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I AM the Angel Myrrh- Good Friday the 13th with Writchristo

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FRIDAY THE 13TH Required Creative Writing Read
Should you read this?  It should be required reading
for anyone who wants to get in on the


I AM the Angel Myrrh
I am the Angel responsible for bringing Jesus Christ back.
That’s right. I brought Jesus back from the dead.
Let me tell you the TRUTH.
You do not want to Cross me when you are angry.
I have been sent ahead by my boss.
I AM who I say that I AM.
There are those who say Jesus is never coming back.
The ones who say that are the same ones who will
Be begging for more time when their time is up.

I AM the Angel Myrrh.
My job is to teach you THE TRUTH about the CROSS.
For one thing, this TRUTH is ETERNAL and cannot be
It contains the WORD of GOD so take it from one who
knows.  All who try to challenge the WORD find out that
The WORD contains nothing but the TRUTH.  It cannot
be swayed by lies or swift talking unbelievers.

I AM the Angel Myrrh.  I prepared Jesus for his fateful and
faithful return to his Holy Father in Heaven.
And I have been instructed by my boss to teach you the TRUTH
about the Cross.

As you may or may not know, there were two angels with Jesus
in the days following his crucifixion.  I will introduce the second angel
in upcoming events but for now all you need to know is that the second
angel is terrifyingly funny.
I AM the Angel Myrrh. I AM here to put you on a path if you care to follow.
I have no say in the matter if you are deemed worthy to go to the Father
in Heaven.  I have no interest in lies.  Neither does my boss.  I am only
here to dispense the TRUTH about the Cross.  Yes, that excruciatingly painful
Roman torture reserved for seasoned criminals back in the day.
I AM the Angel Myrrh.  I AM the RESERVED Angel sent here to clean up a
huge mess.  You see the mess is so clear that even Heaven is PISSED OFF.
That’s why they sent me.
I AM the Angel Myrrh.  Are you ready for the TRUTH about the Cross?
Ready or not, here goes.
I AM the Angel Myrrh and I will take you back in time to the days of
Jesus Christ.  I am allowed to tell you the story of Jesus’ crucifixion on the
condition you take the TRUTH with you wherever you go and don’t lose
it.  The TRUTH about the Cross.  Are you ready? 
Well, I can’t wait any longer.  Here goes.
Now before I go any further I need to make one thing
perfectly clear.  What I am about to tell you should not be used for personal
gain.  Jesus is the Son of God who died on a Cross.  It is up to me to explain
this to you for a specific reason and a specific cause. 
I AM the Angel Myrrh and you need to at least read what I have to say about
Why Jesus  is forever going to be known as the KING of KINGS.  He has no equal.
He was brought to Earth for one reason only.  TO DIE ON A CROSS FOR ALL OF MANKINDS
SINS.  Period, end of story.  But the story has a happy ending.  It is up to me to tell it.
I AM the Angel Myrrh.  Here comes the LIGHT .
This is the TRUTH about the Cross.  Jesus wants you to know.
Are you ready for the transport back to the Roman Times?
No, you can’t hang on to my robe for the transport back in time.
What you can do is pay attention.  You can either pay attention now
Or you can pay attention later.  But let me give you some sage advice.
Those who pay attention later don’t make it to Heaven.  It’s that simple.
Sure, you can act all sincere when the boss calls your name but trust me
when I say that the screaming and the burning is eternal.  You have a choice.
Pay attention now and the rest will be Paradise.  Or Burn.  Am I making myself
perfectly clear?
I AM the Angel Myrrh and this is The TRUTH about the Cross.
All aboard the Paradise Express.  Next stop GOLGOTHA , or as the Bible calls it,
the place of the skull.  Jesus is nailed to the Cross by Roman soldiers and after
his side is pierced AFTER he died, he is laid to rest in a tomb.
For anyone else on Earth, that would have been the end of your life.  But this is
Jesus and I am here to tell you this was not the end of his life.
I AM the Angel Myrrh and here is where you need to PAY ATTENTION BECAUSE
THIS IS WHY JESUS SENT ME.  Jesus gave me explicit instructions for his people
And I don’t want to ever disappoint the boss.  I use the word boss because he
does not like to capitalize the B.  Besides which he thinks Jerry Garcia overstretched
his welcome with the song Big Boss Man.  But I digress.

