Wednesday, February 29, 2012

3-13 Vikings, Jesus and Jack (part 2 of 3)

3 – 13 Vikings,  Jesus and Jack

I brought my request to the foot of the cross for Jack Jablonski.
I said, “ Jesus, can you help? “
He replied back with this:

MARK 12:30      And thou shalt love the 
Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with 
all thy soul, and with all thy mind, and with all
thy strength: this is the first commandment.

Jesus then asked me how old I was today.
I told Him my age and He rebuked me!

Jesus asked me how old I was a second time, only this time He


I told Him
I would be 12. 

Jesus then reminded me that he was 12 when he wandered off from
Mary and Joseph.  He also reminded me he was 30 when he started
His teachings. So I looked again at what He showed me:

MARK 12:30     And thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy
heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind, and with all
thy strength : this is the first commandment.

Jesus excused himself but before he did he told me to help out
MAX, ( Jack Jablonski’s brother), Leslie and Mike ( Jack Jablonski’s
parents) and all the Twin Cities teen agers .  He reminded me
that FORGIVENESS goes hand in hand with HEALING. 

Before Jesus left, I asked him what date should I start?
He only said one word:


I looked at Him and He smiled.  Jesus whispered è

You’ll know what to do and say
from now on. Go and do as I say.

So I looked at the word MAX and I thought, wow Jesus
just gave me everything I need to know in one WORD.

The DATE for MAX è May 10th 2012, 2013, etc…

Part two of 3-13 Vikings , Jesus and Jack is finished.

Stay tuned for part three!

This is the LEAP of FAITH LEAP YEAR post from è

Sole Owner of OrangeRace Card Angels facebook

P.S. the RK in MARK would be in this instance for 
Jack's team, the RED KNIGHTS

the X in MAX is Roman numeral for 10.  MA in MAX
stands for the month of MAY.  

Pictured below is an event coming up at the Fine Line Music Cafe
in Minneapolis.  
Hosted by Frank Vascellaro and Amelia Santaniello

Friday, February 24, 2012

3-13 Vikings, Jesus and Jack (part one of three)

3 – 13 Vikings , Jesus and Jack ( part one of three )

National Debt Training in the Twin Cities.  Get ready to rumble!!!
Originally, when I started writing about the National Debt, my
plans were to use the profits I made to build a Rock and Roll
Winter/Summer Resort in the mountains somewhere away
from Minnesota.  I put out a simple video called Dime’s Peak
on December 8th 2010 in honor of Darrell Abbott , a guitar
player also recognized by the name of DIMEBAG.  Before
DIMEBAG, he was DIAMOND.  In Ski resort’s everywhere, the
hardest slopes are recognized by a BLACK DIAMOND.  Yes,
that is what I am saying Zakk Wylde, a BLACK DIAMOND resort!

Anyways, four days after I put the video up, the Metrodome
roof collapsed.  So what does this have to do with the title
I started this post with?  Let me explain to all you Viking fans
who are still waiting for a miracle.  And by miracle I mean actually
winning the Super Bowl.  Oh, I’m sorry does that sting a little?
Anyways, pay attention and you might learn something about
giving the term Minnesota Nice another shot! Or slap shot if you
prefer hockey over football!

By a weird twist of the cards, THE SPIRIT has required that
I pay attention to the Twin Cities in Minnesota before I venture
off to do the Orange Race.  Well here goes:

3-13 Vikings

Let’s just scrap the Vikings here shall we?

Concentrate on the 3-13

In hockey, scoring three goals by the same hockey player in a
single game is known around the world as a


Jack Jablonski’s number is 13.  One of Darrell Abbott’s songs
while he was in a band called PANTERA was a song called
WALK.  One of the lines goes like this è

Re   spect   WALK are you talkin to me?

I’m pretty sure Darrell Abbott liked hockey too!

Branching out even further, a band called FOO FIGHTERS
song called WALK è

I'm learning to walk again
I believe I've waited long enough
Where do I begin?
I'm learning to talk again
Can't you see I've waited long enough?
Where do I begin?

