Tuesday, July 26, 2011

It's About High Time with Writchristo

Sole Owner of Orange Race Card Angels

14 Trillion Dollar Focus Team with Writchristo

OK, let’s be honest here.  14 trillion dollars is a lot of money.
Now, let’s do something that I am sure no one has ever asked
you to do before.  Let’s focus for ONE YEAR on the number
14 Trillion.

Here is the numerical value in numbers:


Now I could throw in a few Grateful Dead lyrics from a song
like High Time:


But that would just throw you off track of the focus.

For ONE YEAR, I want you to focus on the number 14 Trillion dollars.

Starting today, or tonight when you go to bed and you say
your prayers, ask God for guidance regarding the number
14 Trillion.  Just ask for the Holy Spirit to guide you in this matter.
The Holy Spirit will never lead you wrong.  EVER <( + )>

Look, when I lead a team of 360,000 Women from 5 States
(Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa, Nebraska and Colorado )it won’t
be forever.  Only Jesus and God can promise forever.  What I can
promise is that I will be with you every step of the way with live
seminars, a little thing called The Orange Race, and someone who
will listen and learn from all of you.  I believe in the fact that
360,000 Women  CAN and WILL come forward when they are ready
to become wealthy, and drum roll please, be CHARITABLE with their wealth.

The National Debt is man made through Congress and the President and
you know what let them deal with their own mess.  After all, they created
it.  I am  creating something completely different.  So please stay tuned
and to the 360,000 women who will one day SEE THE LIGHT, I just want
to say THANK YOU from the bottom of my ORANGE heart <( O )>

Respectfully in TRUTH,

Christo Strom
Sole Owner of Orange Race Card Angels
Head of Angel Promotions

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Thomas Hamilton <( 14 )> Revelation 14 : 14 with Writchristo

Sole Owner of Orange Race Card Angels

Thomas Hamilton <( 14 )> Revelation 14 : 14 with Writchristo

Dear Thomas Hamilton:

I want to thank you for sharing your moment on youtube on your
daughter Bethany’s youtube channel.  Now I would like to share
with you something and I hope you don’t mind. Ready ok here it is:

Revelation 14: 14

14     And I looked, and behold a white cloud, and upon the cloud
one sat like unto the Son of man, having on his head a golden
crown, and in his hand a sharp sickle.

OK, Thomas, here’s the deal.  We have in this country of ours a
National Debt that is around 14 Trillion dollars.  Next year, 2012,
I suspect that number to be higher.  No one in Congress, or even
the President of the United States have a clue on how to reign in
the debt.  I have been watching from afar and quite frankly, I am
a little sick to my stomach. 

I am going to organize something called 


that will start in Green Bay, Wisconsin  and end in Colorado Springs,
Colorado.  It is the healthy part of national debt training.  The thing is
that I will be carrying a piece of OAK that is 8 Feet Long, 14 Inches Wide
and a ½ inch thick.  I think in surfer terms that would be akin to a gun.
But I don’t know, it has been so long since I have surfed, the Hawaiians
I am sure would call me a crazy haole.  That’s alright though.  I’m used to
it.  Anyways, I would be running/walking/biking about <(14)> miles a day.
Six days on and one day off.  

I would like to tell you in person how much I appreciate all that you have
done, but I would rather you come to Green Bay in JUNE 2012 to help kick off
the FIRST EVER Orange Race on Planet Earth.  That would be shaka bro!

Aloha Papa Hamilton

Respectfully in TRUTH,

Christo Strom
Sole Owner of Orange Race Card Angels
Head of Angel Promotions

P.S. Here is the video of Papa Thomas Hamilton talking about some
really great stuff +(~~+~~)+

Below is a video with Bethany Hamilton and Captain Jack Sparrow

Thursday, July 14, 2011

One Trillion Dollars <( 4 )> Part Four

Sole Owner of Orange Race Card Angels

One Trillion Dollars <( 4 )> Part Four

Now, we are in a dilemma.  If you look at the number one trillion,
it looks like this:


When you put a dollar sign in front of it and a decimal point for the
cents column, it looks like this:

$ 1,000,000,000,000.00

now if the number is GREEN, that means you have that money in
your possession and you can spread it around how you see fit.
If that number is Red, then you need to figure out a way to pay
that money back because that is what you owe.  Here is the number
One trillion in red

$ 1,000,000,000,000.00

Now for National Debt Training, I am going to teach you all about the
Green numbers and how to go about receiving it.  So the United States
government can rebalance their act and get back on track.  Right now,
the U.S. is in danger of defaulting on loans to who knows who.

