Monday, January 9, 2012

Orange Race: Viking Stadium Proposal with Writchristo

Viking Stadium Proposal with Writchristo

The year is 2012.

The Minnesota Vikings and the City of Minneapolis and the Governor
of Minnesota are seeking stadium proposals.  The Minnesota Vikings
lease at the Metrodome is expired.  They have made it abundantly
clear that they want to build a stadium in Arden Hills. 

The State of Minnesota’s debt is roughly 43 Billion dollars.

Now, it seems to me that if a stadium will cost 1 Billion dollars to build
and create thousands of jobs in the process, PLUS it will be an entertainment
destination for things other than football, what in the world is stopping this
from becoming a reality?

I mean did anyone watch the Cotton Bowl this last weekend that was down
in Texas?  Who knew that Jerry Jones, the owner of the Dallas Cowboys who
built that stadium was from Arkansas and that his college roommate was
the Fox commentator and former Dallas Coach Jimmie Johnson.  With
thousands of people in attendance, for a non professional football game,
I am wondering how many business deals were struck during the game?
Does anyone in Minnesota know what running a profitable business involves?


Enough with the jibber jabber.

To Governor Mark Dayton, Mayor RT Rybak and the Minnesota Vikings Organinization

Meet me at the Metrodome with at least 4500 Women  Entrepreneurs from the
State of Minnesota.  Like my Orange Race Card Angels on Facebook first 
if you want direct communication.  

Without any words I will show you :

A)     How to get Women involved in this stadium deal by teaching everyone
National Debt training.  I have a strategic plan that needs to be put into
place and like I have said before, I can teach ANYONE!

B)      By taking action steps without words, it disintegrates your opposition.
In other words, you cannot argue when you see the results happening
right before your eyes.

C)      How to use ONE PLAN that grows exponentially when put into action.

D)     This plan can be implemented 24/7 365 days a year till infinity.

E)      4500 Women is all it takes to get this plan rolling.  If you can’t find 4500
women in the state of Minnesota interested in becoming wealthy by
implementing a strategic plan to eliminate the State of Minnesota’s
43 Billion dollar deficit, well, then God help us all.

Respectfully in TRUTH,

P.S. The Orange Race that will be run throughout the Summer months of 2012,
I will be looking to teach 360,000 Women so I think that 4500 is like 1/80th of
that number.  Time is wasting , you either want to learn this or as they say in
the shipping industry, we’ve sprung a leak and we are sinking.  Now what true
Viking fan or business entrepreneur would let that happen? Not me Governor
Dayton or the Wilf Family or the Mayor RT Rybak. And by the way, the national
debt is way higher than 43 billion.  I formed Orange Race Card Angels for 
one reason only. Please don't let me down! +++

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