Now, since the adults in the Twin Cities are TOO COOL
to do anything about the National Debt, I’ll turn to the teen
agers in the TWIN CITIES and say this:

As an adult, being TOO COOL to do something about the
National Debt is the same thing as shirking one’s responsibility.

This is why, I will turn to you teenagers in the TWIN CITIES.

Would you like to turn the TWIN CITIES into the FIRST in the
nation to step up to the plate and start SLAP SHOOTING the
national debt into oblivion?  Look, your parents are set in their
ways and up to this point have done nothing about the national
debt.  They are perfectly satisfied with leaving this debt for you
to manage.  How uncool is that?  

Now, I have in store for you
teenagers in the Twin Cities a way to not only help with the
national debt but at the same time you can pay for whatever
college you want to go to if you so choose.  

In my next post,
I will deal with the Jesus part.  And in the third post, I will
return for Jack Jablonski.  So , teenagers in the Twin Cities,
as I  often say,

Stay Tuned and Get Ready!

Repsectfully in TRUTH,


P.S.  Click Here for the Dime’s Peak Video that is what started my
hope for building a Rock and Roll Winter/Summer resort for
people who help out with National Debt Training!!! Don’t forget
to click on the SEE MORE part under the video. Thanks, a Trillion!!!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Zack Mammond : Valhalla and the Garden Hills

Zack Mammond : Valhalla and the Garden Hills

And so the saga continues…

Situated near the 50 yard line of the Metrodome in Minneapolis,
Minnesota, the Mighty Mammonds convened.

HACK MAMMOND directed  44 of the 4400 Wounded Warriors
to align the 44 Kegs in a straight line.  They were instructed
to put 22 Kegs spaced evenly on the 44 Yard Line.  HACK MAMMOND
then applauded the 44 Wounded Warriors for a job well done.
He then spoke to the crowd assembled on the field.

HACK MAMMOND è This is where we separate the TRUTH
from the lies.  Now, all the politicians from Minnesota, you will
be assembled on the South side of the 44 Yard line and your kegs
will be roped off with an ORANGE rope.  You will not be allowed
to speak to anyone on the North side of the orange rope.  You
will only be allowed to drink the ice cold Minnesota beer and
play your stupid pull tabs with each other.  And to make things
even more uncomfortable for you, all of your beer will be
served by Jesse Ventura. 
Now for all you Mammonds and the 4400 Wounded Warriors,
you will be situated on the North side of the 44 yard line with
the kegs that are roped off with Purple and Gold ropes.
You will be served by smiling Hooter servers and Viking

It was at this point that Zack Mammond interrupted HACK.

Zack Mammond ( Zygi Wilf ) è Umm, Mr HACK, we are under
strict rules that state we have a code where we only associate
with the colors Purple and Gold.  When you bring in the Orange
of the Hooters Servers, that is a conflict of interest and we would
have to shut you down according to our lawyers.

At these words, HACK MAMMOND looked at Zack and gave a
speech that went like this è

HACK MAMMOND è Were this all but for a silly Viking Stadium
then I would agree with you Zack Mammond.  But for some
reason unknown to you there is a NATIONAL DEBT problem and
a MINNESOTA DEBT problem going on that no one is addressing.
The man I mentioned before, Christo Strom, is going to come in
here and kick your ass from here to next Tuesday if you blow this.
The problem with America right now is too many people are
SIGNING EXCLUSIVE CONTRACTS with companies that don’t

give a rat’s ass.  This guy named CHRISTO ( that’s a Christ with
an O for Orange, take it or leave it!!!) will be teaching
National Debt Training
to a LUCKY 360,000 Women who will be implementing a

SYSTEM that operates on SOUND JUDGEMENT.  The 4500
Women who will be coming in here tomorrow are the 1st in
the nation to get exclusive training.  Now Zack Mammond
listen closely to this because it is an exclusive deal for you.
Christo knows you hire directors for films so he is prepared
to make you an offer.  The offer is contingent on you bringing
to the Metrodome 22 Panels of Plywood in the exact amount
of 11 sheets of Oak Plywood and 11 sheets of Maple plywood.
This is representative of the offense and the defense of a
football team.  Do you think you can handle that Zack?

