Thursday, May 19, 2011

Fourteen Trillion Reasons to Fear the LORD Writchristo

Sole Owner of Orange Race Card Angels

For those expecting Bob Merritt part two, be patient.
It takes time to create a masterpiece!


As it were, it might as well be the numbers of the stars.
Start counting now, and you will be done by Death’s Dinner Bell.
Death’s Dinner Bell?
There it goes sounding the alarm!
Hark! Who goes there?” the Lord inquired.
“It is just I my Lord “ said I. “ I have been sent up here to count to
Fourteen Trillion.  Do you know where I may find the 14 Trillion?”
The Lord asked, “ Who sent you here to find the 14 Trillion?”

I replied to the Lord, “ The United States of America’s politicians have
sent me here to find the national debt ceiling.  They want to raise the
national debt ceiling a little bit higher so I thought I should ask you Lord.”

Befuddled and a bit amused, the Lord laughed out loud!

“ They do do they! American politicians want to raise the roof of the
National debt and they sent you here to Heaven to see if I could raise
It up a bit more.  Those scoundrels and scallywags, I shall do no such
thing.  The Lord is many things but a politician I am not.  You go and tell
the politicians that the Lord is none too pleased.  If they cannot figure out
a solution by 2012, you tell them I will send the Wrath on each and every
one of their heads.  Go on now, go tell them the Lord has spoken and it
is so. “

I looked at the Lord for a few minutes and then responded, “ Lord, will
You write my name down in the Book of Life as such,
Chief Crazy Captain Christo, the one who understood the Angel Myrrh
And followed his instructions to the umpteenth power.”

The Lord grimaced and tried with all his might to hold back his laughter but
It was to no avail.  The Lord laughed so hard it split the sky in three places.
Of Course I will ,” the Lord agreed “ You are Chief Crazy Captain Christo and
It would be wrong of me not to write it down as you said.  And by the way,
Chief Crazy Captain Christo, the Angel Myrrh would like to take you under his
Wing to show you the Kingdom when it is ready.  But you must go now and
Tell the politicians to mind their matters”

Respectfully in TRUTH

Chief Crazy Captain Christo (just when it
couldn't get any stranger, a stranger walks
through the door!)


Christo Strom
Sole Owner of Orange Race Card Angels
Head of Angel Promotions

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