Thursday, January 26, 2012

HACK MAMMOND with Writchristo

HACK  MAMMOND with Writchristo

For 4500 Minnesota Women, Hack Mammond is like a God send.

It’s like God in Heaven with his Mac Book Air decided that
“ Yeah, these 4500 Minnesota Women really do need è

HACK MAMMOND “ ( this is where in real life you get the full
on Lightning and Thunder show that He is famous for delivering.)

Truth be Told, get ready to be delivered, because God hit the
send button on his Mac Book Air and it landed in my inbox.
Now, when God’s message hit my inbox, it got lodged in my
brain.  That’s right.  God has a funny way of lodging His stuff
in my brain like a ship drops an anchor.  In other words, it
don’t move so like it or not, I’m stuck with it.  This particular
message about HACK MAMMOND though, it kind of kicks ass!

So who is HACK MAMMOND?  And why should you care?
Let me see if I can explain this in a way you will understand.

HACK MAMMOND is pretty much God’s way of saying,



H stands for HOLY

A stands for Angel

C stands for Christ

K stands for King

( Simple straightforward and uncomplicated, got it?)

MAMMOND stands for what it sounds like.  In the Holy Bible there is a part
where it says something like You cannot serve both God and Mammon.

Now, since I am the only National Debt Trainer on the face of the Universe
( I figure why stop at Planet Earth, teach everywhere!) , here we go with
why you should understand who HACK MAMMOND is and why you should
learn this.

The ND on the end of HACK MAMMOND stands for NATIONAL DEBT.
Plain and simple, you will soon understand the power of this lesson.

15 Trillion Debt è the 15th letter of the alphabet O as in I Owe, I Owe it’s
off to work I go, Obama , Oprah, but wait there’s more… the OWE-RANGE
OR better yet the O-wed Range.   You may have heard Obama speak a few
years back in Denver.  Remember the Democratic Convention in 2008?

Well,  according to a source on the Internet called SEEKING ALPHA, the
National Debt was at $10,024,724,896,912.49.  Today, LESS THAN four
years later, that figure has risen to over


I think a better name for the SEEKING ALPHA website would be
SEA KING ALPHA OWE ( but I won’t bore you with details on why!)

Anyways, back to the O-wed Range.  The mountain range in Colorado
plays host to the Denver Broncos football team.  They have a quarterback
named Tim Tebow. His number is 15.  And you still think that God doesn’t
work in mysterious ways?


Now before I dive head on into training, what makes me qualified to teach
National Debt Training?

Because I’m here and willing to teach it that’s why!

I see a need and I’m going to fill it.  It will help so many women rise up
to become the angel’s in the sight of God that they all want to become.
And if they don't want to become angel's, they can at least never have
to worry about supporting their family EVER AGAIN!

And of course, the overriding reason. 

I can’t stand failure at any level, and the National Debt is a huge FAILURE!
A Colossal failure that doesn’t have to be.  

From here on in though, I intend to have fun making you understand and
profit from the national debt failure.  Pretty sure that when you are done
learning from HACK MAMMOND , you will never fall for BS from any
industry again. 

Especially the Politician Industry!

 In the coming weeks, HACK MAMMOND will deal with
a few topics in the Twin Cities, like how to raise a billion dollars in a summer
to build a stadium ( I wonder if Gov. Dayton, Mayor RT Rybak or the WILF
family have ever heard of the HACK MAMMOND GOD TAX ) or how to get
unemployed Minnesota women to become more than just model citizens.

You see, these are important issues that HACK MAMMOND will solve other
than just the national debt training.  And HACK MAMMOND will guide you
on how to make the Orange Race the most successful annual event in the
history of annual events.  So please stay tuned, get you humor meters out
and above all else, take what I teach you and run your little hearts out.

Seriously, the national debt is just a number that needs dealing with and
HACK MAMMOND is the Lightning Rod and a relative of Thunder who
doesn’t need to speak to get his WORD out!

Respectfully in TRUTH,

Sole Owner of Orange Race Card Angels Facebook

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