One trillion dollars.  Now, in order to accomplish this in a timely fashion,
there is going to have to be massive teamwork.  And I am talking about
teamwork that works in harmony.  It would be similar to how a watch works.
You don’t see all the little intricate parts moving together, but you know you
have to rely on it or you will be late for work.  Or wherever you have to go
in a timely fashion. 

Let’s discuss what is involved here.  In order to raise One trillion dollars
before taxes, you have to have a simple system in place for your people
to follow, interact with each other in a socially fun setting, and produce
the desired results.  It is easier said than done, but the reward is in the
getting it done.  No slackers need to worry.  They won’t be invited.  For
the most part, they won’t be able to come up with the $10,000.00
to even enter the building where National Debt Training will be located.

The first National Debt Training Center will be built in Minnesota because
I believe in Minnesota.  Even though the State Government has shut down,
I still believe that when the right system is in place for the national debt, the
State of Minnesota will be the first to reap the benefit of such a system.

So, stay tuned , and one last thing, if you are a singer/songwriter and would
like to get national exposure in THE ORANGE RACE, I will be releasing a video
in August 2010  that will explain how you can get involved with National Debt
Training even if you don’t live in Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa, Nebraska or
Colorado.  +(~~+~~)+

Respectfully in TRUTH,

Christo Strom
Sole Owner of Orange Race Card Angels
Head of Angel Promotions

P.S. And because this is part four of a series on One Trillion Dollars,
I am putting a few videos from a band from Minnesota who are going
to be playing in Duluth in August opening up for Willie Nelson. Now
how cool is that?!!!!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

One Trillion Dollars <( 3 )> Part Three

Sole Owner of Orange Race Card Angels

One Trillion Dollars <( 3 )> Part Three


Divided by 




is the same as saying

10,000.00 times 10,000.00 times 10,000.00 = 1 Trillion.

You see, it is all how you look at things.  I don’t know why but
One trillion dollars seems so easy when it is broken down into parts.
Just like a computer is broken down into parts.  Parts by themselves
looks like junk to a casual onlooker.  But as you know, the parts when
they are put together are a money making machine.  That’s a good
analogy of what National Debt Training is like.

National Debt Training and the price tag is $10,000.00
The price will remain the same, this year, the next year and every year.
It will not fluctuate.  There is a reason that this is so and will be explained
when you come to training.

One Trillion Dollars

When 360,000 women in the 5 states of Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa, Nebraska
and Colorado are apart, they look like scattered dandelions in the wind.  Fluttering
and going where the wind blows them.  No direction home.  I could say the same
thing about the men ( and women ) who are running the country.  They are just
blowing out a bunch of hot air in Washington D.C., just like they always have since
America started.  Acting like they are HEAD HONCHOS of a country with no direction
home ( Bob Dylan ).

But the voice of reason and sanity could and should step in to show those overpaid
windbags in Washington D.C. that the American people want more from their leaders.
As I am writing this, they are discussing how to RAISE the National Debt ceiling.
Why not do yourself a favor and actually address ways of RAISING the American
People’s revenue streams to counter act or counter balance the debt.  It is not that
hard to do when you actually take the time to think about it.  What will happen if
the US defaults on the debt or deficit?

One Trillion Dollars

The first roadblock to National Debt Training will be to raise One trillion dollars
in TAXES.  If I can’t organize people to understand this simple problem, please
order me a straight jacket now and reserve me a room at Bellevue, 13th floor.

I am going to make this abundantly clear.