Zack Mammond ( Zygi Wilf ) è What is Christo going to be using
the plywood for?

HACK MAMMOND è Right now that is none of your business Zack.
But the question was

I mean if you
can’t handle a simple request then it is pretty obvious why you
are having so much trouble with your stadium proposal. 

Back Mammond ( Adrian Peterson ) spoke up è Zack, what HACK
is asking is pretty straightforward.  Hey HACK, you tell Christo that
I will bring Eleven sheets of plywood and Sack ( Jared Allen ) will
bring Eleven sheets of plywood.  Mine will represent the offense
and Sack’s ( Jared Allen ) will represent the defense.

Sack Mammond ( Jared Allen ) è Yeah, Zack, you can count on me
to bring 11.  Now HACK, can you explain more about this National
Debt thing.  We pay a lot in taxes as it is as Vikings players. 

HACK MAMMOND è Yes you do Sack, but look at these 4400
Wounded Warriors.  What system are you teaching them that
will bring in the big bucks?

Sack Mammond ( Jared Allen ) è I’m not teaching them anything
but I get behind their causes and shine a light where needed.

Zack Mammond ( Zygi Wilf ) è We just want a stadium HACK.  Can
you help us out or not?

HACK MAMMOND took out a letter written by Christo Strom.  It was
written in red and it went like this:

Clearing his throat, HACK MAMMOND read aloud

MATTHEW 25: 1 Then shall the kingdom of heaven be likened
unto ten virgins, which took their lamps, and went forth to
meet the bridegroom.

25:2    And five of them were wise, and five were foolish.

HACK then folded the words written in red and turned to the
multitude assembled on the Metrodome field.

What Christo wrote to me were words that I spoke over
two thousand years ago.  They are as true today as they
were back then.  Christo is going to teach every woman
entrepreneur he comes in contact with how to become
part of the five that are wise.  Don’t worry about the
virgin part.  He will explain to you that EVERYONE is a virgin
as far as National Debt Training is concerned.  Just stay
tuned and you will make it!!!

END of the Mammond Series +++ Zack Mammond : Valhalla and Garden Hills

You will have to return for the next post  to learn about the
late great Walter Payton.  Next post will reveal what you need
to do to get started with national debt training and the steps
and words you need to know.  Keep it Simple Silly!

Respectfully in TRUTH,

Sole Owner of OrangeRace Card Angels facebook

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Back Mammond : Adrian Peterson's Terrapin

Back Mammond : Adrian Peterson’s Terrapin 

Meanwhile, back at the Metrodome….

If you just joined us, let me get you up to speed.  Mel Mammond,
( the actor/director known as Mel Gibson ) was gang tackled in the
end zone by none other than Back Mammond ( Minnesota Vikings
running back Adrian Peterson) , Sack  Mammond ( Minnesota Vikings
defensive end Jared Allen ) and Zack Mammond ( Minnesota Vikings
co-owner Zygi Wilf ).  They brought Mel Mammond to the 50 yard
line kicking and screaming and swearing that


( Holy Angel Christ King and the only Mammond
who uses all capital letters in His name ) 

was to blame for Mel
Mammond’s life falling apart.  The funny thing is, no one had invited
Mel Mammond to the Metrodome and things were going to get

Now, back to the story….

Adrian Peterson was the first to speak.

Back Mammond è HACK, I don’t care to know what you are going
to say about


If you promise not to hold these words against me can we just move
on here.  The Minnesota Vikings need a new place to play and we’ve
about run out of options here.  Any help you can give us would be

HACK MAMMOND è Very well Back, I won’t use your words against
you but as for you politicians assembled here, you are not so lucky!
These 44 KEGS of ice cold Minnesota beer are going to be divided
evenly on the 44 yard lines on both half of the 50 yard line.  So there
will be 22 Kegs of beer on one 44 yard line and 22 Kegs of beer on the
opposite 44 yard line.  You got that?

Everyone in attendance nodded their approval.  Everyone except Mel
Mammond agreed.  Mel Mammond somehow had managed to get
the potato sack off his head and managed to stand up right. He then
screamed obscenities toward HACK MAMMOND.

