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Eight Thousand and Eight Women with Writchristo

Eight Thousand and Eight Women with Writchristo

Eight Thousand  ====+++==== Eight Women

This is a story on how to raise your income.
This is a story about the State of Minnesota.
I chose to begin this story in Minnesota because I live here.
The figure once again so there is no mistaking the amount


Currently , in the State of Minnesota, every Minnesotan needs
to pay the State an extra 7,692.00 to even out the books.  In
other words to make the State debt free.

But for this story , I am going to round up the number to
$8,000.00 ( It is also the figure used from It’s A Wonderful Life)

And just for fun, this is the amount in TAXES that must be paid
to the State of Minnesota.  I am going to make this real simple.
In order for each citizen to pay this amount in taxes, a SYSTEM
that is easy to use must be put into place.

It is a SYSTEM that is based on ACTION and not words.

Let’s face the facts here.  For those of you who don’t already
know, the Minnesota Vikings have been trying to get a stadium
built for what seems like the longest time and their words
of commitment have fallen on deaf ears in the political arena.

So I will repeat , this SYSTEM is based on ACTION and not words.
Now, there is approximately 5 million or so people who call
Minnesota their home.  Yes, that’s right, over 5 million CRAZY

ACTION FIGURES for 8 Women in Minnesota.

QUESTION 1 : What would happen if I took 8 Women who
run their own business in the State of Minnesota


Taught them the SIMPLE STEPS to generate
$8,000.00 in TAXES to be paid to the State of Minnesota?

Answer: That would generate $64,000.00 for the
State of Minnesota.  Not to mention, it would greatly
improve these women’s business bottom line!

QUESTION 2: What would happen if I taught these
8 Women that the SIMPLE STEPS to take WILL only take up
15 minutes of their time and can be duplicated over
and over and over again ad nauseum. 

ANSWER:  The exact figures cannot be calculated
until the program is activated but once put into
place the figures will get to be quite staggering!

QUESTION 3: How much will you be charging these
8 Entrepreneurs who are Business Women in the
State of Minnesota?

ANSWER : My Teaching fee is and always will be
$220.00 at the entry level.  Once these 8 Women
who are business entrepreneurs are taught, they
will know everything there is to know to enter
at the National Debt Training level of $10,000.00
and will be able to Mastermind if they want to
during the ORANGE RACE.

QUESTION 4 : How many business entrepreneurs
are you looking to teach in the State of Minnesota?

ANSWER:  Roughly, between 720 and 4500

QUESTION 5 : When will these business entrepreneurs
in the State of Minnesota be able to sign up to learn
more about the Simple Steps and the ORANGE RACE

Answer : JANUARY 2012 ***** LOOK FOR THE POST IN 2012
that is titled =รจ ORANGE RACE 2012 : MINNESOTA WOMEN

QUESTION 6 : Will you be holding LIVE SEMINARS?
speaking and maximum action steps.

Stay tuned Minnesota!

Respectfully in TRUTH,

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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

It's A Wonderful Debt ( Part 3 ) with Writchristo

It’s A Wonderful Debt ( Part 3 ) with Writchristo

Story line ===+++===

George Bailey at a cross roads on a bridge.
Over $8,000.00

Fast Forward to 2011.
The movie just turned 65 yesterday.

Old enough to retire if It’s A Wonderful Life was a working person
in America.
Don’t want to beat a dead horse here, but not much has changed.
Except maybe the phone service back then was a little primitive.

OK, Minnesota, I promised I would teach you how to teach your citizens
how to raise an extra $ 8,000.00 per citizen and here we go:

How to raise $8,000.00 , in Taxes

Now since this is a system that has yet to be implemented, I am going
to need some volunteers. 
I’ll use the characters in the movie It’s A Wonderful Life to demonstate.

I will use Uncle Billy Bailey ( MINNESOTA )

and his brother George Bailey from the movie.
Here we go, Minnesota. The character who is the teacher will be known
as Christo Strom ( in case you are wondering that would be me)

Christo Strom : “OK Uncle Billy ( MINNESOTA ) put down the booze
and pay attention. You just lost $8,000.00 and your brother
George is about to jump off a bridge to end his life.  It’s the new
35W bridge over the Mississippi river in Minneapolis
for this demonstration! “

UNCLE BILLY : “ What?  George would never do that!  “

Christo Strom:  “ Hey Uncle Billy, put down the booze and shut
up. Because of your actions, your brother is in the darkest place
of his life. Now Uncle Billy, if George goes through with this,
 no amount of sobering up will bring him back.  OK, this is
real important what I am going to say to

The $8,000.00 is in your head UNCLE BILLY!

Uncle Billy – “ What? No it isn’t it.  I lost it somewhere
between the Bailey Building and Loan in Minneapolis and
the TCF Bank near the TCF Bank Stadium. “

Christo Strom : “ OK, now I see your problem.  You
lost $8,000.00 and your action of LOSING is causing your
brother George to consider ending his life.”

Uncle Billy –“ You keep saying that!  My brother George
would never consider that!  He is an upstanding member
of the community and….”

