Thursday, June 30, 2011

The Orange Race <( + )> Prayer Service at Curly’s ( Part Two )

Sole Owner of Orange Race Card Angels

The Orange Race <( + )> Prayer Service at Curly’s ( Part Two )

So, thanks to my girlfriend setting my watch ahead three hours,
I had three hours to kill before SHOWTIME.  I looked around the
room and noticed how perfect it all seemed.  The room inside
Curly’s looked immaculate.  The stage was set up perfect with
speakers strategically placed so everyone would get a clear
sounding message streaming from the microphone.  The
tables were all ready for arriving guests for ( trumpets please !)


An eleven hundred mile event unlike any event ever seen.
Sure, there is the Tour de France but that’s in France and well,
that’s not my cup of tea!  I prefer coffee anyway.

No, the ORANGE RACE is the first ever ORGANIZED attempt
at defeating the National Debt at its own game.  That’s right,
the National Debt.  The only 14 Trillion dollar Beast in America
that NO ONE ON EARTH has ever attempted to tame.  Sure,
there was Evil Knievel and the Snake River Canyon but that was
pure entertainment.

The Orange Race is pure entertainment with a purpose.  The
purpose being to teach around 360,000 Women from five states
( Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa, Nebraska and Colorado) that by
overcoming 14 roadblocks to success, you will never fail to reach
your goal. Never Fail Ever Again !!! 

Meanwhile, back in Curly’s at Lambeau Field in Green Bay, Wisconsin.
I decided to say a little prayer.  Here in it’s entirety is my little prayer:

Dear LORD,
There are 360,000 Women who will be meeting up with me in The
Orange Race.  Right now, I can see them in my mind and they all
look like angels.  Thank you LORD for such a beautiful vision.
Thank you LORD  for everything.  Please protect me on this
path to Colorado.  And send protection for 360,000 Angels
who are wise enough to show up.  And LORD, God bless you!

I was just finishing up with my little prayer when who shows up at
Curly’s but Aaron Rodgers and Clay Matthews.  They both showed
up with autographed footballs from the 2011 Super Bowl Champion
Green Bay Packers.  They both were genuinely happy to be at Curly’s
at Lambeau Field.  Aaron Rodgers was the first to speak,

“ Ready , Down, Set,  42, 69 , 3 Avocados Oranges Hut One Hut two”

Aaron Rodgers got it right on the first try.

This has been Part Two of a three part Orange Race Prayer Service at Curly’s
Stay Tuned!

Respectfully in TRUTH,

Christo Strom
Sole Owner of Orange Race Card Angels
Head of Angel Promotions

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