Mel Mammond è You f%#$^&g hypocrite. You set up 22 Kegs of
ice cold wonderful Minnesota beer on either side of the 44 yard line
but you haven’t got the f%^&$@g balls to fight me with your sword.

HACK MAMMOND turned to Zack Mammond ( Zygi Wilf ) and said
exactly three words   è

Terrapin (ZAP)  Mammond

Zack Mammond , turning to Back Mammond, said è HACK just spoke
your language Back.  You have my blessings, lightning bolts and thunder!

What happened next I will not explain, other than to say that Mel
Mammond was on the field convulsing and twitching after being ZAPPED
with a taser fired from Back Mammond.

After Mel Mammond was unceremoniously released from the Metrodome
field and escorted out of the stadium, the business at hand was getting
back to normal.  HACK explained to the Minnesota politicians, the 4400
Wounded Warriors , Back Mammond, Sack Mammond and Zack Mammond
that the 44 Hooter Servers with the 44 Taps would be coming down the
stairs in 44 minutes.  HACK then pulled Zack Mammond ( Zygi Wilf) aside
and told him these words

HACK è Zack, there is this guy named Christo Strom who will be showing
up here tomorrow with 4500 Women Entrepreneurs.  He is on
your side for building in Arden Hills.  He will be teaching these women
in one hour what no one in America is doing right now.  He would
appreciate it if you leave the empty kegs on the field as a reminder
of the hollowness and the emptiness of politicians words on a

After hearing these words, Zack Mammond smiled the biggest
smile any NFL owner had ever smiled. 

Stay tuned to find out what happens when the 44 Kegs of Ice Cold
Minnesota beer get tapped by the 44 Hooters Servers in the next
post which will be titled

Zack Mammond : Valhalla and the Garden Hills. 
It will also include a special tribute to the late great Walter Payton
from the Chicago Bears.

Respectfully in TRUTH,

Sole Owner of OrangeRace Card Angels facebook

P.S. Cold Rain and Snow today! For all the Yellow hair Viking fans!

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Back Mammond : Adrian Peterson Tackles Mel Mammond

Back Mammond : Adrian Peterson Tackles Mel with Writchristo

Now where were we? Ah yes, for those assembled on the Metrodome
Field in Minneapolis Minnesota, these words coming from
Back Mammond è

Back Mammond ( Adrian Peterson ) spoke up è Who the hell
does HACK MAMMOND think he is?  Jesus Christ, where is

Descending down the Metrodome stairs after having been
busy doing his thing with social media, HACK MAMMOND
walked up to Back Mammond .  HACK had with him an
Orange Crown.  He then gave the Orange Crown to
Back Mammond and spoke to the crowd assembled.
Here are HACK’S WORDS :



Every one, take a knee.  I have hired 


to serve you free beer today.  You will be served
ALL DAY ( Adrian Peterson ) and at the end of the day,
Back Mammond ( Adrian Peterson ) you will be in no
shape to play football.  Am I making myself perfectly
clear here.  Come on everyone, isn’t that really what
you came to see.  You want ALL DAY Adrian to be just like you.
Mr. Mayor, RT Rybak, you don’t want the Vikings to leave
Minneapolis right? And Governor Dayton, you don’t want
to finance the Viking stadium without the help of Pull tabs,
which in reality is Gambling Addiction.  Notice the AD in
addiction?  And all the 4400 Wounded Warriors assembled
here, you just want people to recognize your sacrifice to
our great country right?  Well, guess what people? Free Beer
and Pull Tabs are the best Minneapolis Minnesota can
come up with!!! YA FN Whoo!

Back Mammond interrupted HACK MAMMOND’s speech  to
the multitude with this è 

HEY HACK, Sack said that you said,
that I , the great Back Mammond were going to be held
accountable for the words:


HACK MAMMOND got within a ½ inch of Back Mammond’s face
and spoke in the loudest voice EVER è




The crowd instantly gasped and shrieked because they had never
seen anyone talk to the great Adrian Peterson in this way, as if
HACK MAMMOND had authority. 

