Friday, September 9, 2011

220 Miracles and the U of M from Writchristo

220 Miracles and the Unemployed ( Minnesota ) from Writchristo

Come gather round people wherever you roam.
And admit that the waters around you have grown.
And accept it that soon you’ll be drenched to the bone
If you’re time to you is worth saving then you better start
swimming or you’ll sink like a stone …. (  Bob Dylan )

********************* +++ ***********************

Thank you Mr. Dylan for stating the obvious.
National Debt Training <( 1 )> Roadblock One.

You are reading this.

You are a woman from Minnesota.

You are collecting unemployment from the State of Minnesota.

You are praying for a miracle to get you through so you don’t
have to compromise your integrity or have your neighbors
God forbid look down on you.

STOP Praying for a miracle or God forbid a Job you will end up

Pay attention here right now. This could be the best day of your

I am going to ask you to do the unthinkable.
I am going to ask you to give me Your Unemployment Check.

Want to know why?
Because you need to see with your OWN EYES what the POWER of
using your imagination can do for you.  Do this little exercise.

Close your eyes and picture your $220.00

What can that $220.00 buy for you today that will change your
live forever?

Unofficial Map of the Orange Race 2012  National Debt Trainin... on Twitpic

My guess is that you are not picturing ANYTHING life changing
that will occur when you hand over the $220.00 am I right?

You have your mind cluttered up with bills that need to be paid,
food that needs to be bought, a car bill that needs to be paid,
a mortgage etc…

Now, let me ask you another question.
Has anyone ever asked you to come to National Debt Training?

My guess is that you have never heard of National Debt Training.
But I am sure you have heard of the National Debt.

Now remember, this is for Unemployed Minnesota Women.
I am sure you remember the State of Minnesota’s Government
shutting down this past summer.

OK Enough STOP here is what you need to do if you are unemployed
and a woman in Minnesota. Read this very carefully.

***** +++ ***** +++ ***** +++ ***** +++ *****

STARTING SEPTEMBER 21ST 2011, and going till June 21st 2012
I will be offering NATIONAL DEBT TRAINING at the ridiculously low price
of $220.00  .  A little heads up. ON JUNE 21st 2012 ADVANCED NATIONAL
DEBT TRAINING will be offered at a minimum price of $10,000.00 BAR NONE.

***** +++ ***** +++ ***** +++ ***** +++ *****

The price of $220.00 for nine months will be for the ones who are unemployed
and actually take action, follow directions which are so easy I could teach a
three year old or a technically challenged old grandma.  Now if enough unemployed
women don't come forward, I will scratch my head and wonder why?
No, not really, I will open National Debt Training up for anyone who comes
forward with $220.00 and REALLY WANTS TO BE TRANSFORMED !
I just think that perhaps you need it the most that's all.

I will be slowly building an empire with unemployed women who want to
be successful.  The way I see it is that no one has ever taken the time to
show you that using your imagination is the most important asset that you
can use.  I will be taking on 220 unemployed women at a time.
That adds up to $48,400.  Not enough to buy a mansion but we’ll slowly
build toward that in the future.  Remember, I said the price goes up to
$10,000.00 on June 21st.  In order to build a mansion, you must first build
the foundation.  Build it on solid rock.

And that brings me to my next piece of information I will gladly share with
you.  The first 220 unemployed women who are ready to transform their
lives must do one thing.  Come to training, and this is ULTRA IMPORTANT
you must come to training

S- O – B – E – R
Call me an SOB or whatever you need to do but this is RULE # 1
That means no drugs or alcohol because you will be responsible for
transforming lives and you need to be READY and WILLING to learn
things that will CHANGE YOUR LIFE for the better.
So if you are READY and SERIOUS all I can say that you have come to the
right place.  And one last thing.


and the only one with the title of


I am going to go home right now and make a video or twenty so
get ready unemployed Minnesota women.  You will be transformed
in ways you never thought possible.  Thanks for reading and may
God Bless and keep you always ( Forever Young , not Forever Unemployed!)

Respectfully in TRUTH.

Sole Owner of Orange Race Card Angels

and you will be coming to National Debt Training between the dates of
September 21st and June 21st 2012, please CLICK HERE.
We will be discussing this as part of your training. Thanks for reading
in advance <( + )>

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