Christo Strom – “ Money makes people do things they would
never otherwise  consider doing Uncle Billy “

Uncle Billy – “ You got that right! Now would you mind going
over the part where you said the $ 8,000.00 is in my head? 
What do you mean the $ 8,000.00 is in my head? “

Christo Strom –“ Just the facts then Uncle Billy ( MINNESOTA )
Out of 5 million Minnesota citizens, at least 72,000 Women
will pick up on what I am saying.  You don’t need a website,
computer knowledge, or anything to do with being on a
SMART phone.  Seriously, you don’t even need to speak! ”

Uncle Billy : “ Woah, hold on there.  What do you mean
you don’t even need to speak.”

Christo Strom : “ That’s right, you don’t even need to speak. 

Uncle Billy : “ When will this system be available and
can I continue to be a boozer? “

Christo Strom : “ Uncle Billy ( MINNESOTA ) , around
New Year’s 2012, I will continue
this conversation.  Until then, SOBER UP and get ready to
plug into the

Orange Race Card Angels

In the meantime, let’s watch
It’s A Wonderful Life ( In Color )

Respectfully in TRUTH,

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Saturday, December 3, 2011

It's A Wonderful Debt ( Part Two ) with Writchristo

It’s A Wonderful Debt ( Part Two ) with Writchristo

$8,000.00 multiplied by the State of Minnesota’s 5,391,073 Citizens

EQUALS EXACTLY $43,128,584,000.00

The State of Minnesota’s Debt Clock states that Minnesota is around

$41,200,000,000.00 in the RED!

Now, the thing about the red number is that it tends to go up and down.
Like a yo-yo, or an even better example, the stock market.
The green number is if every Minnesota citizen came up with an extra
eight thousand dollars in taxes to pay to the State of Minnesota.

Are you with me so far?
In my last post, I shared with you what happens when you lose eight
thousand dollars and your last and only option is to literally beg for it
and put yourself in a position you do not want to be in ever!

In the movie called


the main character George Bailey is shown throughout the movie
TALKING about seeing the world and doing great things in his life.
But circumstances always get in the way and he never quite makes
it out of Bedford Falls.  This movie is so well written and performed
that you actually feel like TIME TRAVELERS to a simpler time with the
same struggles that everyone faces today.

The main gist of the story is that George Bailey is going to end his
life after the PRESSURE of coming up with the eight thousand dollars
that his brother ( UNCLE BILLY ) lost becomes too much for him to handle.

Now, for those who haven’t seen the movie, I won’t spoil it anymore.
But, getting back to the year 2011, in the State of Minnesota, it seems to
me that the over 5 Million citizens in Minnesota need that ANGEL CLARENCE
to help them to overcome the obstacle of around 41 Billion Dollars.


Logically looking at the problem, it seems that the only thing that needs to
be done is to teach as many citizens as possible how to raise an extra
$8,000.00 in TAXES to be paid to the STATE of MINNESOTA.  With that being
said, the larger portion of taxes would also need to be paid to the United States
Government so it would essentially be a twoedged sword when it came to the
debt.  The next post I will deal specifically with how to do this!

Now, right now, in governments everywhere in the U.S. it is pretty much the
two party system of Republican and Democrat.  Red and Blue, am I right?
But I would also like to point out, that is a shallow Black and White view.

So in the meantime, if you have a few hours, please watch the incredible
movie called
IT’S A WONDERFUL LIFE and pay close attention to all the RELATIONSHIP
Building throughout.  And just for fun below that, I put up a video of
ORIANTHI who is an extremely talented awesome woman guitarist , singer
and songwriter ENJOY!!!

Respectfully in TRUTH,

Sole Owner of Orange Race Card Angels


Thursday, December 1, 2011

Orange Race : It's A Wonderful Debt with Writchristo

Orange Race : It’s A Wonderful Debt with Writchristo

There is this movie that came out of Hollywood that you
may have seen before called:

It’s A Wonderful Life

I am going to go out on a limb here and say that Hollywood
just does not take the time to churn out classics like this anymore.
Well enough about Hollywood, I don’t live there.
There is a character in this movie who is mentioned as


There is a small part in this movie where Uncle Billy
misplaces EIGHT THOUSAND DOLLARS.  At the end of this
post I am going to show you a scene where Uncle Billy’s
brother GEORGE BAILEY is at the mercy of MR POTTER.

This scene is extremely significant as I am going to tie this
nearing the end of the year 2011, in Minnesota, there is
a Government shortage of money.  It is being played out
kind of pathetically In a push for a Minnesota Vikings Stadium.
But I am going to be the first to actually look at this problem
as a WHOLE for Minnesota.
When I go to look at the National Debt Clock and I click on
the STATES, I choose Minnesota and TODAY it says that
every citizen in Minnesota owes roughly $7,684.00
So working that figure into the 5,391,073 that call
themselves MINNESOTA CITIZENS it comes out that
if everyone paid their fair share it would come to:


So let’s say there are 5,391,073 UNCLE BILLY’s in
Minnesota who lost EIGHT THOUSAND DOLLARS each.
Who would they turn to for help?  I am going to show
you a small scene from It’s A Wonderful Life that shows
what happens when you run out of options.

Respectfully in TRUTH,

Author Christo Strom
Sole Owner of Orange Race Card Angels
Head of Angel Promotions