I AM the Angel Myrrh and this has been a long time coming.  Finally, the TRUTH
about the CROSS.
Here it is:
Back in the  Roman Empire, the numbers were more simpler than they are today.
They used an I for the number one.
They used a V for the number five.
They used an X for the number ten.
They used an L for the number fifty.
They used a C for the number one hundred.
They used an M for the number one thousand.

I AM the Angel Myrrh and I have been instructed to teach you the TRUTH
about the CROSS.  There are those here on Earth who think that just by believing
in Christ and praying that you are guaranteed a place in Heaven.  Like I said before,
I have no say in whether you get to Heaven.  It is my job to dispense the TRUTH about
the Cross.  It is your job to take the TRUTH and run as far as you possibly can with it.
Do you understand?
I am the Angel Myrrh and I have been sent as a testament to the Will and the Love of
the WORD of God.
Jesus death on the cross paved the way for you to get to Heaven.
In other words, HE PAID YOUR DEBT!
I AM the Angel Myrrh and I am going to explain something so profound that only those
Who are paying attention will ever understand.
There are those on Earth who say Just Believe and everything will be alright.
I AM the Angel Myrrh and I say PREPARE A WAY FOR THE LORD.
Are you ready for the TRUTH about the Cross?
The day Jesus was crucified is known as Good Friday.
Why?  Because I AM the Angel Myrrh and this is a story about GOOD
Over Evil.  Being nailed to a tree, or a wooden cross is extremely painful.
And quite bloody.  So why did He go through with it?  Heaven only knows
But I think it has to do with an EXTREME LOVE for all of MANKIND.
I AM the Angel Myrrh and this is the TRUTH about the CROSS.
Ok so after Jesus was crucified and buried, this is where I kicked it into
high gear.  After much pleading with me, I relented into letting Jesus hang
out with his friends for around two to three extra days.  After all the Lord’s
Prayer does go Hallowed be Thy Name.  And yes shhhh, He got his Halo on
a Wednesday.   We Angels know it as the TRUE ASH WEDNESDAY.  We
Angels are really Wed Angels with the Silent d.  We can be a rowdy bunch
when we have to be. I mean after all is said and done
I AM the Angel Myrrh and I am responsible for the safe transport of the
Savior of the World.  Safety is Key for the Kingdom.  And the TRUTH about
The Cross is ready to unfold. Can you handle the TRUTH?
And he is seated at the right hand of the Father.  In Heaven, on a throne,
lightning and thunder and yes the whole nine yards!
Ok this is the last time I AM the Angel Myrrh.  Sent before the boss, to explain
The TRUTH about the Cross.
After Jesus was safely returned to Heaven , He had a request.  He asked me
to tell him the TRUTH about the Cross.  In front of His Father, I explained to
Jesus the TRUTH about the Cross.  They were thrilled to hear what I said.
Both of them looked at each other, smiled the biggest smiles you have ever
seen and exclaimed together, “ You are The Angel Myrrh.  Forever Welcome,
Forever Friend!”  At the time, I had no idea the magnitude of those words.
It wasn’t till years later, 2000 or so years to be exact, that their words have
sunk in. 
Those two guys, Jesus and His Father, got together recently and asked me to
Join them for a meeting.  They said it would be a short meeting with lightning
And thunder, tornados and hurricanes, earthquakes and high seas.  In other
words, it was  a typical Father/Son/Angel Myrrh type get-together.
When it’s just me, it is quiet.  That’s the way I like it.  But those two insist on
being a bit noisy and like to shake things up so what’s an Angel to do?
The meeting was going according to their plan when I decided to ask a question.
This is the question I asked Jesus and His Father.
Jesus and His Father looked at me with the sternest faces I have ever seen in Paradise.
But then something happened that had never happened before in Heaven.  Both Jesus
and His Father fell off their thrones from laughing so hard. 
“ Angel Myrrh, you should have seen the look on your face!”  Jesus was laughing
uncontrollably along with His Father.
After they finally composed themselves, they continued on with the meeting.  They
Explained that this was of the utmost importance for the continuation of a young
country .  They named the country.  They said it was known as THE UNITED STATES
Of AMERICA.  They both said they have a certain kind of LOVE for this country.  They
also explained to me all the sacrifices some of the people in the country have made
so that others could remain FREE.
I quickly interjected , “ Jesus, and God.  Just stop , please, just stop right there.  I AM
Just the Angel Myrrh.  Jesus, I brought you back to Life and to your Father in Heaven.
You know I will do anything you ask.  Before you ask me to do what you are going to
ask me to do, let me quickly explain something to you.  I WILL ACCEPT THIS MISSION
on one condition.  That I get to explain The TRUTH about the CROSS the way I SAW it
then and the way I SEE it now.”
“ How did you know we were going to ask you to do this?” Jesus asked me.
I looked at Jesus and His Father and said, “ Because it doesn’t take a trip through
Genesis to Revelation to figure this one out.  Jesus, on behalf of the United States
Of America, it would be an honor of the highest magnitude to explain The TRUTH
about the Cross to these Americans. “
Jesus interjected, “ Before you go Angel Myrrh, I would like to show you something”
Jesus pulled out a never before seen vision that stopped me in my tracks.  It made
me pause and smile knowing He made it.  It gave me the strength to say “ Yes”
when Jesus and His Father told me the REAL MISSION .  Now I say, are you ready
for the TRUTH about The CROSS?
I AM the Angel Myrrh sent by the Father and the Son.
This concerns the National Debt of the United States of America.  The Father and
The Son of God are none too pleased.  They have sent me ahead to make sure this
Job gets done right.  This is a job for the American People.  This is the greatest pleasure
I will have ever had in my awesome Angel life. 
Now get ready and get busy.  I have been informed beforehand that the national debt
Is over 14 Trillion dollars.  The number is just a number like all the grains of sand.  It’s huge.