Death and Taxes.  The first one ( Death ) I have no control over how or when you die.
The second one Taxes, I can help you out there.  You are going to have to pay taxes
after you follow through with National Debt Training.  I would advise you now to
start thinking about hiring a reputable accountant and a good attorney.
National Debt Training is an action based program.  Following directions and
taking action steps will cause you to succeed.  So, Stay Tuned for part 4

Respectfully in TRUTH,

Christo Strom
Sole Owner of Orange Race Card Angels
Head of Angel Promotions

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

One Trillion Dollars <( 2 )> Part Two

Sole Owner of Orange Race Card Angels

One Trillion Dollars <( 2 )> Part Two

When you set a goal with a deadline, it forces your brain
to come up with a plan.  A deadline is a good thing because
it gives you something to measure.  For instance, in National Debt
Training, I am setting up a deadline of June 21st 2012.  That is the
first deadline I have set up.  As of now, I have less than twelve months
to go before the first deadline.  What is the first deadline you ask?

The first deadline I have is for THE START of something I am tentatively
calling The Orange Race.  I know, I know, a huge stretch of the imagination
since my company is called 


But bear with me while I try to explain.  The Orange Race, once it is set up
with sponsors and locations, will be the healthy part of National Debt Training.
The Orange Race will start around Green Bay and will meander leisurely through
Wisconsin, Iowa, Nebraska and Colorado.  It will end somewhere in Colorado Springs,
Colorado.  The Orange Race will cover over eleven hundred miles.  Along the way,
perhaps every 100 miles, I will be conducting National Debt Training.  Now, in a
perfect world, I could say something like, 

     “ Along the way, exactly 288,000 women from the four states of Wisconsin,
Iowa, Nebraska and Colorado came out during the Orange Race, got their training
and are now leading the fight against the National Debt. “

But in a perfect world, there would be no need for National Debt Training.  So,
if I were to include Minnesota to make it five states, I would tell you that
360,000 Women would come to National Debt Training over a three month period
to join in the fight against the national debt.

The funny thing is, when you actually are the only one in America who is putting
stuff out there for National Debt Training, it gets lonely at the top. +(~~+~~)+

So, the 360,000 women that 


will be the first people in the history of the universe ( Milky Way )
to learn as a group how we as a nation will come together.
That’s right women, you have been chosen but there is one thing you must do.
Put away your fears about one man teaching 360,000 women.

This is strictly business.  I have strict rules.  The first strict rule I have is that you
must pay attention while you are having the time of your life.  I will not be able
to teach frowny faces and naysayers.  The second strict rule I have is that you must
come to National Debt Training ready to take on the National Debt.  Ladies, I hope
I don’t have to tell you twice that the National Debt is over 14 Trillion Dollars.
The third strict rule is that once you learn what I have to teach you, and show you,
that you will leave the National Debt Training ready to take on everything that comes
your way.  I am going to go out on a limb here and say that once trained, you will
never have to worry about money again. EVER. Let me repeat that, you will
NEVER EVER EVER have to worry about money again.

Oh yeah, I almost forgot.  The 360,000 “ Women” who are the first in the history of
the universe to get this training probably want to know where the money will be going.
Like I have said numerous times before,  the cost of National Debt Training is:

$ 10,000.00

The goal that I am trying to meet is 360,000 women in a 5 state area.
The 360,000 women who are the first to pay $10,000.00  will make up a grand total of
$ 3,600,000,000,000.00 .  That money will be used to build National Debt Training Centers,
for the sole purpose of, you guessed it, National Debt Training.  I will be teaching something
called “ shampoo logic “ where you lather, rinse and repeat.  Why reinvent the wheel?

Now, remember, 14 Trillion is the number we will be raising in 


If you want to become Rich and take care of the National Debt, then you owe it to yourself
to come to National Debt Training.  I don’t know how else to explain it.  

Oh yeah, One Trillion Dollars.  The deadline for paying One Trillion Dollars in taxes?
That deadline will be set when 360,000 women are SMART enough to see the
opportunity that is presenting itself.  Stay Tuned!

