Saturday, October 8, 2011

Orange Race : Pinktober and the O.R.C Angels

Orange Race: Pinktober and the O.R.C. Angels

This is the battle of October.
The fight is breast cancer.
Anyone with breast cancer knows the feeling of sadness that
can be overwhelming.  Hopelessness, sadness and a little mix
of anger. 

What is the Orange Race?
The Orange Race is a series of events that hopefully will be
starting in June of 2012.  I wish I could start the Orange Race
TODAY but a buzz needs to be created first. 

The Orange Race will be geared toward women who would be
interested in National Debt Training. 
If the National Debt at 14 Trillion Dollars were a Cancer, it would
have over 14 Trillion Dollar Red Marks illuminating the Nation of
the United States.  It would be a RED NATION.

$ 14,000,000,000,000.00
makes the UNITED STATES into a

The Orange Race is geared toward women who are FIGHTERS.
Let’s face it.  Breast Cancer is one of those cancers where if you
are not a fighter, there is not much hope. And yes I am keenly aware
that breast cancer also affects men. 

So let’s face it. If PINK in OCTOBER is PINKTOBER, let’s make the
SUMMER OF 2012 where we start to bring that large RED number
down closer to the BLACK side of accounting.  You see ORANGE and
BLACK are the colors I associate more with Halloween, so with all
due respect to breast cancer fighters and survivors everywhere,

JUNE 2012 – SEPTEMBER 2012  <( 360,000 )> Women

It would be an HONOR that I could never repay to you if you allow
me to teach at least 360,000 of you women National Debt Training.
I have FAITH and HOPE galore but what I really need is your LOVE to
see us through together.
What say you Ladies?

Respectfully in TRUTH,

And the sign says You got to have a Membership Card to get in... on Twitpic

Sole Owner of Orange Race Card Angels

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