Monday, September 26, 2011

In Furthur Than We Thought with Writchristo

In Furthur Than We Thought with Writchristo

It is all a matter of shipping and receiving.
You ship your ideas out and pray that somewhere, somebody will
receive your ideas with an open mind and then ACT accordingly.

Let’s discuss this FURTHUR, shall we. 

In the case of Orange Race Card Angels, the idea that is being
SHIPPED out right now is that in a 5 State area, a collection of
women entrepreneurs can take my idea ( National Debt Training)
and turn it into a MASTERPIECE.  Grounded in Faith, Hope and Love
as if guided from UP ABOVE +(~~+~~)+

14 Trillion Dollar Shipping and Receiving Idea

CLUE #1 -  Now , throughout the next three months, the only place
in the Universe that will consciously be doing anything about the
national debt is right here on a FREE BLOG.  In case you didn’t notice
I have not tried to capture your email address or hit you over the
head with ridiculous offers of GET RICH Quick schemes.  And there is
a reason.  That stuff is boring as hell.  If you need to be reminded that
the national debt is over 14 trillion and rising with an email, wait a
minute, I’m snoring.

CLUE #2- In case you haven’t noticed, every single Politician I have
seen talk about the National Debt or the National Debt ceiling have
yet to offer any concrete plan on how to deal with it.  And of course
with elections coming up next year, NOT ONE SINGLE POLITICIAN
will ever have a clue.  You want to know why.  Do this little exercise
if you want to play along.  MAKE A FIST. That represents your heart.
In order to deal with this National Debt , and here is the greatest
mind blowing thing I can tell you.  In order to deal with the National
Debt, a POLITICIAN is going to have to open the fist ( HEART ) and look
into his or her HEART.  Right in that OPEN HAND is all you will ever need
to know in order to be successful with National Debt Training.

So I have given you two clues in order to start with National Debt Training.
I could call it OPEN HEART SURGERY but that would not be an accurate
description of what it is or what I am doing. 

CLUE #3- In order to make the Orange Race and National Debt Training a
beautiful reality and something to look forward to, I must say that
S.O.F. Training comes before the Orange Race. 

Respectfully in TRUTH

And a not so tongue in cheek jab at President Barack Obama.With a surprise
ending to the Bush Era as well..  Enjoy and remember, I cannot share your
laughter till this debt is taken care of so please GET REAL.  If you want to 
know who I am, click on ANGEL PROMOTIONS and tell all the Punk
Politicians everywhere, TIME IS TICKING as I am the TIME KEEPER +++

Sole Owner of Orange Race Card Angels

P.S. National Debt Training with the Orange Race Card Angels will cost
$10,000.00 .  If you can’t afford that price, than stay tuned right here in
the next three months to find out exactly what to do . 

P.S. CLUE #4—Here is the money clue.  OCTOBER 31 hints throughout
the month to help you prepare for the Orange Race. 

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