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It's A Wonderful Debt ( Part 3 ) with Writchristo

It’s A Wonderful Debt ( Part 3 ) with Writchristo

Story line ===+++===

George Bailey at a cross roads on a bridge.
Over $8,000.00

Fast Forward to 2011.
The movie just turned 65 yesterday.

Old enough to retire if It’s A Wonderful Life was a working person
in America.
Don’t want to beat a dead horse here, but not much has changed.
Except maybe the phone service back then was a little primitive.

OK, Minnesota, I promised I would teach you how to teach your citizens
how to raise an extra $ 8,000.00 per citizen and here we go:

How to raise $8,000.00 , in Taxes

Now since this is a system that has yet to be implemented, I am going
to need some volunteers. 
I’ll use the characters in the movie It’s A Wonderful Life to demonstate.

I will use Uncle Billy Bailey ( MINNESOTA )

and his brother George Bailey from the movie.
Here we go, Minnesota. The character who is the teacher will be known
as Christo Strom ( in case you are wondering that would be me)

Christo Strom : “OK Uncle Billy ( MINNESOTA ) put down the booze
and pay attention. You just lost $8,000.00 and your brother
George is about to jump off a bridge to end his life.  It’s the new
35W bridge over the Mississippi river in Minneapolis
for this demonstration! “

UNCLE BILLY : “ What?  George would never do that!  “

Christo Strom:  “ Hey Uncle Billy, put down the booze and shut
up. Because of your actions, your brother is in the darkest place
of his life. Now Uncle Billy, if George goes through with this,
 no amount of sobering up will bring him back.  OK, this is
real important what I am going to say to

The $8,000.00 is in your head UNCLE BILLY!

Uncle Billy – “ What? No it isn’t it.  I lost it somewhere
between the Bailey Building and Loan in Minneapolis and
the TCF Bank near the TCF Bank Stadium. “

Christo Strom : “ OK, now I see your problem.  You
lost $8,000.00 and your action of LOSING is causing your
brother George to consider ending his life.”

Uncle Billy –“ You keep saying that!  My brother George
would never consider that!  He is an upstanding member
of the community and….”

Christo Strom – “ Money makes people do things they would
never otherwise  consider doing Uncle Billy “

Uncle Billy – “ You got that right! Now would you mind going
over the part where you said the $ 8,000.00 is in my head? 
What do you mean the $ 8,000.00 is in my head? “

Christo Strom –“ Just the facts then Uncle Billy ( MINNESOTA )
Out of 5 million Minnesota citizens, at least 72,000 Women
will pick up on what I am saying.  You don’t need a website,
computer knowledge, or anything to do with being on a
SMART phone.  Seriously, you don’t even need to speak! ”

Uncle Billy : “ Woah, hold on there.  What do you mean
you don’t even need to speak.”

Christo Strom : “ That’s right, you don’t even need to speak. 

Uncle Billy : “ When will this system be available and
can I continue to be a boozer? “

Christo Strom : “ Uncle Billy ( MINNESOTA ) , around
New Year’s 2012, I will continue
this conversation.  Until then, SOBER UP and get ready to
plug into the

Orange Race Card Angels

In the meantime, let’s watch
It’s A Wonderful Life ( In Color )

Respectfully in TRUTH,

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