Friday, February 24, 2012

3-13 Vikings, Jesus and Jack (part one of three)

3 – 13 Vikings , Jesus and Jack ( part one of three )

National Debt Training in the Twin Cities.  Get ready to rumble!!!
Originally, when I started writing about the National Debt, my
plans were to use the profits I made to build a Rock and Roll
Winter/Summer Resort in the mountains somewhere away
from Minnesota.  I put out a simple video called Dime’s Peak
on December 8th 2010 in honor of Darrell Abbott , a guitar
player also recognized by the name of DIMEBAG.  Before
DIMEBAG, he was DIAMOND.  In Ski resort’s everywhere, the
hardest slopes are recognized by a BLACK DIAMOND.  Yes,
that is what I am saying Zakk Wylde, a BLACK DIAMOND resort!

Anyways, four days after I put the video up, the Metrodome
roof collapsed.  So what does this have to do with the title
I started this post with?  Let me explain to all you Viking fans
who are still waiting for a miracle.  And by miracle I mean actually
winning the Super Bowl.  Oh, I’m sorry does that sting a little?
Anyways, pay attention and you might learn something about
giving the term Minnesota Nice another shot! Or slap shot if you
prefer hockey over football!

By a weird twist of the cards, THE SPIRIT has required that
I pay attention to the Twin Cities in Minnesota before I venture
off to do the Orange Race.  Well here goes:

3-13 Vikings

Let’s just scrap the Vikings here shall we?

Concentrate on the 3-13

In hockey, scoring three goals by the same hockey player in a
single game is known around the world as a


Jack Jablonski’s number is 13.  One of Darrell Abbott’s songs
while he was in a band called PANTERA was a song called
WALK.  One of the lines goes like this è

Re   spect   WALK are you talkin to me?

I’m pretty sure Darrell Abbott liked hockey too!

Branching out even further, a band called FOO FIGHTERS
song called WALK è

I'm learning to walk again
I believe I've waited long enough
Where do I begin?
I'm learning to talk again
Can't you see I've waited long enough?
Where do I begin?

Now, since the adults in the Twin Cities are TOO COOL
to do anything about the National Debt, I’ll turn to the teen
agers in the TWIN CITIES and say this:

As an adult, being TOO COOL to do something about the
National Debt is the same thing as shirking one’s responsibility.

This is why, I will turn to you teenagers in the TWIN CITIES.

Would you like to turn the TWIN CITIES into the FIRST in the
nation to step up to the plate and start SLAP SHOOTING the
national debt into oblivion?  Look, your parents are set in their
ways and up to this point have done nothing about the national
debt.  They are perfectly satisfied with leaving this debt for you
to manage.  How uncool is that?  

Now, I have in store for you
teenagers in the Twin Cities a way to not only help with the
national debt but at the same time you can pay for whatever
college you want to go to if you so choose.  

In my next post,
I will deal with the Jesus part.  And in the third post, I will
return for Jack Jablonski.  So , teenagers in the Twin Cities,
as I  often say,

Stay Tuned and Get Ready!

Repsectfully in TRUTH,


P.S.  Click Here for the Dime’s Peak Video that is what started my
hope for building a Rock and Roll Winter/Summer resort for
people who help out with National Debt Training!!! Don’t forget
to click on the SEE MORE part under the video. Thanks, a Trillion!!!

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