Tuesday, June 28, 2011

One Developed by Ed Mercer with Writchristo

Sole Owner of Orange Race Card Angels

One Developed by Ed Mercer with Writchristo

The number one is, I guess, the most overused sacred word
out there today.  You see, most people use the word one  
without thinking how lucky they are to be associated with
that word.  The number one.

So to show you how special the word is , today I am issuing
a proclamation.  I am looking to find one mentor named
Ed Mercer.  I am looking to form a business partnership
that will last a lifetime.  And I don’t mean lifetime in the
literal sense.  I mean a LIFETIME +(~~+~~)+ in the eternal
sense.  One (there’s that word again) that will stand the
test of time. FOREVER.  A Business Partnership.

Dear Mr. Mercer: 

National Debt Training via Mr. Costa Rica, who’d have thunk?
I am writing this in the hopes you are in good spirits and
are open to the idea of being my mentor.  I am starting
up National Debt Training for Midwestern Women in
Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa, Nebraska and Colorado.

The cost of my training is $10,000.00 per person.

I am limiting my training to 72,000 Women in each state
for a reason and I will tell you that reason in person.  We
can meet in Minnesota anytime you feel like meeting.
Target Field in Minnesota would be highly recommended
for business deals to materialize.  ( Or we can meet in 
Costa Rica, your call Ed!)

Starting in 2012 on June 21st,  I would like to start
THE ORANGE RACE.  It will start in Green Bay, Wisconsin
and slowly meander through Wisconsin, Iowa, Nebraska
and end somewhere in Colorado Springs.  I have two places
in mind for the ending but I will have some legwork to do
to secure the finish.

Now along the way of the Orange Race, besides it being a
health kick, I will be setting up small to medium sized business
meetings with women who want what I offer in National Debt
Training.  Eleven Hundred Midwestern miles. Orange Race Card

Are you with me so far Ed?  Now, there is  less than a year before
the 1st annual Orange Race begins.  If you want to hear more,
Mr. Mercer, it won’t take long to explain why you will be the
perfect mentor for this entrepreneur.  I love your story, especially
your crisis at age 15.  And by the way, Mr. Mercer, I
believe Heaven is way too big a place not to include you!

So here is the proposal.  The first 72 Women who come on board
with National Debt Training, I will send down to Costa Rica on
my dime to scout out real estate. Orange Race Card Angels
would love to expand down south.  Let me know if you can handle
the extra business!!!!

Respectfully in TRUTH,

Christo Strom
Sole Owner of Orange Race Card Angels
Head of Angel Promotions

P.S. Before I forget, in every sense of the word, I only need ONE
mentor Mr Mercer and if you have a feeling that this would work
out, I am willing to work hard and listen.  
God bless you Mr. Mercer .  I look forward to sending business your way.

P.S.S. How’s the coffee, avocados and oranges?

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