Thursday, May 12, 2011

National Debt Training -Circle of Light with Writchristo

Author Christo Strom
Sole Owner of Orange Race Card Angels
Head of Angel Promotions

National Debt Training – Respectfully in TRUTH ( R.I.T. )

Ok, here is the only number I will be focusing on for all
of National Debt Training.


There is a reason I am focusing solely on that number.
14 Trillion is the TARGET GOAL! I am not concerned with
the up and down cycle of the stock market. Or I am not
concerned if the national debt is above or below this

When 14 trillion is a stationary target, it takes the worry
out of the equation. If you don’t have to worry about
something, you can start to relax and enjoy life!

Now, I realize that in order to really stop worrying about
the national debt, a plan must be put into place. This
plan must be made public and available to the American
People. This plan should be implemented by Congress
and the President of the United States. For after all, they
are the ones who should have a say in the process. The
plan should be made available to the voting public as
they seem to me to be the ones who put the people in
Congress and the President of the United States into their

But before I do all this for the American People and the Elected
Officials in government, I have to ask you a favor and a question.
Ready for this?

Ok here is the favor and then the question.
Can you do me a favor and support my company?


I formed Orange Race Card Angels for one purpose and one purpose
alone. That purpose is to give to the American People a plan for
Prosperity involving tackling the national debt. 

The plan is about 75%
put together but the last 25% needs to be written. 

How you can support ORANGE RACE CARD ANGELS.

You can support my company by taking ownership of the national
debt. You see when you have ownership, it’s like a sense of pride.
But I need to caution you on the pride part. Owing 14 Trillion Dollars
Is not something to be proud of. Taking ownership of the debt and
actively pursuing its demise, on the other hand , is worthy of a show of

Now here is the question I need to ask you.

Do you want the national debt training to be difficult or easy?

You know I put a lot of thought and energy into this plan. There is a long
version and a short version. I am just trying to give you a choice here.

Personally, as Captain Jack Sparrow of the Pirates of the Caribbean might
say of the short version, “ I like it. It’s short, straight forward and to the point”

I would personally like to teach 360,000 Women Entrepreneurs The Plan.
The 360,000 would have to meet me in either Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa,
Nebraska or Colorado. The reason I would like to teach these 360,000 Women
Is because I want to see them prosper. And since this is my plan for the American
People, the 360,000 Women from these 5 states would represent my inner

( Sorry Elton, I don’t want to reign in on your Circle of Life!)

So, if you want to help out with National Debt Training and become one of the

Stay Tuned and as always

Respectfully in TRUTH

Christo Strom
Sole Owner of Orange Race Card Angels
Head of Angel Promotions

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