Back Mammond started to sweat a little but without hesitation, put
the Orange Crown on his head.  Slowly, blood started to trickle down
from the crown and over Back Mammond’s 28 Jersey.  He grimaced
in pain because it started to feel more like the weight of the world
than just an Orange Crown.  After two minutes and eight seconds,
Back Mammond could take no more.  He grabbed at the Orange
Crown and with one mighty heave, he threw the Orange Crown

It landed in the end zone.  From his own twenty yard line, he threw
the Orange Crown 80 Yards.  Those assembled on the Metrodome
Field will attest, Back Mammond let out a blood curdling scream.

And then it happened!  Who had just entered the Metrodome  but
Mel Mammond ( Mel Gibson ).  He was standing in the endzone
when the crown that Back Mammond had thrown landed at his feet. 
The funny thing was, no one assembled inside the Metrodome had
invited Mel.  It was here that all hell started to break loose.

Mel Mammond ( Mel Gibson ) loudly spoke, in a thick Scottish accent
like William Wallace è 

So the great
HACK MAMMOND is on the Metrodome Field cursing and swearing
and handing out FREE BEER.  Meanwhile, the great Mel Mammond
has gotten thrown under the bus because of you HACK MAMMOND.
Well, HACK, paybacks are a bitch aren’t they?  Did you bring your
Sword HACK? Are you ready to fight for freedom HACK?  Are you
ready to die today HACK?  Answer me HACK, are you ready to die?

After Mel Mammond’s tirade, HACK MAMMOND turned to Back
Mammond ( Adrian Peterson ), Sack Mammond  ( Jared Allen ),
and Zack Mammond ( Zygi Wilf ) and calmly uttered the immortal
words :


And as if a mighty Angel had just spoke, Back, Sack and Zack ran
toward Mel and gang tackled him in the end zone.  They threw a
potato sack that HACK MAMMOND had secretly given them and
put it over Mel Mammond’s head.  They then grabbed ten yards
worth of steel chains and tied it around Mel Mammond’s ankles
so he could not run away.  They carried Mel Mammond, kicking
and screaming and swearing, to the 50 yard line on the Metrodome

+++ ( this has been Part One of Back Mammond’s story of Redemption)
Stay tuned to find out what happens to the as yet untapped 44 kegs
of ice cold Minnesota Beer , and the roughly 4500 people gathered
on the Metrodome Field.  +++

Respectfully in TRUTH,

Sole Owner of OrangeRace Card Angels facebook

Friday, February 3, 2012

Sack Mammond: The POOR and The POI with Writchristo

Sack Mammond : The POOR and The POI with Writchristo

Ah, yes where were we?  How could I forget.  We left our
heroes :

1)      Sack Mammond ( Jared Allen )

2)      Back Mammond ( Adrian Peterson )

3)      Zack Mammond ( Minnesota Vikings owner Zygi Wilf )

4)      Chuck Mammond ( Chuck Foreman , ex Minnesota Viking )

5)      Minnesota Politicians involved in the Viking Stadium STALEMATE

6)      4400 United States Wounded Warriors from all 50 States

7)      44 Kegs of Ice Cold Minnesota BEER !!!

We left them on the Metrodome Field and they were all pumped
up to start drinking that FREE BEER when Mayor RT Rybak was the
first to speak up.

MAYOR  RT è Where are the TAPS?

At that precise moment, the lights in the Metrodome went out and
the sound of ONE TRUMPET started playing TAPS.  The roughly
4500 people gathered on the Metrodome Field fell silent.  Tears
welled up in the eyes of the Wounded Warriors as the saddest
song ever written was played.

Then it happened!

HACK MAMMOND’S voice resonated throughout the Metrodome
like the sound of RUSHING WATERS:

Blessed are the poor in spirit:
for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.

Everyone on the Metrodome Field started to get a little
bit frightened because it was pitch black when Sack
Mammond’s cell phone went off.  How could you tell
it was Sack Mammond’s cell phone?  By the ringtone!

I mean really, who else in their right mind would have
Jared Allen singing Wind beneath my wings on their
cell phone? 

Sack Mammond answered the call and for the next
Six Minutes and Nine Seconds, proceeded to laugh
his ass off.  Every time he laughed, the darkness that
was on the Metrodome Field slowly started to fade.

