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Sack Mammond : JA Brotherhood of Defense with Writchristo

Sack Mammond : JA Brotherhood of Defense with Writchristo

This is the true story of how Sack Mammond got the ball
rolling in the quest for a new Minnesota Viking Stadium.
Here is a picture of the leader of the Sack’s Jared Allen,

Now that you have a clear picture of who the leader is, the
truth will be explained, in plain English.  As many in the land
of all things VIKING will attest, Jared Allen shows up to play!
So it is therefore fitting that he be the first KING of the Sack’s.

A Quick look at the 2011 Stats:

66 Tackles
22 Sacks

Sack  Mammond is an integral part of the Orange Race and
National Debt Training.  You see in Minnesota, Sack Mammond
will be teaming up with Back Mammond ( Adrian Peterson )
to help out in National Debt Training.  Now please pay close
attention here.  The lead owner of the Minnesota Vikings,
Zygi Wilf, who is also known as Zack Mammond, has hit a
major roadblock coming up with the extra funding for a
new Minnesota Viking Stadium.  To put it bluntly, he has
not educated enough customers on how to become rich.
OR, let’s just say, ONE investor with no reason to help
has not  stepped forward with a sensible plan.

This is where the Orange Race Card Angels’ HACK MAMMOND
steps in and says,

Move over Rookies, It’s SHOWTIME!!!

( if you don’t know who HACK MAMMOND is read the post
before this one!!!)

Now to get the reader up to speed with the Minnesota
Viking Stadium fiasco, I would like to take you back to
the most critical moment of impact and the day that
changed everything.  Take a look at this video before
reading any further.

Now the day before the Orange Race/National Debt Training
takes place at the Metrodome, a meeting of the players
involved in the  stadium fiasco will assemble at the METRODOME.

This includes : Every Minnesota Politician who has failed to ACT
in a timely manner, Sack Mammond ( Jared Allen ) , Back
Mammond ( Adrian Peterson ) , Zack Mammond ( Zygi Wilf )
and the only one with brains enough to show them the error
of their ways : the one and only è

HACK MAMMOND ( the only Mammond in all CAPS )

So the day before the Orange Race/ National Debt Training,
HACK MAMMOND pulls Sack Mammond aside for a little pep
talk.  HACK then instructs Sack what to say to the assembled
Minnesota Politicians seated in the Metrodome seats right
next to the field.  HACK then walks calmly away and out of
the Metrodome, leaving Sack, Back and Zack Mammond with
the MIGHTY task of using HACK’S WORD against the Politicians.

Sack Mammond ( Jared Allen ) then approaches the Politicians
who seem a little bored and agitated.  Sack grabs the microphone
and reads aloud 


Listen Up you Punk Ass Bitches, I am giving you Four Choices of
Games to play.

Choice #1) is Solitaire.  That seems appropriate
since none of you have a clue on how to raise capital on your own

Choice #2) Tiddly Winks , only because you’re really good at games
that accomplish nothing but waste time.

Choice #3) VIKING CRIBBAGE COLLECT, this is a game that HACK
MAMMOND has created and is an integral part of the Orange Race/
National Debt Training.  It is a board game where you have to be able
to add to 15 to score points and make money! 

( reminder that the National Debt is over
15 Trillion in case you get lost and don’t know the score!!!)

and the final choice,



HACK MAMMOND has informed me, the great Sack Mammond,
that the Choice of what game to play has already been decided
for you.  You will have to play Sign Language Bingo while the music
of Dimebag Darrell Abbott is played at painfully loud volumes. 
There will be only one song   playing and that song is called:

WALK ( just the guitar part, over and over 93 Times X )

The rules of the game is NO TALKING or you have to DRINK a beer
and throw 20 dollars onto the Metrodome field.  The letters will be
called out in SIGN LANGUAGE.  If you don’t know how to sign, DRINK
a beer.  The first person to correctly call out in SIGN LANGUAGE
will be the only Politician allowed tomorrow to be a witness
to how 4500 Women Entrepreneurs will be the first of 360,000 Women
to learn the SIMPLY ORANGE truth on how to kick ass with National
Debt Training.  OK are we all clear here?  By the way, there is no drinking
during the Orange Race/ National Debt Training +++ ( DUH )
Governor Mark Dayton was the first to speak up:

GO. Dayton è Um, Mr. Allen, why is HACK MAMMOND treating us
like children and also why is he taking our freedom of choice away
from us and deciding what game we have to play and what music
we have to listen to?

Sack Mammond è Um, Governor Dayton, I was told by HACK that you
and all the Politicians have to address me as Mr. Sack .  If you would
like to rephrase your question I would be glad to answer you.

GO. Dayton è Oh, this is nonsense, can you turn down the music,

Sack Mammond è Wow, this is CRAZY!!  HACK MAMMOND knew
you would say that so I have no choice but to call in the 44.

GO. Dayton è What is the 44?

Sack Mammond è Wow, this is just incredibly CRAZY!! It’s like
HACK MAMMOND knows exactly what to say and do.  Governor
Dayton and everyone here, including Mayor RT Rybak, I just
received a text from HACK MAMMOND that states:

Dear Mr. Sack,
I thought maybe you needed some reinforcements so I sent in
the 44.  There are 44 Kegs of Cold Minnesota Beer, being brought in
by OLD number 44 Chuck Mammond ( Chuck Foreman ) and
4400 Wounded Warriors from all 50 States with their families.
Look over your
RIGHT shoulder Mr. Sack.

And as if Moses had just parted the Red Sea, all the Politicians
in attendance rose to their feet and applauded.  They also
joined the party on the field .  It was then the voice of

HACK MAMMOND  was heard over the loud speakers.

HACK MAMMOND  +++ è When the choice of games was
taken away from you, did you notice how angry the mood got?
When you can’t control your anger, your decision making
process is highly diminished.  In other words, it’s like
GAME OVER and we all lose.  Got it?

The Orange Race is a system that I will be teaching Women
Entrepreneurs from Five states, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa,
Nebraska and Colorado. 

THE VIKING CRIBBAGE COLLECT is a real game that you have to
see to believe.  This is all I have for you today.  Stay tuned
for the next post where Sack and Back Hammond take part
in the first ever TRAINING that is going to ROCK the Metrodome.
4500 Women Entrepreneurs in Minnesota.  The 4500 will be the
FIRST to represent Women Entrepreneurs Everywhere.

That’s right they will represent

Feed my sheep ( HACK MAMMOND )

End of Part One +++ Note to reader, the mood is about to turn
angrier and ugly because HACK MAMMOND held on to the 44
Taps for the Kegs .  Stay tuned to find out what happens next!!!

Respectfully in TRUTH,

Sole Owner of Orange Race Card Angels Facebook
Head of Angel Promotions Facebook 

P.S. Here are two videos that Sack Mammond would cheer!

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