Sunday, July 3, 2011

Soul Searching Surfer Hamilton

Sole Owner of Orange Race Card Angels
Head of Angel Promotions

Soul <( + )>Searching <( + )> Surfer Hamilton

Bethany Hamilton, I owe you a debt of gratitude.  I was thinking of
a way to get people involved in The Orange Race.  Seriously wondering
what God had in store for me, I was at a Cross Roads.  Not wanting to
give up hope, my long time girlfriend of 19 years ( who’s counting anyway!)
suggested we go to a movie and that there was a movie playing at the local
theatre for two bucks.  The name of the movie SOUL SURFER.

I paid the four bucks for the two tickets and got the popcorn and Pepsi
and my girlfriend was waiting for me inside. We found our seats and
immediately the movie began.  Sitting in a movie theatre in Minnesota
on the Fourth of July weekend , I never expected that God would show up.
Boy, was I wrong +(~~+~~)+  I was riveted from start to finish.  The story
is incredible and based on a true story.  I am not going to give you a review
but if you know anything about surfing, I would give it twelve surboards
on a scale of one to ten surfboards.  I LOVED THAT MOVIE .

Flash forward to the Orange Race 2012.  Bethany Hamilton, you have inspired
me beyond any normal recognition.  I am in the process of writing THE 14
Roadblocks to Success.  It will be a major part of National Debt Training and
a staple of The Orange Race.  Now due to the fact that the Internet is just a tool
for communicating information, I am going to communicate the word
And using a Gary Busey ism, I am going to explain what S.A.B.B.A.T.H. means in this
instance right now. I am going to explain it twice so there is no mistaking what is being
The first SABBATH
Sarah Acoustic Bella Bethany Aligning Tennessee Hawaii
There is a young woman from Michigan named Sarah Bella who is trying to get to
Tennessee this summer to make record an EP.  She has written a great song called
Move Mountains.  Now, if you take the State of Michigan’s two letters of MI and the
state of Hawaii’s two letters of HI you will get MIHI.  If we put two and two together,
we find the Mile High state of Colorado.  Sarah Bella and Bethany Hamilton, if we
are ever to meet in real life, we can do some Soul Searching Surfer Sarah in the
Rocky Mountains.  Stay with me I am not finished here.

The Second SABBATH
Sarah Alaska Bristol Bethany Aspen Todd Hawaii
Sarah Palin’s Alaska with her daughter Bristol the Pistol meet Bethany Hamilton
Any American will tell you that Hawaii is the 50th State and Alaska is the 49th State.
You don’t have to memorize the historical ride of Paul Revere or worry about
making speeches to the mainstream media who hang on every word you say and
then crucify you for getting something wrong.  How childish are these media freak
shows who record and then put in your face every mistake ever made.  It is kind
of sickening don’t you think?
OK now back to the Orange Race.  There is much work to be done in preparation
for the Orange Race.  National Debt Training 
Stay Tuned and Stay Free

Respectfully in TRUTH,

Christo Strom
Sole Owner of Orange Race Card Angels
Head of Angel Promotions

P.S. The third SABBATH will include Anna Sophia Robb who did an excellent job of
portraying Bethany Hamilton.  I really liked the credits though when they showed
the real Bethany Hamilton. Amazing young woman. Go see the movie!

P.S.S Oh, yeah, in the Bible, Bethany is a biblical town which translates into the House
of Suffering.  Bethany Hamilton, I am sure you would like your town to be the House
of the Surfer Ring.  There are 360,000 Women who need to be taught during
National Debt Training to never give up and if you agree with me here, I will place
you in charge of teaching them.  How would you like to work for the Orange Race
Card Angels, Bethany?  The Orange Race will be an annual race from Green Bay
Wisconsin to Colorado Springs Colorado. 

Paradise waits on a Crest of a Wave, Her Angels in Flames <( + + + )>

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