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Orange Race : Making Notes ( S.U.N. ) Sign Up Now

Orange Race : Making Notes ( S.U.N. ) Sign Up Now

If you truly love the way the United States is right now,
then don’t sign up for the Orange Race.

If you work for an hourly wage and are unhappy with your
wages, then please by all means sign up for the Orange Race.

What is the Orange Race?

Without giving away the kingdom, the Orange Race is a
Leaping Operating System designed for you ( participant )
to be Making Notes. When I say Making Notes I am talking
about CASH!!!  How much you will make will depend on
two things. Those two things are your heightened levels of

Passion And Increased Desire ( P.A.I.D. )

The day of the Orange Race, there will be room for between
450 to 4500 participants.  There won’t be any speeches
because really, by the time speeches are done, the National
and States debt will have continued climbing.  So, this is
a course I designed for maximum paydays with precise
action steps.

What is a Leaping Operating System? ( L.O.S. )

A Leaping Operating System operates like this:
The Orange Race , which costs $10,000.00 to enter is
an ADVANCED NATIONAL DEBT Training course.
In order to qualify for the Orange Race, you have to prove
to me that you can pass the Basic Training course which
is where everybody will start.  This costs $240.00.  There is
Seven Layers to the Orange Race, which is why you need
to get P.A.I.D. 

When will the Orange Race start? 

Each year, the Orange Race
will start on June 21st in Green Bay Wisconsin and end
September 21st in Colorado Springs Colorado.

What is the goal of the Orange Race?

The goal of the Orange Race is simple.  Take a look at this sign
I painted that represents a SHOPPING CART OF DEBT that the
United States at the Federal level and a snapshot of 4 and 5
states debt. Those states are 4 ( Wisconsin, Iowa, Nebraska,
and Colorado ) with the 5 states having Minnesota added.
The only number the Orange Race will focus on is the 4 state
number and that is 121 Billion Dollars. We will deal with all
three, but only focus on ONE. 

Why is there Seven Layers to the Orange Race?

The Orange Race is a progressive course of action that deals
only in debt.  We only provide the action steps for you to take.

Why do I have to pass Basic Training before I can enter the
Orange Race?

Because I need to know that you understand that the biggest
problems are solved at the basic level.  This course is not
focused on bashing politicians or throwing money around
to endorse candidates.  It is about helping ordinary United
States citizens keep their heads above water.  I like to think
that there are women and men who are like 4th, 5th and 6th
strings on a team.  To use an overused statement, these
are my people.   I just happen to know how to turn them into
Angels.  It’s what I will do with the rest of my life.  So, enough
rambling from me.  If you want to learn more, please sign up
below!  Thanks and Good luck!

Respectfully in TRUTH,

Head of Angel Promotions

P.S.  When the Orange Race hits full stride, probably in about
SEVEN years, there will be a total of 360,000 Entrepreneurs
taking charge of their finances.  Out of these 360,000 Entrepreneurs,
10,000 will be Billionaires because they will have mastered my
Leaping Operating System known as the Orange Race.


Sign Up Now below this post at:
Orange Race Advanced National Debt Training 
( if you want to be among the chosen to be MAKING NOTES!!!!!!! )

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