Friday, September 23, 2011

Cherry and the Grateful Debt with Writchristo

Cherry and the Grateful Debt with Writchristo

"Testing One Two Testing One Two
Is this my con?"

The announcer announced and the players played.
For what seems like forever the Grateful Debt went on and
on into unchartered territory.  Finally the tuning of the instruments
was complete.  Finally, the band was going to turn around and play
the tunes we all were waiting for.

But all of a sudden, Cherry left the seen.  For those unfamiliar with
who Cherry was, and is, and is to come, Cherry was a TREE.
He was not a ONE or a TWO because Cherry was a TREE.
Really, Cherry was the THIRD TREE from the SUN.  You may be
familiar with how CHERRY left the seen but I am sure you have
never heard the story of the Grateful Debt and how a crazy ORANGE
saved the old CHERRY TREE.  Well, then pull up a chair with a One Arm
Bandit and I’ll tell you a story of the Grateful Debt and the Cherry TREE.

Long before the death of the CHERRY, there stood on a fiery mountain
top, the leader of the land.  If you listen closely you can hear the initial
strains of the OL SMOKY MOUNTAIN TOP players singing their lungs out.

    “…. On top of Old CHERRY all covered in CHEESE, I lost my poor Pigpen
with Whiskey and Please, Don’t dominate the Rap Jack, or Delilah Jones,
If you could come back later and patch up my bones.”

Ahh, Fall was in the air back then and then it happened. The OL Smoky
Mountain that the Ol Smoky Mountain Top players were playing on
blew its top off.

And the fire that flowed on that mountain, said, “ Hell in a bucket, I’ll
show you Hell in a bucket.  You there. What day is it?” the Lava inquired
to the Mysterious Orange Bush that was not being consumed by fire.

“ It’s Foolish Heart Friday you big burning bag of ashes.  Why don’t you
just go with the flow and flow south where you  belong.  Ask me again
tomorrow” said the Mysterious Orange Bush.

“ Tomorrow, why wait until tomorrow what I can burn up today?  Hey,
how come you are not burning up with fire from my fiery furnace of
Hot coals?” asked the Lava

“ Because I am in protective mode.  And because I have a watery hose
with a built in air conditioner.  Let me show you” were the last words
the Lava heard coming from the Mysterious Orange Bush.  Because,
it was at that precise moment that the Lava hit the end of the Hawaiian
Coastline and splattered into the Pacific Ocean.  What? You thought the
OL Smoky Mountain I was talking about was in the Blue Ridge Mountains?

What rock have you been busting from dawn till doom?
And the river keep a talkin'
But you never hear a word it say
( Mississippi River so big and wide )

This has been another unfiltered walk with the Cherry Tree and the Orange
Race Card Angels.  The Grateful Debt?  There is no such thing or band for
that matter.  Now if you want to learn about the National Debt and
National Debt Training all I can say is GET BUSY and

Stay Tuned!

Respectfully in TRUTH

Sole Owner of Orange Race Card Angels

P.S. Cherry Garcia, Cherry Pie, Cherry Cheesecake, mmm good!

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