It faded into an O-R-A-N-G-E glow and hue that could
be described as a beautiful California sunset.

When Sack Mammond got off the call he looked around
and found the lone microphone.  Not that he needed it but
for whatever reason when people feel the need to be heard,
they talk into a microphone.  So this is what Sack Mammond
explained to the crowd assembled on the Metrodome Field.

Sack Mammond ( Jared Allen ) è That was HACK MAMMOND
on the phone.  He just explained to me what  “the poor” in
Blessed are the poor in spirit: for theirs is the kingdom of heaven
means.  Everyone gathered here today, please listen up.  HACK
MAMMOND has informed me, the great Sack Mammond, that
you are not ready to learn about what “ the poor “ means just
yet because of statements that Back Mammond made last year
regarding MODERN DAY SLAVERY.  Now who wants some

Back Mammond ( Adrian Peterson ) spoke up èWho the hell
does HACK MAMMOND think he is?  Jesus Christ, where is

+++ END of PART TWO of Sack Mammond’s story +++

Tune in next time when Back Mammond’s( Adrian Peterson )
story of REDEMPTION takes place as the plot thickens.

Will the 44 Kegs of ice cold Minnesota Beer ever get tapped?
Stay tuned!!!

Respectfully in TRUTH,

Sole Owner of Orange Race Card Angels

P.S. Where I come from, we work together to iron out differences! +++

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Sack Mammond : JA Brotherhood of Defense with Writchristo

Sack Mammond : JA Brotherhood of Defense with Writchristo

This is the true story of how Sack Mammond got the ball
rolling in the quest for a new Minnesota Viking Stadium.
Here is a picture of the leader of the Sack’s Jared Allen,

Now that you have a clear picture of who the leader is, the
truth will be explained, in plain English.  As many in the land
of all things VIKING will attest, Jared Allen shows up to play!
So it is therefore fitting that he be the first KING of the Sack’s.

A Quick look at the 2011 Stats:

66 Tackles
22 Sacks

Sack  Mammond is an integral part of the Orange Race and
National Debt Training.  You see in Minnesota, Sack Mammond
will be teaming up with Back Mammond ( Adrian Peterson )
to help out in National Debt Training.  Now please pay close
attention here.  The lead owner of the Minnesota Vikings,
Zygi Wilf, who is also known as Zack Mammond, has hit a
major roadblock coming up with the extra funding for a
new Minnesota Viking Stadium.  To put it bluntly, he has
not educated enough customers on how to become rich.
OR, let’s just say, ONE investor with no reason to help
has not  stepped forward with a sensible plan.

This is where the Orange Race Card Angels’ HACK MAMMOND
steps in and says,

Move over Rookies, It’s SHOWTIME!!!

( if you don’t know who HACK MAMMOND is read the post
before this one!!!)

Now to get the reader up to speed with the Minnesota
Viking Stadium fiasco, I would like to take you back to
the most critical moment of impact and the day that
changed everything.  Take a look at this video before
reading any further.

Now the day before the Orange Race/National Debt Training
takes place at the Metrodome, a meeting of the players
involved in the  stadium fiasco will assemble at the METRODOME.

This includes : Every Minnesota Politician who has failed to ACT
in a timely manner, Sack Mammond ( Jared Allen ) , Back
Mammond ( Adrian Peterson ) , Zack Mammond ( Zygi Wilf )
and the only one with brains enough to show them the error
of their ways : the one and only è

HACK MAMMOND ( the only Mammond in all CAPS )

So the day before the Orange Race/ National Debt Training,
HACK MAMMOND pulls Sack Mammond aside for a little pep
talk.  HACK then instructs Sack what to say to the assembled
Minnesota Politicians seated in the Metrodome seats right
next to the field.  HACK then walks calmly away and out of
the Metrodome, leaving Sack, Back and Zack Mammond with
the MIGHTY task of using HACK’S WORD against the Politicians.

Sack Mammond ( Jared Allen ) then approaches the Politicians
who seem a little bored and agitated.  Sack grabs the microphone
and reads aloud 


Listen Up you Punk Ass Bitches, I am giving you Four Choices of
Games to play.

