Thursday, October 20, 2011

Orange Race : Talking to the National Debt with Writchristo

Orange Race : Talking to the National Debt with Writchristo

Question One : How do I know you are for real?

ANSWER : You don’t know me so it is safe to say, at this point,
No, I am not for real.

Question Two : How do I know, if you are not for real, your real

ANSWER : Well, since I am not for real and you want to know my
real value, ask a politician in either Washington D.C. or at a much
lower level, a state politician.  They will give you a stock answer
which in essence is a lie.

Question Three: If the politicians only lie about you, where can I go
to find the TRUTH about you?

ANSWER : Ask Christo Strom

Question Four : Who is Christo Strom?

ANSWER : He is the owner of Orange Race Card Angels

Question Five: And what do the Orange Race Card Angels do?

ANSWER: Organize something called the Orange Race.  It is a race geared
for women who want to be successful business entrepreneurs and face
the truth about the national debt

Question Six: Can anybody……

ANSWER : I’m sorry but I only field five questions at a time.  If you want to ask
me tomorrow, write down five questions that you want answered that have
to do with the national debt and national debt training.  But before you write
them down watch this video called the.  The reason the video is called the
is it comes after the word In, like In the beginning God created the heaven and
the earth.  You might be familiar with that one line.  At this point I must leave because
I have to get in shape.  And when I mean get in shape, I mean get in shape.  This is going
to be a long FUN haul to teach national debt training and I need to strengthen my soul.
So until next time, stay tuned!

Respectfully in TRUTH,

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Sole Owner of Orange Race Card Angels

P.S. The One who spoke with the name ANSWER is Christo Strom as the National Debt.
In order to find out the TRUTH, you have to become what you are talking about.
Understand?  It will get easier as the training progresses, TRUST ME!

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