Let’s get down to business shall we.

First off, as a United States taxpayer, to take care of the National Debt
it is reported that each taxpayer pay at least $138,841.00.  I’m not here
to rant and rave about the Government or politicians. I’m here to show
you a solution that will pave the way if you want to be financially fit
for the rest of your life. 

Now then, I want you to multiply the number $138,841.00 by the number

$138,841.00 X 10 = $1,138,841.00

Why am I asking you to do this?  Because it is my belief that not everyone
in the United States who is a taxpayer has a clue on how to grow and maintain
wealth.  For the few thousand ( 10,000 to be exact J) who do follow along and
pay attention , Happy Days will be with you all the rest of your days!!

OK, how do you get to the $1,138,841.00 mark in the tax department?

First off, using my system, how much income do you have to produce in
order to pay $1,138,841.00 ?  Answer : Let’s just say you will need to
produce $5,000,000.00 .  That will be more than enough.

Well, now that you know that, what’s next?

Knowing that you need to produce $5,000,000.00 and ACTUALLY
producing $5,000,000.00 is like the difference between Night and Day.

So let’s start off with ACTUALLY PRODUCING $5,000,000.00 instead of just

I am going to put up some numbers from my last post for you to look at.

$249.00 è $498.00 è $1,249.00 è $2,249.00 è $5,249.00 è $10,249.00

Believe it or not, these numbers will be your stepping stones. Like Peridot’s
and Sapphires are to Green and Blue, a mountain of debt is waiting for you!
Let’s start climbing the mountain.  Now, in order to get to the $5,000,000.00
Mark, you will have to :

A)     Learn Orange System  ( LOS ) called a Leaping Operating System ( LOS )
B)      Teach ( this is how you will get paid J )

What is the best and easiest way to reach the $5,000,000.00 Mark using this
system?  The best answer I can give you is to come to the live training.  If you
can’t come to the live training, the best advice I can give you is to set a goal
with a time limit.  Try this.  The goal is $5,000,000.00 , with the time limit being
3 Months.  What are you going to do without a system to get you there? If you
don’t have a system, why not learn one in ONE AFTERNOON or ONE WEEKEND?
Once you learn it , then TEACH it to get paid.  DING DING DING, we have a winner!

Now I am going to put up some numbers again from my last post

$1,000,249.00 è
$2,000,249.00 è
$5,000,249.00 è
$10,000,249.00 è
$100,000,249.00 è

Now, you will notice that the third number down in this sequence is
YOUR FIRST GOAL.  Now you can do it the hard way and try to figure
this out on your own.  OR ( Orange Race ) you can come to the live
trainings that I offer and learn it first hand from me.  Now I don’t
believe in long winded speeches or long drawn out drama sessions.
I believe in ACTION STEPS with NUMBERS.  If you have a fear of
public speaking, which I understand is the number one fear right
behind the FEAR OF THE LORD, then you are in luck.  I’ll speak for
you J !!!

I’m going to leave you with  three amateur paintings of mine that
explain without words my Leaping Operating System. The first one
is called A Quarter Twist.  The second one is called Dime’s Peak. The
third one is called Pig’s Peak. If you are good at subliminal messages,
then you don’t need my training and should be able to clear
$5,000,000.00 in 3 months no problem.  See you at the top of the
MOUNTAIN sooner than later!!!

Respectfully in TRUTH,

Sole Owner of Orange Race Card Angels
Head of Angel Promotions

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Orange Race : Leaping Operating System ( LOS )

Orange Race : Leaping Operating System ( LOS )

Take a look at these numbers with a cash equivalent.

$249.00 è $498.00 è $1,249.00 è $2,249.00 è $5,249.00 è $10,249.00

What are these numbers?  The numbers above with the cash equivalent are
the basis of the Orange Race Basic Intensive Training. (ORBIT)
The next set of numbers I will show you are for when you are ready to take
your final exam.  These numbers are pretty high so prepare yourself!


$1,000,249.00 è
$2,000,249.00 è
$5,000,249.00 è
$10,000,249.00 è
$100,000,249.00 è
$3,600,000,249.00 è

When you have reached the 3.6 Billion Dollar Mark, well, congratulations are in
order and a huge set of WINGS will be encased on top of a mountain in Colorado
and on those WINGS for the whole world to see will be engraved your name.
There will be a total of 10,000 names engraved on those WINGS so on behalf
of all at Orange Race Card Angels, GOOD LUCK!!

So now, let’s get down to business so if you are one of the lucky few who read this,
you will have a head start.  First things first.  Read this very carefully.  I am hoping
that at least 75% of the names are WOMEN.  That’s right. 7,500 of 10,000.

Why? Because I said so that’s why!  

