Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Puck, Pass and Stick with Christo Strom ( Part Two )

Puck , Pass and Stick with Christo Strom ( Part Two )

Welcome back to this three part series on
Puck Pass and Stick with Christo Strom.

Yesterday, I mentioned Fox 9’s Jeff Passolt.  Today I am
trying something different.  Before every Hockey game
that is on TV, or in the Pros, there is a song that is sung

The National Anthem.  

The crowd in attendance rises to
their feet and along with the hockey players they face the
American Flag. Before I go any further , please watch this
video with Robin Williams from years ago. 

Now, yesterday I mentioned in the piece with Jeff Passolt
how to raise $108,000.00 by teaching 450 women entrepreneurs.

I neglected to say what I was going to teach them or how
easily I was going to teach them.  Or why I chose the number
of 450.  So today, instead of telling you the reasoning I am
going to ask you one question.  

The way you answer this


will determine how much money you will
make with National Debt Training.  The question is this:

Has any Billionaire on the face of Planet Earth ever taken
the time to show you step by step how


with the National Debt to make


Go ahead and write down the names
of each and every Billionaire you know who has shown you the
steps you need to take. 

Take out a sheet of paper or open up a word
document and write down the names of each and every billionaire.

If I were to go out on a limb here, you are still staring at a blank sheet
of paper or a white computer screen. 

There is a reason for that.  Tomorrow, I am going to continue on with
National Debt Training but instead of 450 women, I am going to up
the ante to 4500 Women .  

I will explain why 4500 women entrepreneurs
tomorrow in a glimpse of what is to come during the Orange Race this
SUMMER 2012.  

I may even start the race earlier in Minnesota . But you
will have to come back tomorrow right here.  Today, to see what my

Orange Race Card Angels 

Is up against, I invite you to watch a video
Tony Robbins made about the national debt by clicking next to 
his name below except I changed his name to this:


Respectfully in TRUTH,

Head of Angel Promotions

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