Wednesday, July 13, 2011

One Trillion Dollars <( 3 )> Part Three

Sole Owner of Orange Race Card Angels

One Trillion Dollars <( 3 )> Part Three


Divided by 




is the same as saying

10,000.00 times 10,000.00 times 10,000.00 = 1 Trillion.

You see, it is all how you look at things.  I don’t know why but
One trillion dollars seems so easy when it is broken down into parts.
Just like a computer is broken down into parts.  Parts by themselves
looks like junk to a casual onlooker.  But as you know, the parts when
they are put together are a money making machine.  That’s a good
analogy of what National Debt Training is like.

National Debt Training and the price tag is $10,000.00
The price will remain the same, this year, the next year and every year.
It will not fluctuate.  There is a reason that this is so and will be explained
when you come to training.

One Trillion Dollars

When 360,000 women in the 5 states of Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa, Nebraska
and Colorado are apart, they look like scattered dandelions in the wind.  Fluttering
and going where the wind blows them.  No direction home.  I could say the same
thing about the men ( and women ) who are running the country.  They are just
blowing out a bunch of hot air in Washington D.C., just like they always have since
America started.  Acting like they are HEAD HONCHOS of a country with no direction
home ( Bob Dylan ).

But the voice of reason and sanity could and should step in to show those overpaid
windbags in Washington D.C. that the American people want more from their leaders.
As I am writing this, they are discussing how to RAISE the National Debt ceiling.
Why not do yourself a favor and actually address ways of RAISING the American
People’s revenue streams to counter act or counter balance the debt.  It is not that
hard to do when you actually take the time to think about it.  What will happen if
the US defaults on the debt or deficit?

One Trillion Dollars

The first roadblock to National Debt Training will be to raise One trillion dollars
in TAXES.  If I can’t organize people to understand this simple problem, please
order me a straight jacket now and reserve me a room at Bellevue, 13th floor.

I am going to make this abundantly clear.

Death and Taxes.  The first one ( Death ) I have no control over how or when you die.
The second one Taxes, I can help you out there.  You are going to have to pay taxes
after you follow through with National Debt Training.  I would advise you now to
start thinking about hiring a reputable accountant and a good attorney.
National Debt Training is an action based program.  Following directions and
taking action steps will cause you to succeed.  So, Stay Tuned for part 4

Respectfully in TRUTH,

Christo Strom
Sole Owner of Orange Race Card Angels
Head of Angel Promotions

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