Now, since I have been sent ahead by The Father and The Son, I will deal the TRUTH on
Their terms. 
The TRUTH about The CROSS concerning the National Debt of the United States of America
is going to be explained by me, and in case you have forgotten,
I AM the Angel Myrrh.
Let’s start with the number 14 Trillion
Now, since I have told you the number is just a number, you have two choices.
You can either Pay Attention Now or Pay Attention Later.
Go back and read what I wrote about Paying Attention Later if you have any doubts about
where I stand on this matter about paying attention.
Since the number is written in red, let’s just say it is like the color of blood when it hits
the air.  Remember The TRUTH about The CROSS?  Oh that’s right, no one has ever told
you The TRUTH about The CROSS. 
I AM the Angel Myrrh.  I AM not a preacher, pope, priest or saint. I AM not a cardinal, bishop
or a pastor.  I AM the ANGEL MYRRH. 
Now, how would you tackle this national debt?
Would you let the Politicians of the United States of America take all the credit for tackling
this problem?  Or would you step up to the plate and take ownership of this epidemic
problem facing your nation?  Here is what the problem looks like when you face it alone.
But remember, I AM the Angel Myrrh.  I say that in all honesty.  I don’t say to you,
“ I AM Not the Angel Myrrh”  So again I say to you I AM and if you prefer
I AM POSSIBLE  for I AM the Angel Myrrh.
Now are you ready for the TRUTH about The CROSS?
I will tell you the TRUTH about The CROSS as it concerns the National Debt.
The national debt of the United States of America can only be overcome with
The TRUTH about The CROSS. 
And the greatest of these is LOVE.  Faith and Hope and LOVE.  Remember these?
Let’s take a look at this gigantic number shall we?  What do you notice about it?
Besides the fact that is starts with a One and a Four, what else do you notice
about it?  Looking closely, I can see there are Four commas.  Now with a
short recap:
The number 14 Trillion starts with a One Four with Four commas.
Now in order to see like an Angel , for I AM the Angel Myrrh, you go like this:
ONE FOUR FOUR ( 144 )  and when you gravitate toward Angel Hood you can
Even shorten this to two letters O and R ( OR ) for the beginning and the end of
One and Four.  Are you with me so far Angel scientists? ( A little Angel humor
thrown in for good measure!)
I AM the Angel Myrrh and I am dispensing the TRUTH about The CROSS concerning
the National Debt of the United States of America.  Jesus died to set you Free so
Pay attention Now. Trust me, it’s for your own good.
OK remember this number?
I just broke it down to its simpler form of 144 by stating it started with a one and a
Four with four commas.  And the one four  four  got broken down to OR.
Ok are you still with me?  Let’s go further!  What else do you notice about
the number 14 Trillion?  Here is what I notice.  There are 12 Zeros separated
by three commas.  Yes I know there are four commas.  The first of four commas
represents Trillions.  Jesus and His Father asked me not to embarrass any billionaires
on Earth with this mind boggling number .  After all, there are no trillionaires ( YET!)
So the Twelve Zeros represent billions and billions.  Remember though this number
Is a number that  is owed.  So don’t get all high and mighty or proud.  Jesus and His
Father did not laugh after falling off their thrones.   In all seriousness, the reason
they fell off their thrones was the look I threw them when I said,
I AM the Angel Myrrh.  Come pick up your CROSS and CARRY it into the FUTURE!
Ok, now do you remember when I said that the number 14 Trillion could be broken
Down to a simple 144? The one and the four and the four commas.
Then I broke it down to 12 zeros with three commas.
OK stay with me and PAY ATTENTION NOW!
The twelve zeros represent Jesus 12 Disciples and the three commas represent
The three days it took for Jesus to be resurrected.  Now you are probably wondering
About the fourth comma.  Remember when I said that the fourth comma represented
The number trillion?  OK so we now know that the fourth comma represents a trillion.
But is also the first comma  1 of 4 ( Are you seeing a pattern here yet? )
144 Represents 14 Trillion
OR represents the short version of 144
Now let’s move on.
For this is the United States of America’s National Debt Training. And
I AM the Angel Myrrh
OK now we are going to take the first of four commas in 14,000,000,000,000.00
And put it after the 144 like this:
In case you didn’t notice the red number has turned to green.  That is because as
An Angel in training, you are going to have to learn how to lay down in GREEN
I am going to add three zeros after the 144, so it looks something like this:
So instead of just looking at 144 as 14 Trillion it is now the number
14 QUADRILLION when it is 144,000!
Now let’s go back to the number 14 Trillion
As you may have noticed, I left out the period and the remaining two zeros.
The period represents the cents .  The two zeros to the right of the period
represents that there are no cents in this number. 
I AM the Angel Myrrh and I am here to help with the national debt.
Let’s go back to the TRUTH about The CROSS.
Now in order to tackle the national debt I have been given explicit instructions
to think like a human.  It is not my idea of a good time since human beings bitch
and moan over such mundane things.  But here goes, I am now a human being
with human thoughts and human interactions.
“ No way, the national debt is impossible to get rid of with all the stupid politicians
Running the debt up and all the out of work Americans sitting around on the Internet
Doing nothing but the same ol same ol getting deeper and deeper into debt”
Wow, that was painful.  I am now back to being an Angel.  The view from the top is
Indescribable and I just can’t go back.  But I made a promise to Jesus and His Father
And a promise made is a promise that must be fulfilled.
I AM the Angel Myrrh and the national debt training is in session.
144,000 is 14 Quadrillion and all I am asking for you to do is carry this TRUTH
With you wherever you go.  Now in human terms the number 144,000 is a smail
Insignificant number as when it is compared to 14,000,000,000,000.00
Here they are side by side:

