Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Forty Days and Forty Nights Part 2 with CCCChristo

Forty Days and Forty Nights ( part 2 ) with CCCChristo

Green Bay Wisconsin June 21st 2012
The Orange Race 2012- There is room for 360,000 Angels
They will be meeting in Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa, Nebraska
and Colorado.
They  will be of the female persuasion.
They will need to come forward to claim their place.
I will TEACH them from
In the beginning…….
because I AM ONE FOUR all the Orange Race Card Angels.

Here is the continuation from yesterday’s video about
Mr. Kringle.  If you notice in the video, the United States
Postal Service had a gross income of one billion, one hundred
twelve million , eight hundred seventy seven thousand and
one hundred seventy four dollars. ( $ 1,112,877,174.00 )

Now, in the beginning, the Orange Race 2012 would be known as the
Al’-pha because it is the first of its kind to specifically deal with the
National Debt of the United States of America.  To put it bluntly, you
would need over ten thousand of the 1930-40 U.S. Postal services and
it gets worse.  The 14 Trillion would have to be raised through TAXES.
So in other words, you are going to have to have a TON of FAITH.
Now I don’t know about you but FAITH HILL would not look good if
she weighed a ton. ( 2000 pounds)  Here is how I like to picture what
Faith Hill looks like.  Watch this video

Now get ready because in the next few months, if you are paying attention
you will learn how to earn the bear minimum with National Debt Training.
The Bear Minimum will be $48,400.00.  But if you do like the Little Bear
Minimum it will be  a little over $14,000.00
I say the bear minimum because on June 21st  2012  you are going to want to pay
what the NFL players are paying for their mothers which is $10,000.00.  This is
a progressive system and it will get higher after that.  Seriously, the National Debt
needs TRUE ANGELS who at first will be called TRUE FRESHMEN although in the
case of the Orange Race Card Angels will be called TRUE FRESHWOMEN.  You
know at this point it is better just to say


Respectfully in TRUTH,

Sole Owner of Orange Race Card Angels
Head of Angel Promotions

P.S. Every single Orange Race Card Angel will be signing
COMMITMENT PAPERS.  You are either committed to seeing
this through to the end or you are not welcome. It's that simple!

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