Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Orange Race : 1100 Eagles and One Bear

Orange Race : 1100 Eagles and One Bear

There on the field, a soul is bearing witness
He carries with him a simple plan.

He states the humble who fumble always receive


He calls out the signal for the WORLD to see.
With 1100 Eagles he walks with a tree.

The tree is cut out because the world is still GREEN
He’ll start RUSHING in Green Bay respectfully in TRUTH
Looking up he’ll hear announcing a voice in the booth.

Backward masking the years his heart starts to gladden.
He hears the Old Raider coach by the name of John Madden.

But he leaves Green Bay happy knowing the Mountains are next.
Over 1100 Miles away, the Broncos Mile High he might need a vest.

He’ll leave the Mile High stadium with a stop or two to go.
The last seventy miles will be the hardest you know.

He’ll arrive in the Springs, last day of Summer then Fall.
Then he’ll sing a song that he wrote for you all.

It goes like this, played extremely loud with an Orange Guitar

Chrucifer and the Angel Myrrh

Chrucifer and the Angel Myrrh brought down the cloud from heaven.
Ten thousand Angels in the silver lining that made it look like seven.
There on the hill all nailed to a tree was the Son of God pierced bleeding
Victory goes to the ones in the cloud as the World just keeps on reading.

Chrucifer and the Angel Myrrh had to get him out of town
They rolled the stone in the middle of the night with the soldiers all around
They lifted up the broken savior that God had sent to Earth
With blood in his eyes and a crown of thorns, Chrucifer felt His worth.

Jesus looked at Chrucifer and the Angel  Myrrh and smiled that savior’s smile
Let’s get out of here before the morning appears but Jesus asked for a while
He had to say goodbye to disciples and then he said Oh brother.
Guess I need a little longer here to say good bye to my mother

With tears that he shed mixed with blood that was red, he held his head up high
He kissed his mother Mary and said Good bye and Mary began to Cry
So Chrucifer and the Angel Myrrh told Jesus that would be all
They gathered on the hill and the cloud rolled in and with one loud call

He said,
Chrucifer and the Angel Myrrh and Ten thousand that looks like Seven.
Are taking me home now to be with the One who created the earth and heaven
I will return though none can know when or even how long I’ll stay.
All I say is this ONLY BELIEVE and you’ll be Happy on Judgment Day

And so Chrucifer and the Angel Myrrh and the ten thousand that looked like seven
With thunderings and lightnings took off on their way to heaven.
Glory Be to All who can read and sing and dance and cry
One day you too will be with the one , the one they call


Respectfully in TRUTH,

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P.S. Orange Race 2012

Summer of Sweetness ( First years title , thanks to Chicago , the Bears and the Payton Family )

80 Stops in 93 Days

Singing and Dancing is acceptable, just NO SWEARING ALLOWED!

360,000 Women to FORM the 1st ever CIRCLE O FLIGHT

National Debt Training to focus on one number 14 Trillion.

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