Monday, April 30, 2012

Jeff Passolt: Puck, Pass and Stick with Christo Strom

Jeff Passolt : Puck, Pass and Stick with Christo Strom

This is an open request for FOX 9’s Jeff Passolt. It is not your
regular blog post. The setup for National DebtTraining will be
explained here.  This is the HOCKEY version and it is required

Jeff Passolt, I am going to share with you some thoughts on how
to help out Jack Jablonski and his family using the National Debt
as a backdrop.  Jeff, as I am sure you know, the National Debt is
over 15 Trillion dollars.  And in a much smaller way, Minnesota’s
State debt is around 44 Billion dollars.  OK Jeff, these are the numbers
we are going to deal with.

Just because we live in Minnesota, let’s deal with the Minnesota debt
first.  44 Billion dollars.  I am going to show you in HAM terms how to
start going at the Minnesota Debt.  HAM stands for HOCKEY ART MUSIC

First we start with HOCKEY.  A Hockey team when playing on ICE consists
of 5 players and a Goalie.  At Full strength , there are 6 Players on the
ice per team.  Sometimes, due to a penalty, there are only 5 players on
the ice. And in rough games, sometimes there are only 4 players on the
ice due to penalties.  Now, there are two teams on the ice for every game.
So, let’s recap here.  6 players per team , sometimes 5 players and sometimes
4 players. We will work with combinations of 12, 10, 8, because LORD knows
we don't ever want to be thought of as ODD :)

Next, we skip over ART because in order to make a VALUABLE WORK of ART
you need to prepare the canvas.  Below is a sketch drawing of a GUITAR,
an acoustic guitar. Notice there are TWO DIAGRAMS of the top layer made of

Now the reason I am putting this here is that there is a hole in the middle roughly
the size of a HOCKEY PUCK.  And in case you have ADHD or early onsets of Alzheimers
the title of this post is PUCK, PASS and STICK with Christo Strom.  OK, on a guitar
there are 6 strings that when wound properly  produce a certain sound depending
on where your fingers are on the fretboard and how you strum the strings on
the guitar.

Going with the HOCKEY version of a guitar,
the 4th, 5th, and 6th strings are labeled as the

G STRING < G > is the 4th

B STRING < B > is the 5th

E STRING < E > is the 6th

NOW, in order to make this work, you need three more strings that are exactly
the same.  So you need another set of G, B and E Strings, strung on a guitar
as such:

< E > < B > < G > < G > < B > < E >

The reason being is that anyone ,whether they are right or left handed ,will be
able to play.  The only  CHORD that we will work with for the time being
is the D chord.  If you don’t understand what I am saying, ask any guitar
player or guitar teacher. The D chord which in this instance stands for

DEBT ( do you follow? )

OK, Jeff stay with me. This is where it GETS REAL.  Jack Jablonski is in
for the battle of his young life.  This is for the Jablonski’s : LET’S GO!


Well, Jeff, you can be the master of ceremonies, and this is what you
will need: 

450 WOMEN Entrepreneurs who will pay $240.00 each. CASH ONLY!!

The reason for this is simple.  You need to show up on GAME DAY
ready to play and learn.  The ONLY way to ensure this will be
successful is to PAY CASH the day you show up!

These 450 Women must pay in TWENTY DOLLAR BILLS.  So each
woman must show up with 12 Twenty dollar bills.

Absolutely NO EXCEPTIONS!!!

So, doing the math, we have a total of :


These are not earth shattering numbers, but I am going to stop right
here and say to JEFF PASSOLT from FOX 9 KMSP, tomorrow I am
going to put up PART TWO of Puck Pass and Stick with Christo Strom
which includes a video from Tony Robbins take on the National Debt
situation.  And a final reminder that I am the only National Debt Trainer
in the UNIVERSE and I take my position kind of seriously but I do tend
to still have an awesome sense of humor. So stay tuned!!

Respectfully in TRUTH,

P.S. Tomorrow, the first steps

P.P.S. ( Puck, Pass, Stick) Today, this video dedicated to Mrs. Jablonski, a Jersey girl

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