Respectfully in TRUTH,

Christo Strom
Sole Owner of Orange Race Card Angels
Head of Angel Promotions

P.S. Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa, Nebraska, and Colorado. Get Ready +++

@Reba, Orange Race Card Angels map (so we don&#039;t get lost... on Twitpic

Monday, July 11, 2011

One Trillion Dollars with Writchristo

Sole Owner of Orange Race Card Angels

One Trillion Dollars with Writchristo

Have you ever seen One Trillion Dollars?

In this quick math lesson I will show you and then you
will be able to honestly say you have seen
One Trillion Dollars.  Ready Ok this is going to be quick Ready?

$ 1,000,000,000,000.00

Did you see it?
I’ll show you again in case you missed it. Ready?

$ 1,000,000,000,000.00

OK, now for the fun part.

National Debt Training costs $10,000.00 to attend .

I have room to teach 360,000 Women in a 5 State Area.
That will raise exactly 3.6 Billion Dollars.  What does that mean
to you if you are one of the 360,000 women?

I’ll show you in a little math equation. Ready?

10,000 x 10,000 x 10,000 EQUALS ==> ONE Trillion Dollars

According to my calculations,  when I do the math:
One Trillion minus 3.6 Billion would leave a hefty 96.4 Billion
dollars for you!  

Now if you want to be a part of a company
that doesn’t mind working with big numbers, in an honest
and fun way to make money, just stay tuned to this site,
which by the way is free and doesn’t cost me a dime. <( FREE )>

Or you can struggle for the rest of your life to make ends meet.
It’s your call.  I’m here if you are ready>

Respectfully in TRUTH,

Christo Strom
Sole Owner of Orange Race Card Angels
Head of Angel Promotions

P.S. Here is a video I filmed last week outside of Admiral D’s in
White Bear Lake, Minnesota .  The band is called O.A.R. and
they are from Rockville , Maryland.  They played an acoustic
set for the Cities 97 Oake on the Water. 

O.A.R band member Jerry with an adoring fan outside of Admira... on Twitpic

Brian Oake @cities97Radio has got to be the happiest D.J. in ... on Twitpic

Friday, July 8, 2011

Fixed Income with Writchristo

Sole Owner of Orange Race Card Angels

Fixed Income with Writchristo

National Debt Training Exercise #1
Think of a number between one and 14 Trillion.
Don’t tell me what the number is though.
I want to try and guess.  

Since this is exercise #1 of National Debt Training,
and the title of  this post is Fixed Income with Writchristo,
the number you are thinking of has to do with your income.
So, back up your thoughts to think about your yearly income.
Now, think of a number between one and 14 Trillion.

Even if your name is Warren Buffett , you would still be on
the low end of the totem pole when it comes to the National
Debt.  Does that make sense to you?

In other words, even the richest man in the world cannot stand
next to the national debt and feel very proud.  So, with that being
said, National Debt Training is all about finding your comfort zone
as far as yearly income go, and shattering the limit that you put on it.
Believe it or not, YOU are responsible for your yearly income.  Why put
a limit on how much money you want to earn in a year because someone
says you are only worth this much and that is all we are going to pay you.
Nonsense, you are better than that. You are better than the National Debt.

The only way to find out how much you are worth is by testing the limits.
Come to National Debt Training.  The cost is $10,000.00 .  There is no
website to sign up for this.  There is no email reminder that “ Hey the
National Debt is over 14 Trillion dollars. “  If you need to be constantly
reminded of stuff, you won’t get too far with National Debt Training.
This is designed for people who can follow directions.  This is designed
for people who generally get excited to make more money by listening
and then taking action.  You will not be getting this information from
ANY politician.  Because if they knew how easy this was, they would have
done this years ago.  The LORD works in mysterious ways and this is a
perfect example.  
The five states I will be operating in are Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa,
Nebraska and Colorado.  There will be more to come so 
Stay Tuned <( 14 )>

Respectfully in TRUTH,

Christo Strom
Sole Owner of Orange Race Card Angels
Head of Angel Promotions

Thursday, July 7, 2011

The Orange Race <( 14 )> Miles a Day with Writchristo

Sole Owner of Orange Race Card Angels

The Orange Race <( 14 )>  Miles a Day with Writchristo

Discovery, I just discovered something that on the surface looks
like nothing out of the ordinary.  I measured the distance from
one point in Green Bay Wisconsin to one point in Colorado Springs,
Colorado.  According to Mapquest, the measurement between those
two points is Eleven hundred and seventy miles.

