Monday, February 21, 2011

National Debt Training -Minnesota with Writchristo

Author Christo Strom
Sole Owner of Orange Race Card Angels
Head of Angel Promotions

From the desk of Chief Crazy Captain Christo

NATIONAL DEBT TRAINING - Minnesota Women with Writchristo
72,000 Minnesota Women

OK listen up Twin Cities.
I'm only going to set this up once.  If you get
it wrong the first time, you're like a Bambi in the
headlights.  Bambi in the headlights and a Convoy
of Semi's speeding along the highway with Adrian
Peterson leading the charge. In other words, get it
wrong and you're dead meat.

72,000 Women in Minnesota need to come forward.
The reason I say need to come forward is because if
you look backward, two things might happen.
The first thing is you might turn into salt like Lot's wife.
The second thing is that the Semi you saw coming at
you driven by Adrian Peterson had a passenger by the
name of Randy Moss.  He just told Adrian to put it in
reverse because, " Yo, Adrian, you missed one. One Clap!"

72,000 Women must come forward to admit that they are
tired of HEARING about the size of the National Debt.
Does size matter?  In the case of the National Debt, yes it does.

Estimated Size: 14,000,000,000,000.00

72,000 women must come forward this summer 2011 and make
a stand.  Do you see what is happening over in Madison, Wisconsin?
Don't even look around.  FOCUS HERE AND NOW.

The cost to attend National Debt Training is $ 10,000.00
It will never go up. And never go down.  The price is ROCK SOLID.
I do not accept CREDIT CARDS or EXCUSES.

or you don't. It's that simple. Minnesota Women who would like
to see WOMEN'S PROFESSIONAL HOCKEY in the state of Minnesota
you might want to pay attention in the days ahead +(~~+~~)+

After all, the state of Hockey might as well represent the hard working
women in Minnesota if it is going to REPRESENT. Do you follow?

Respectfully in TRUTH,

Chief Crazy Captain Christo

Chritsto Strom
Sole Owner of Orange Race Card Angels
Head of Angel Promotions

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