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Orange Race : Jesus disputes Angel 1099 with Writchristo

Orange Race : Jesus disputes Angel 1099 with Writchristo

     Up on the throne in heaven, Jesus is joking around with all the angels
present.  He comments to Angel 1098 that the joking must come to
an abupt halt because Angel 1099 is going to plead his case.
And as if on cue, the laughing stopped.  The gates of heaven flung
wide open and in came waltzing Angel 1099.

     Angel 1099 was on cloud 9 because he finally was going to have
a real live face to face conversation with Jesus and His Maker.
Angel 1099 was about as happy as an angel could be. 
He kind of was like floating on air.  So, he floated on in and levitated right up to
Jesus and  THE THRONE.

Now, for those who are new to Orange Race Card Angels,
THE THRONE is the final stop in heaven before you are shown the

For this most important conversation between

 Angel 1099, Jesus and  THE THRONE,

pay attention, especially if you are Angel 1100.  This is
extremely important because tomorrow, Angel 1100 will be starting
His journey for the Orange Race.  But enough about four shadowing,
lets dive right into the conversation shall we.  OK for this piece of
creativity, Angel 1099 will be shown as A-1 Steaksauce, Jesus will be
shown as Merci’-les ( or Thank-les ) and THE THRONE will be shown
as GOD. Enjoy the show and remember to come back tomorrow for
the Veterans Day Parade known as


A-1 Steaksauce => Thank God I made it right gentlemen?

Merci’-les => Angel 1099, you have not been given the green light to
speak to us yet. We still haven’t figured out who you are.

GOD => We know perfectly well who this is! ( Lightning and Thunder)

A-1 Steaksauce => Yeah, Je’-sus don’t you recognize me, I’m Steve Jobs,
the dropout who created the greatest computer company ever, you
know APPLE, the iMac, the iPhone, the iPad,

Merci’les => Angel 1099 , we don’t use names up here.  And again, please
do not speak unless GOD tells you to speak.

GOD => ( Thunder and Lightning ) Thank you Je’-sus, now Angel 1099,
why do you think we have called you up here today?

A-1 Steaksauce => Um, I’m assuming you liked my work. 

Merci’-les => Quite the contrary.  We think APPLE sucks!

GOD => ( Thunder and Lightning ) Good one Je’sus!  But Je’sus, refrain
from using the word sucks.  It wouldn’t look good if word got out. Use
the word LAME  BEAU and then in a sentence. Apple was really Lame
Beau.  And that would be translated into Apple was really lousy boy!

A-1 Steaksauce => So what are you saying?  I tried my whole life to
make the world on Earth a better place and you two are saying my
company was really lousy and you called me BOY?!!!!

Merci’-les => That’s exactly what we are saying.  Let me tell you why.  All that
time you were making your Apple products , never once did it occur to you
that there was a NATIONAL DEBT CRISIS going on and you did nothing to
put an end to it did you?

GOD => ( Thunder and Lightning ) Show him the THORNS Je’-sus and this
time put the CROWN on Angel 1099.

A-1 Steaksauce => OWWWWW! Je’sus you are hurting me!  Why are you
hurting me?

Merci’-les => Oh Father this must have been the after shock pain that you
were telling me about.  Did I sound like such a baby?

GOD => ( Thunder and Lightning ) Oh heavens no son!  You were and are
and there’s still more to come, always in my eyes the Most High.  And you
want to know why Je’sus?

A-1 Steaksauce => A little help here guys.  This pain is a lot worse than the
Cancer pain I experienced a while back on Earth.  Can you please take this
crown of thorns off of my head?

Merci’-les => Angel 1099, for the last time, unless GOD the Father has spoken
to you, it is in your best interest to just zip it!

GOD => ( Thunder and Lightning ) Thank you son!  Now, Angel 1099, would you
describe the pain you are feeling as moderate, heavy, or My God , My God,
why have you forsaken me?

A-1 Steaksauce => My God, My God, why have you forsaken me?  This hurts like
HELL!  AHHHHH! Take this crown off of me please GOD!  I can’t take it anymore!

Merci’-les => OK Angel 1099, I believe you can see that in under one minute, you
couldn’t take the pain.  Now, would you mind sticking around as we bring in
Angel 1100.

GOD => Je’sus, Angel 1100 is still on Earth, they still haven’t received their instructions

A-1 Steaksauce => You mean Crazy Horse? 

Merci’-les => Angel 1099, in my hand I hold a lightning bolt.  I have told you repeatedly
to not speak unless GOD has spoken.  This lightning bolt will send you to hell if I hear
one more word out of you!

GOD => No, Angel 1099, I do not mean Crazy Horse, I said and I meant CRAZY CHORES.
Oh, and uh Angel 1099, you have got a little bit of the Apple A-1 Steaksauce that we
normally put on pigs up here.  You might want to wipe that off before we bring up
Angel 1100 in due time.  Ok, Je’-sus I would say we had a productive day.  What say you
and I go cruise the KINGDOM looking for snakes.  Stay here Angel 1099, we might just
need you to welcome Angel 1100.  Let’s go Je’-sus, last one out has to shut the door!

What in the world is going on here.  Tune in tomorrow to find out what the instructions
are for Angel 1100 coming direct from CRAZY CHORES!

Respectfully in TRUTH,

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