Now again I am asking you to PAY ATTENTION NOW!
The GREEN number is larger than the RED number.
The GREEN number represents how God, and Jesus and Angels see things.
Jesus and His Father told me to say A is for Alpha or Angels Vision
So a GREEN A represents your solution to a problem, in this case
The United States of America’s national debt problem.
Now in reality, the 14,000,000,000,000.00 national debt is really an
American Human Abomination or it can simply be stated as a
RED AHA moment in time.
Now correct me if I am wrong but isn’t China considered a red country?
in human American terminology?
I AM the Angel Myrrh and there is more TRUTH about the CROSS than any
other symbol on the planet Earth.  So again please:
It doesn’t do any good for me to dispense all this wisdom from Above if you
Don’t have the courage to take advantage of it.  14 trillion dollars can be broken
Down into smaller chunks if you prefer your wisdom in smaller chunks.  I can
Do that! 
Let’s start with the number 10,000.00
In human terminology, it is the number one followed by a zero with a comma, three
More zeros a period followed by two zeros.
So, in human terms, let’s divide the number
14,000,000,000,000.00 by 10,000.00
What did you get?
According to my calculations, I got this number:
Or 1.4 Billion times.
Now, what do you get when it’s  human terms divided by Angel terms
14,000,000,000,000.00 by 10,000.00

