Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Governor Mark Dayton, Norse of Minneapolis with Writchristo

Governor Mark Dayton , Norse of Minneapolis with Writchristo

Dear Governor Mark Dayton,

Actually to be politically correct, I should have written North of
Minneapolis with Writchristo.  And if I were to go out on a limb,
honestly, the GPS locater would point in the exact direction of

Pardon me sir.  Let me introduce myself.  My name is Christo Strom
and I run a small company with one goal in mind.  The name of
my company is Orange Race Card Angels.  My title is :


The one goal is to take on the National Debt with Strategic
action.  Now, after having been writing about this for over a
year and a half, I have finally come up with a plan that will be
put into place.  The plan will be unveiled this SUMMER 2012 during


But before I unveil it, I would like to SHOW YOU how to come up
with an EASY REVENUE plan for this Minnesota Viking stadium deal.
Even more so, it will CRUNCH and CRUSH the state’s debt problem.
Not overnight, but day by day, 24/7 365 with a strategic plan in place.

Maybe it’s just me, but from all indications that I can see, the Minnesota
Vikings want to move a little bit north to Arden Hills.  The taxpayers
in Ramsay County are up in arms and the Mayor of Minneapolis is
desperately  trying to keep them in the city.  Am I close to being right


So here is my proposal Governor Dayton.

4500 Women Entrepreneurs 

that call the State of Minnesota
home and pay taxes to the State.  Help me invite them to the
Metrodome in April or May 2012.  We’ll meet on the playing field
of the Metrodome and I will teach everyone in attendance.  Call
the owners of the Minnesota Vikings and Jared Allen and Adrian
Peterson.  And the Viking Cheerleaders.  We can then
IRON OUT A STADIUM DEAL .  I will be putting out more details
in the coming days and weeks so really what have you got to
lose?  This is a call to action where I show you the exact plan
in front of your eyes so you can see it progress.  This isn’t where
people get up and argue or debate.  This is where you see


Period.  Plus there will be plenty
of time for stress free laughter.  I like a good laugh now and again
don’t you Governor Dayton?   Anyways, if you want to get a hold of
me to go over specifics , I’m pretty sure you have my whereabouts
on file somewhere.  And yes, I am the only known national debt
trainer in the universe.  It’s just too big an opportunity to pass up!
A Viking Stadium is just one benefit of National Debt Training with
Orange Race Card Angels. 

Respectfully in TRUTH,


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