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Orange Race : GENERAL ELECTRIC with Writchristo

Orange Race : GENERAL ELECTRIC with Writchristo

I asked her what came to mind when I said the letters G. E.
She said the company’s name General Electric.
Then I thought HMM, the company who I knew she would name.
Now I don’t know why but a light bulb went off in my mind.

Actually, there were 360,000 Light bulbs that went off in my mind.
I was so excited that I had to get down on my knees and thank God.
I went to a secluded room in my house and locked the door.
I asked God for help with a problem I was having.  I explained to God
that down here on Earth there is this thing called the
NATIONAL DEBT or NATIONAL DEFICIT that is now over the

$15,000,000,000,000.00 MARK

and that a so called SUPER COMMITTEE made up of members of the
UNITED STATES CONGRESS tried for 3 months and could not come up
with a solution to cut 1.2 Trillion dollars off the deficit.
And then there was a silence of about a half hour.

And then , as God as my witness, this is what came back

GOD => Who are you?

CHRISTO STROM => I am the sole owner of Orange Race Card Angels and
the Head of Angel Promotions

GOD => Very Good Christo! Now here is what you must do.  You say you want
to teach 360,000 Women and form a CIRCLE OF LIGHT or a CIRCLE O FLIGHT
because you want them to EARN their Angel Wings right.

CHRISTO STROM => That is absolutely correct. 

GOD => And you want to teach them the VALUE of putting not only money on
the line, but their lives as well.

CHRISTO STROM => Yes and thank you God for talking to me. This is way cool!

GOD => Don’t mention it.  I always have time for people who are sincere and
truthful with me.  Now, let’s get back to your problem, but before I say anything
more would you put up a logo of PLAYBOY since I understand that down on Earth
it is still the year of the RABBIT in China. And the National Debt or National deficit
is mainly with China.

CHRISTO STROM => Sure God but why the PLAYBOY LOGO?

GOD => Because I figured out who the little girl is in The Great Pumpkin Letters.
Remember Christo that you should follow through with all that you say. Something
about 14 Thea Tree Houses will be built if you do!

CHRISTO STROM => I will God.  No more holding back!

GOD => OK now here is the deal.  Remember to stick to the 14 trillion dollar
mark and not a penny over it ok. Let the Politicians figure out the rest on their
own.  You will have enough on your plate as it is.  OK now with 360,000 Women,
how did you come up with that figure?

CHRISTO STROM => I wrote down why I chose the number 360,000 Women here
on a piece of paper and the reasoning behind it. 

GOD => That is Good!  Now without spilling the beans but giving your 360,000
Women something to shoot for, you used the number 360 as a twoedged sword
right?  360 for the 365 days out of the year minus the 5 for the 5 US STATES that
you are doing the ORANGE RACE.  The ORANGE RACE doesn’t run in Minnesota
so why did you choose to teach in Minnesota?

CHRISTO STROM => I want to start the GENESIS of the ORANGE RACE, or the beginning
of the teaching of what is to be expected in the Twin Cities Minnesota.  But the actual
start of the race is Green Bay Wisconsin and will run through to Colorado Springs.
It will take from June 21st 2012 through September 21st 2012. Right now, if I just left
it the way it is, I would probably be the only one showing up!  I have a lot to learn 
about organizing people.  That is why I came to you God. I heard you say twoedged
sword God.  Why is that?

GOD => Well, there are some leap years that have 366 days, so which other state would the 6th US STATE be?

CHRISTO STROM => The 6th State would be up to the 360,000 Women who formed
the CIRCLE OF LIGHT or the CIRCLE O FLIGHT. I already know which state I would
help out but I want this to be a process where the 360,000 who participate figure it out 
on there own.   And since I know you already figured out
the other reason why I got the 360, yes it is because of the 360 degrees in a CIRCLE.
GOD => Very GOOD Christo!  Now have you written any Dear John letters?

CHRISTO STROM => No, God I have not but I am going to put up a logo of a company

GOD => OK very Cool!  Now let’s get back to your problem.  OK, so if you stick with
your number


and you divide that by 360,000  let’s see, you get


You want to round that up Christo to 39 Million and don’t forget to explain that is
39 million in taxes.  OK Christo?  Hey Christo, I have to run, Jesus just told me something
about trouble in the Middle East again.  But come back anytime Ok Christo.  I think
you are doing an amazing job after going through what you have gone through.  Keep
the Faith alright Christo!  And last thing put up your IN video as much as you can.
I think Jesus would agree with me that you NAILED it on the first try. Just remind
your viewers that the letter I is the 3rd Vowel and the 9th letter and that it relates
to the 39 Million in Taxes and BINGO! They'll be rich!

Christo Strom => Thanks God, Peace Out!

Respectfully in TRUTH,

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