For the Orange Race 2012 ( tentative title for the healthy part of National
Debt Training ) , I had planned on running/walking/biking this stretch
of the mid-west over a three month period.  There would be one day
of rest after six days of training.  It works out to be something like
79 days of on-the-road training and 14 days of rest and relaxation.

So, why should you care?  I don’t know, maybe because the National
Debt is like over 14 Trillion dollars and instead of tackling this problem
like God fearing men and women, the Congress and the President of the
USA are leaning towards raising the debt limit.  BUT WAIT !!!

This is not about what they are doing ok.  Let me explain this another way.
National Debt Training is for people who want a way out of a financial mess.
I have no control over what Congress or the President do or say, so I’ll
just try to appeal to a certain segment of the Midwest population.

I am going to try and organize 360,000 women together in 5 different states.
Right now, in Minnesota, our state government is shut down.  Putting this
into perspective, if the STATE OF MINNESOTA actually paid any attention
to what I have been saying, they would already have National Debt Training
in place.  But what I have learned about politicians is this:  They are extremely
stubborn and bullheaded.  It has to be their way or the highway.  So I am not
going to be teaching them.  I am going to be teaching 360,000 women in 5
states something so easy to understand yet so profound that if will make their
head spin.  Not like in The Exorcist head spin, but in the Head of household
spin.  The Head of Household on income tax forms.  The reason being is that
the 360,000 women, if they follow simple directions, will be bringing in a
lot of dinero.  Dinero is Spanish for money.  The Dinero will buy a lot of
dinners out on the town or if you are wise, you will make as much dinero
as humanly possible and ( drum roll please <( !! )> ) Spread the wealth.
There will be more to come so please stay tuned as I explain in the coming
months and years that National Debt Training is a good thing.

In the meantime, in case you haven’t noticed, I am trying to communicate with
Bethany Hamilton and her family in the Hawaiian Islands.  When National Debt
Training Centers get built, I want to expand over to Hawaii.  I believe Bethany
and her family of Hamilton’s would do an awesome job if I can just get the
words out of my mouth.  So if you see her , tell her I said Hello and Aloha

Respectfully in TRUTH

Christo Strom
Sole Owner of Orange Race Card Angels
Head of Angel Promotions

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

The Cross at 14 <( + )> with Writchristo

Sole Owner of Orange Race Card Angels

The Cross <( + )> at 14 with Writchristo

Go ahead. Measure it out.  How big is the National Debt?
But when you do, when you get to 14 Trillion Dollars, do me
a small favor.  I want you to stop.  I’ll tell you why right now.

You don’t need to go any further.  When you see the number
14 trillion all in red, it looks like this:


When you put a dollar sign in front of it, it looks bigger with two
extra zeros. I’ll put it in Green for this demonstration.

$ 14,000,000,000,000.00

OK so the number in Green is the number we will be paying in taxes
to the United States Government.  Because it is the right thing to do.
You will be able to do so with a smile on your face and a fat bank
account when you decide that National Debt Training is right for you.
The price for National Debt Training is, and will always be, forever and
ever: ( drum roll please)


I don’t care if it is the year 2040, the price will never go up.  On the same
token, it will never go down.  Everyone will pay the same price. 

So if you are one who needs a fancy website and an email reminder to buy
into National Debt Training, I am sorry to burst your bubble.  It won’t be
happening anytime soon.  But, if you are one who likes to come to
LIVE EVENTS with real LIVE PEOPLE without a computer, then pay attention.

The Cross at 14 means this:  Come to National Debt Training and find out
what this means.  I just want to warn you though.  If you come expecting
a miracle in your life or your business, then when I ask you to pick up
your cross and follow me, just follow directions and you will be amazed.
I guarantee that once you see how AWESOME and TRUTHFUL this is, YOU
will wish you would have done this FORTY YEARS ago <( + )>.  That is,
if you are over 40.  If you are under 40, then there is still hope for you!

