Monday, September 19, 2011

40 Days and 40 Nights  with CCCChristo

     In the beginning of the Orange Race 2012, the racers must
look toward the halfway point.  In the beginning, it will start
at CURLY’S at Lambeau Field with a ceremony involving all
the members of the Green Bay Packers.  In other words,
it might get a little cheesy in the beginning.  Now you may
notice I am using the phrase “ In the beginning “ quite a bit
so far.  There is a reason that I will share with you as time
goes by but for now just know that in the beginning is a
great place to start.

     In the beginning of the Orange Race 2012, after the ceremony
where Clay Matthews and Aaron Rodgers hand over two signed
NFL footballs to me to begin the race, I will head out on my
journey for the first day of the Orange Race on a Mountain Bike.
Now before I go any further in the beginning of this journey, let
me explain that all the signatures on the footballs are from
NFL players, past and present, who have paid $10,000.00 for
the priviledge of signing the football.  And here is where it gets
interesting.  The $10,000.00 goes into the National Debt Training
fund in honor of
THEIR MOTHERS   <( + )>   This is no joke.  The way
I see it is that these players mothers don’t get enough credit.  So I
will ensure they do this time in the beginning of the race rather than
at the end.  Now remember that in the beginning of this story where
I said that Clay Matthews and Aaron Rodgers handed me two NFL
footballs with signatures.  Well, watch this next video and the one
below it to see where you think I may be going with this in the beginning.


Respectfully in TRUTH,

Christo Strom
Sole Owner of Orange Race Card Angels
Head of Angel Promotions

P.S. The $10,000.00 dollars from each NFL player represents their

GOOD FAITH involved in National Debt Training that somewhere,
somehow, SOMEONE is going to TACKLE this National Debt 
by SHOWING each and every one who wants to get involved how 
to accomplish this by staying focused on the PRIZE.  Stay Tuned !
It also represents their mother so I take my job very seriously.
I do not want to mess this up or else....

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