Wednesday, September 14, 2011

SINNATAUR : Ancient Dinosaur from Uranus

The SINNATAUR : Ancient Dinosaur from Uranus

This is a story, true or untrue, made up from the bones
of ancient history on the Planet Uranus.  If it looks like
Politics from America, OH Well, Please enjoy in moderation.

and now without any further ado, I give you :

THE SINNATAUR : Ancient Dinosaur from Uranus

There once was a Senator named Al Franken.

He dropped a guitar in the backstage area of a Grateful Dead
concert in New York City.  This is how it played out on Uranus.

Narrator:  Attention everyone, the great SINNATAUR named
JE’-SUS is approaching the podium.  Everyone, take off your
CAPS and bow for 3.3 seconds. 

SINNATAUR JE’SUS began his speech

Verily, verily, I say unto you, He that believeth in me hath
everlasting life.  I am the bread of life.  Your fathers did eat
man-na in the wilderness, and are dead.

It was at this precise moment of immense importance that
in New York City, Comedian Al Franken dropped that guitar.
Even on Uranus, SINNATAUR JE’-SUS was aware of this
grievous sin against humanity.  So he called up the King
of the Volcanos on Neptune and asked for a small favor.

Here is the Conversation between SINNATAUR JE’-SUS
and the KING of the Volcanos on Neptune.

SINNATAUR JE’-SUS then took a detour of his speech and
concluded he was preaching to the wrong choir.  He looked
out and all he saw was dinosaurs nashing their teeth on bitter
grapes of wrath.  It was time to transform.

So SINNATAUR JE’-SUS did the unthinkable. He left Uranus alone
and headed for MINNESOTA.  He reformed the CHRISTIAN NATION
and said GOODBYE forever to URANUS.  Now, let’s see you top that
one Senator Al Franken.  Or as they say in the business,

What happens on URANUS stays on URANUS

Oh Je’-sus what have I done?

Sorry Al, only good tasting TUNA get to be STAR KISSED <( +++ )>

Respectfully in TRUTH

Sole Owner of Orange Race Card Angels
Head of Angel Promotions

P.S. National Debt Training will begin shortly please remain focused
on 14 Trillion and I will make my way into Wah Wah Wah Washington D.C.
eventually. But first the Orange Race 2012.  part of Presidential Physical Fitness
Awareness Year One.

P.S.S. Eddie Van Halen, I will carry the cross for you my brother +++

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