Respectfully in TRUTH,

Christo Strom
Sole Owner of Orange Race Card Angels
Head of Angel Promotions

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Bethany Hamilton: T.V. Orange One with Writchristo

Sole Owner of Orange Race Card Angels

Bethany Hamilton:  T.V. Orange One  with Writchristo

T.V. Orange, what does it mean?  Here goes the first try +

Dear Bethany, or I guess I should start it with:

Aloha Bethany, 

The Orange Race is a race that I am running in my mind right now.
It starts in Green Bay Wisconsin and winds its way through the Mid-Western
states of Wisconsin, Iowa, Nebraska and finally ends in Colorado somewhere in
Colorado Springs.  It is a little over eleven hundred miles from start to finish.

Now in comparison, it is not near as long as say  Los Angeles California to
Honolulu, Hawaii.  That is around 2552 miles.  Now, Ms. Hamilton, just for a
second look at the number 2552.  What I notice right off the bat is the 25.
We celebrate Jesus’s birthday on December 25th right?  The second number
I notice is the number 52.  The last time I checked there are 52 weeks in a
calendar year and also there are 52 cards in a deck of cards.  Are you still
 with me Bethany?

Now, just for kickturns  and giggle snorts, look at the name of my company.

Orange Race Card Angels

The Orange Race in 2012?  is an eleven hundred mile race from Green Bay, Wisconsin
to Colorado Springs, Colorado.  I plan on taking at least three months to complete
it by taking the turtle pace approach.  You know, Slow and steady wins the race.
Except this race is a little different.  This race is all about National Debt Training.
This is where it gets serious.  The National Debt is over 14 Trillion dollars and rising.
I am pretty sure that when you are surfing over in Kauai or on Oahu or wherever
you surf, the National Debt is the furthest thing from your mind. Trust me, I know
a little bit about surfing. Your mind is focused on the horizon and looking for the
bumps to be rising.  Always searching for the perfect wave to catch for that perfect
ride.  I get it , really I get it!

So why I am telling you this Bethany?  Well, the reason is kind of selfish.  You say
that Jesus Christ is #1 right.  I couldn’t agree more here so here goes the pitch.
The reason I am doing National Debt Training is so I can teach exactly 360,000
women, ranging in age from 18 to the oldest surfing grandma.  Does that make sense?
Now, in the Midwest there obviously aren’t any surfing grandmas unless you count
windsurfing and then I suppose you would be right.

The cost for National Debt Training is $10,000.00   There is a reason it is this price.
It will never be anything but $10,000.00.  No Sales gimmicks, no deviating , no nonsense.
ONE PRICE.  It is the cost of admission. 

Now the title of this post is T.V. Orange with Writchristo.  Here is the explanation of what
that means:
T.V. means Three Videos, Orange means from Orange Race Card Angels (my company)
with Writchristo means Word of God Respectfully in Truth .  Christo means well,
that would be me, I try to mean well in whatever I do.  Sometimes I tank and sometimes
I hit the ball out of the park.  Do you get my drift? 

I will be releasing three videos for you Ms. Hamilton ( and family +)
The names are :

T.V. Orange One with Writchristo ( Released today July 5th 2011 )
This video was made up on the spot with no lyrics and no retakes.
It is what it is and just the first attempt.  The second and third attempt
will be more business like and to the point. 

T.V. Orange Two with Writchristo ( TBA )
T. V. Orange Three with Writchristo ( TBA )

Bethany, below is my first video for the Orange Race.  I did this two days after seeing
Soul Surfer.  No editing, no lyrics just the moment type thing.

Aloha +(~~+~~)+ Bethany,

Respectfully in TRUTH,

Christo Strom
Sole Owner of Orange Race Card Angels
Head of Angel Promotions

P.S. If all goes well, Orange Race Card Angels would like to open a National Debt
Training center in Hawaii in your honor.  How does that sound to you?  Go ahead
and ask your Mama and Papa what they think and your brothers as well.  Somehow
the year 2013 is jumping out at me.