Choice #1) is Solitaire.  That seems appropriate
since none of you have a clue on how to raise capital on your own

Choice #2) Tiddly Winks , only because you’re really good at games
that accomplish nothing but waste time.

Choice #3) VIKING CRIBBAGE COLLECT, this is a game that HACK
MAMMOND has created and is an integral part of the Orange Race/
National Debt Training.  It is a board game where you have to be able
to add to 15 to score points and make money! 

( reminder that the National Debt is over
15 Trillion in case you get lost and don’t know the score!!!)

and the final choice,



HACK MAMMOND has informed me, the great Sack Mammond,
that the Choice of what game to play has already been decided
for you.  You will have to play Sign Language Bingo while the music
of Dimebag Darrell Abbott is played at painfully loud volumes. 
There will be only one song   playing and that song is called:

WALK ( just the guitar part, over and over 93 Times X )

The rules of the game is NO TALKING or you have to DRINK a beer
and throw 20 dollars onto the Metrodome field.  The letters will be
called out in SIGN LANGUAGE.  If you don’t know how to sign, DRINK
a beer.  The first person to correctly call out in SIGN LANGUAGE
will be the only Politician allowed tomorrow to be a witness
to how 4500 Women Entrepreneurs will be the first of 360,000 Women
to learn the SIMPLY ORANGE truth on how to kick ass with National
Debt Training.  OK are we all clear here?  By the way, there is no drinking
during the Orange Race/ National Debt Training +++ ( DUH )
Governor Mark Dayton was the first to speak up:

GO. Dayton è Um, Mr. Allen, why is HACK MAMMOND treating us
like children and also why is he taking our freedom of choice away
from us and deciding what game we have to play and what music
we have to listen to?

Sack Mammond è Um, Governor Dayton, I was told by HACK that you
and all the Politicians have to address me as Mr. Sack .  If you would
like to rephrase your question I would be glad to answer you.

GO. Dayton è Oh, this is nonsense, can you turn down the music,

Sack Mammond è Wow, this is CRAZY!!  HACK MAMMOND knew
you would say that so I have no choice but to call in the 44.

GO. Dayton è What is the 44?

Sack Mammond è Wow, this is just incredibly CRAZY!! It’s like
HACK MAMMOND knows exactly what to say and do.  Governor
Dayton and everyone here, including Mayor RT Rybak, I just
received a text from HACK MAMMOND that states:

Dear Mr. Sack,
I thought maybe you needed some reinforcements so I sent in
the 44.  There are 44 Kegs of Cold Minnesota Beer, being brought in
by OLD number 44 Chuck Mammond ( Chuck Foreman ) and
4400 Wounded Warriors from all 50 States with their families.
Look over your
RIGHT shoulder Mr. Sack.

And as if Moses had just parted the Red Sea, all the Politicians
in attendance rose to their feet and applauded.  They also
joined the party on the field .  It was then the voice of

HACK MAMMOND  was heard over the loud speakers.

HACK MAMMOND  +++ è When the choice of games was
taken away from you, did you notice how angry the mood got?
When you can’t control your anger, your decision making
process is highly diminished.  In other words, it’s like
GAME OVER and we all lose.  Got it?

The Orange Race is a system that I will be teaching Women
Entrepreneurs from Five states, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa,
Nebraska and Colorado. 

THE VIKING CRIBBAGE COLLECT is a real game that you have to
see to believe.  This is all I have for you today.  Stay tuned
for the next post where Sack and Back Hammond take part
in the first ever TRAINING that is going to ROCK the Metrodome.
4500 Women Entrepreneurs in Minnesota.  The 4500 will be the
FIRST to represent Women Entrepreneurs Everywhere.

That’s right they will represent

Feed my sheep ( HACK MAMMOND )

End of Part One +++ Note to reader, the mood is about to turn
angrier and ugly because HACK MAMMOND held on to the 44
Taps for the Kegs .  Stay tuned to find out what happens next!!!

Respectfully in TRUTH,

Sole Owner of Orange Race Card Angels Facebook
Head of Angel Promotions Facebook 

P.S. Here are two videos that Sack Mammond would cheer!