Now, one other number to look at:

$ 15,000,000,000,000.00

now look at this number one more time.


So, you may be thinking.  How on EARTH is that small number going to take
on that huge number?  I call it by this name. 


In order to go from $249.00 to $3.6 Billion Dollars, you just have to learn a
few basic steps and you will be on your way.  I don’t believe in fancy schmancy
so if you are looking for a slick website or incredible copywriting from me, get
lost. You will never make it on the Orange Race Card Angels team.  But if
you want ACTION STEPS that are simple and easy to learn, a social network
that is an actual social network where you get to meet face to face for a
serious AND seriously fun learning environment, I WILL TEACH YOU on
a field or track or stadium or where ever we are holding a live event.

I teach you from the bottom up because in order to conquer the
mountain ( in this case, the national debt ) you have to start at the base
and work your way up the mountain.  I can’t TEACH you if you don’t show
up.  So that is what you have to do. 

AND ONE MORE THING J Have you ever considered investing $10,000.00
in the stock market, futures, or on say a course offered on the Internet?
Well, $10,000.00 is exactly ONE PERCENT of $1,000,000.00.  Now most
investments of $10,000.00 are risky at best.  But it will only get you so
much.  Now when was the last time ANYONE ANYWHERE has said to you,

“ I will teach you how to turn a $249.00 investment into 3.6 Billion dollars
Well then, let me be the first, my name is Christo and I will teach you!

Respectfully in TRUTH,

Sole Owner of Orange Race Card Angels
Head of Angel Promotions

Monday, June 4, 2012

Orange Race : Basic Intensive Training

Orange Race : Basic Intensive Training

If the National Debt were a planet to explore,
how far would you go to visit? This is an exercise
in preparedness, with Space challenges and fun
times for people with an Open Mind.  


The ORBIT in this instance will be used as a verb.
i.e. Move in ORBIT around with the synonym of a  CIRCLE
For the Orange Race to function as an entity, it will need
360,000 Entrepreneurs who are OPEN and WILLING to
learn something new.  This  “ something new “ is not a
shiny new object to distract. 

This “ something new “ is actually closer in definition
to make this a reality, a CENTER of the Circle needs to be
established.  We will call the center the NUCLEUS.  Just like
an electron in a path around the nucleus of an
atom.  It’s the same idea.  The only difference being, this
time, in the Orange Race, we will be using MONEY.  And
Two thin pieces of plywood, one made of OAK and one made
of Maple.

Now, here is where the fun begins.  Have you ever heard an
electron talk to the nucleus of an atom?  I am going to go out
on a limb here and say , “ Of course you have never heard an
electron talk to the nucleus of an atom!”  

THEREFORE, during the
ORBIT ( Orange Race Basic Intensive Training ) there will be no
talking.  But there will be walking.  If you are in a wheelchair,
Orange Race Card Angels’ Christo Strom ( me ) will be looking
for areas along the RACE COURSE between Green Bay Wisconsin
and Colorado Springs Colorado that are Wheelchair accessible
and will make special arrangements for you!

Now, in order to make this perfectly clear, you need to know what
the stakes are for the Orange Race Basic Intensive Training.   I will
start off by saying the most successful entrepreneurs who enter
the Orange Race Basic Intensive Training and complete their
training will understand that the biggest enemy to their success
is what I strategically call the


In this instance, the BBC does not stand for British Broadcasting Corporation.
No, this BBC is much more sinister. It stands for


You know what I am talking about , all these Americans who bitch and moan
on a CONSTANT DAILY basis and offer nothing in return.  I won’t mention
names but if I see any at the Orange Race I will have 


pluck them out and they will be forever banned from the ORBIT.
Like I said, there is NO TALKING during the Orange Race Basic Intensive Training.
The goal of Basic Intensive Training is for everyone and I mean everyone,
starting point in order to move to the

Orange Race : Advanced National Debt Training 

So if you want to sign
up to learn these easy tactics and strategies , there is only one way to do
that.  There will be a 12 month Window of Opportunity for Basic Intensive
Training.  If you are ready to make a commitment and can follow instructions
without talking for a period of about 15 minutes, prove to me that you are
ready and willing to learn in a LIVE SETTING

Remember, the Orange Race Basic Intensive Training ( ORBIT ) is the
nucleus.  It will be rolling out from June 2012 until June 2013.  You will
want to start your TRANSFORMATION now!  The only way to get started
is HERE!

See you at the starting gate!

Respectfully in TRUTH,

Sole Owner of Orange Race Card Angels
Head of Angel Promotions

P.S. 360,000 Entrepreneurs will form a 

CIRCLE OF LIGHT that the BBC will never see coming!