Thursday, December 1, 2011

Orange Race : It's A Wonderful Debt with Writchristo

Orange Race : It’s A Wonderful Debt with Writchristo

There is this movie that came out of Hollywood that you
may have seen before called:

It’s A Wonderful Life

I am going to go out on a limb here and say that Hollywood
just does not take the time to churn out classics like this anymore.
Well enough about Hollywood, I don’t live there.
There is a character in this movie who is mentioned as


There is a small part in this movie where Uncle Billy
misplaces EIGHT THOUSAND DOLLARS.  At the end of this
post I am going to show you a scene where Uncle Billy’s
brother GEORGE BAILEY is at the mercy of MR POTTER.

This scene is extremely significant as I am going to tie this
nearing the end of the year 2011, in Minnesota, there is
a Government shortage of money.  It is being played out
kind of pathetically In a push for a Minnesota Vikings Stadium.
But I am going to be the first to actually look at this problem
as a WHOLE for Minnesota.
When I go to look at the National Debt Clock and I click on
the STATES, I choose Minnesota and TODAY it says that
every citizen in Minnesota owes roughly $7,684.00
So working that figure into the 5,391,073 that call
themselves MINNESOTA CITIZENS it comes out that
if everyone paid their fair share it would come to:


So let’s say there are 5,391,073 UNCLE BILLY’s in
Minnesota who lost EIGHT THOUSAND DOLLARS each.
Who would they turn to for help?  I am going to show
you a small scene from It’s A Wonderful Life that shows
what happens when you run out of options.

Respectfully in TRUTH,

Author Christo Strom
Sole Owner of Orange Race Card Angels
Head of Angel Promotions

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