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4500 Women in Minnesota (Part Two) with Writchristo

4500 Women in Minnesota (Part Two) with Writchristo

This is a story about money. It involves 4500 Women gathered
at the Metrodome in Minnesota.  It is the biggest teachable
moment of their lives.  And I need a moment of silence for all
these women to make the biggest monetary decision they will
ever make.  Let me go through the scene with you.

In my last post, I explained a few steps.  I will put them back up
here so you can see them.  Here they are:


Question # 1 : What is National Debt Training?

Briefly, National Debt Training is the only training
on the face of the Planet where you take action
steps toward paying off the national  debt.
Presently as I am typing this, the national debt of
the United States is stated to be roughly a little bit
over 15 trillion dollars.  Now, obviously, it will probably
take a decade or two to reign in that debt, but that
plays right into our hands.  That is JOB SECURITY in
the world of Orange Race Card Angels.  As you go
along daily, weekly, monthly and yearly, your financial
muscles will continue to grow.  The way it works is this:
Everyone’s first day of training involves three things:

1)      Everyone who wants to LEARN pays an entry
fee.  In 2012, that entry fee is :

$ 240.00

After entry fee is paid, you will move on to

Step #2 which involves

2)      Action Steps: When I tested the number of Steps
at my local football field, there were exactly
514 steps.  It may be less inside the Metrodome!
Now my steps may be more or less
than yours, but you get the picture.  And if you
are in a wheelchair , I haven’t measured the
amount of rotations it would take but don’t
sweat it.  We will try to accommodate everyone!
The best Orange Race Card Angels will take the
Action Steps in a team of TEN.  But any number
between One and Ten works.

3)      Graduate:  After you take your ACTION STEPS,
which by the way there is absolutely no talking
allowed when you are taking your action steps,
you will be then presented with some words
to speak into a camera.  This is for my records
and to get your reaction to how easy this is
going to be.


Now, clearly, if you take $240.00 and multiply it by 4500 you will
get this number:

$ 1,080,000.00

Right now, you are probably scratching your head and saying to

 “ But Christo, how is that going to help us?”

And I’m glad you asked.  Remember when I said there was no talking
when you are walking around on the Metrodome field?  There is a
reason for that.  When people are talking all around you, it can create
a sense of confusion.   Now if you are going to make monetary
decisions in your life, you are going to want to be in a state of
concentration.  After you make your silent walk, you will then be
asked to look into a camera and say a few words.  After you say
a few words, and GRADUATE, you will then be taken to a cordoned
section of the Metrodome field between the 20 Yard Line and the
40 Yard Line.  You will be asked a question similar to this è

Would you like to earn your Master’s Degree today?

When you say YES, you will then be shown inside the cordoned off
area.  Once inside, you will be given the opportunity to decide how
much money you want to make with National Debt Training.  I’m going
to stop right here and tell you that the decision you make in that
cordoned area will be the biggest and best monetary decision you
will ever make. 

Here’s why è

I’m not going to sugar coat this but I will give you the facts.

Minnesota’s Debt è
On January 18th 2012 is approximately


and proportioned off according to the state’s
debt clock each citizen owes approximately $8,300.00
Now that’s what the figures are today but anyone with half a brain
left in their head knows that these figures just continue to rise.
Now the National Debt is over 15 Trillion and according to the

National Debt Clock, each citizen owes approximately è


But each taxpayer owes approximately è


So the ONLY TWO FIGURES we will concentrate on are these:

Minnesota Citizen $8,300.00
and National Debt Taxpayer of $135,068
Now we are going to eliminate the $8,300.00 figure for the Minnesota
state debt and concentrate on ONE NUMBER
You take the $135,068.00 and round it up to $150,000.00
You then multiply $150.000.00 by Ten and come up with this

figure è $1,500,000.00

Now inside the cordoned area you will be given the opportunity
if you want that kind of responsibility.  You know paying over
One and a Half Million dollars in taxes is a huge responsibility.
You will given a choice of five numbers.  All five numbers will
eventually get you to the $1,500,000.00 in taxes.  It is just that
one number will get you there the fastest.  Like I said, in that
cordoned area, you will make the biggest monetary decision
you will ever make.   I am looking for Women who can make
wise monetary decisions.  I am not looking for anyone to
play tiddly winks or bingo or scratch off games.  If you want that
go to the VFW or your local retailer and good luck! But if you
want to pay attention for one afternoon, you just might learn
some valuable money making action steps that you can pass
on to your great grandkids if you are lucky enough to live that
long!!!  Now, more
details will be coming shortly for è

4500 Minnesota Women, what have you got to lose by stepping
up your game?  Or as Steve Miller might say, Time keeps on slipping,
slipping, slipping into the future…. Tick tock do do do do….

Respectfully in TRUTH,


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