For this one I AM the Angel Myrrh and I won’t give you this answer. No, you are going
to have to earn it.  You can’t give me an answer can you?  Trust me when I say this,
you are going to have to start
$ 10,000.00
National Debt Training – How to take on the biggest debt in the world and win!
I AM the Angel Myrrh and I promised you the TRUTH about the CROSS.
Now in order to tackle the national debt you are going to have to start by growing
Your $ 10,000.00.
I can already hear your questions.  “ But Angel Myrrh, why would I give you  $ 10,000.00?
I don’t even believe in Angels!” or I just heard this one “ This is just another government
scam to take advantage of the poor hard working Americans. Why should I believe you when
you say to think like an Angel?”
Enough with the questions, let’s go back to Rome shall we.  We Angels never miss an opportunity
To go back to Golgotha.  I should say We Two Angels but I haven’t introduced you just yet to the
second Angel.
Now after Jesus was taken down from the CROSS , and his side pierced, he was laid in a tomb.  Just
for this instance, you will have to bear with me.  Whenever I go back to Rome to the actual time and
place afterward it takes me a few moments to collect myself. 
I AM the Angel Myrrh and you are about to receive a lesson about the CROSS no one on EARTH has
Ever come up with yet.  Until today.  Once you read about this, it is up to you to take care of
The United States of America’s national debt.  I made a promise to Jesus and to His Father that I
would come through again and as an Angel  my ASS is on the line.  I don’t have any more looks left
to give to Jesus and to His Father for them to fall off their thrones.  That was a one time deal.
There are no re-do’s.
Ok back at Golgotha, looking up at the Holy Cross, washed clean by the rain, I can see The TRUTH
about the CROSS.  From a distance in front of the CROSS and a distance in back of the CROSS, I can
see 3 holes.  Now to you, that may not mean anything.  But please remember I AM the Angel Myrrh
and I safely transported yours and my Savior back to His Heavenly Father.  Ok there are three holes
on the Cross. 

Ok there are three holes on the CROSS.  Just moments before the CROSS held the body of Jesus.
Now I am staring at three holes.  So I walk up to that CROSS and below each hole on the CROSS I put
three eyehooks.  So let me explain it further.  Below the holes on the Arm Rest or the Cross Bar as
We Angels refer to  it ( where his hands were nailed!)  I screwed in three eyehooks on the left side and
three eyehooks on the right side.  So far that makes a total of six eyehooks.  Then on to the hole
where his feet were nailed.  Below the hole on both sides of the CROSS where his feet were nailed,
I screwed in three eyehooks a piece. So that would make another six eyehooks.  Now into the CROSS
Was a total of 12 Eyehooks.  The twelve eyehooks for this demonstration represent the twelve zeros
In the number :
And the four commas represent the four places that the eyehooks were placed.  Go back
And read if you are confused.  Four sets of eyehooks, three eyehooks apiece for a total of
Twelve eyehooks.
Ok I’m not done yet.  Now that the eyehooks are in place on the CROSS, I didn’t have much time.
From the left side of the CROSS’s eyehooks down to the foot hole eyehooks then up to the
Right side of the CROSS’s eyehooks, I strung fifty Purple and Gold pieces of rope  and pulled it as tight as
 I could pull.  Looking at the CROSS from either the front or the back, you could see the ROYAL
Colors of Victory.  Purple and Gold in the shape of a V strung on the CROSS.
I AM the Angel Myrrh and this is the best national debt training you will ever receive here on
Now, what does all this have to do with the National Debt?  Remember I said we were back in
ROMAN times and that I was back at Golgotha?  Ok so I have strung up the Perfect V on both
sides of the CROSS.  Now did I have to string it in Purple and Gold?  No, I didn’t but I was thinking
ahead to the Minnesota Vikings and how they have yet to win a Super Bowl.  I AM the Angel Myrrh
and I am giving the Vikings a lesson in humility.  If they can’t read between the lines, then all
the wisdom and hidden manna from Heaven will do them no good.  To tell you the TRUTH,
my colors would have been Orange and Black!  ( But I made a promise to Jesus and His Father and
I keep my promises!) .  So now that the Perfect V’s are Purple and Gold, I can tell you what this
means in Roman numerals.  Remember I told you that the six eyehooks on the Crossbar were
Placed under the hand holes?  That would mean that the Crossbar is a Straight Line.  When a Straight
Line is drawn over a V in Roman numerals,  it means times a thousand. In other words, the Straight
Line over the V means 5,000.  So it’s 5,000 in the front and 5,000 in the back.  When you look at it
Both ways, it comes up to 10,000.
Now, this is how I came up with the figure 10,000.  I mean you can look it up in the Holy Bible and
You will find that I am telling you the TRUTH like no one else can. 
$ 10,000.00
This is the starting point for national debt training.
Now, you will find the TRUTH when you come to National Debt Training.
There is much more to be learned from the TRUTH about The CROSS but I think for now,
This is a great place to start.
I AM the Angel Myrrh and there is more to come

Respectfully in TRUTH
Christo Strom
Sole Owner of Orange Race Card Angels
Head of Angel  Promotions

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