Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Minnesota Training with Writchristo

Author Christo Strom
Sole Owner of Orange Race Card Angels
Head of Angel Promotions

Minnesota: 72,000 Women with Writchristo

OK Minnesota.

Women, all 72,000 women in Minnesota who are ready to
become the " Masters" of your own fate.  This is about

No one has ever done this before so this is "VIRGIN" territory.
If you think someone has done this before, please speak now or
forever hold your peace.

The reason I say it has never been done before is because of this
number right here below.  

$ 14,000,000,000,000.00

Estimated figure for January 2011 ( may be higher!)

If someone has tried, well plain and simple they FAILED +(~~+~~)+

Let's put it another way.

The politicians , who are public servants , are not going to really try
to erase the national debt.  I mean look at the immense amount of
time and energy they use whisking around the country on their private
jets.  They whip up the people they represent into a frenzy with " We
will do this or We will do that" APPLAUSE. 

Then they are back on their Private Jets to go back to Washington D.C.
to attend to business.  They swing a huge wooden gavel, and say things
like, " The American People want this ... or The American People want

The Congress of the United States, The President of the United States,
even Billionaires in the United States, ARE NOT GOING TO ERASE THE

So, why should 72,000 Women in Minnesota care?  Well, they should care
because someone in their home state has come up with a plan to erase
the national debt.  Not just erase the national debt, but obliterate it!
They should care because they will be the first of five states to receive
this training.

Now right now , Minnesota's Governor Mark Dayton has inherited a debt
of around 6 billion dollars.  And he has said he will make the Rich pay higher
taxes.  Which is why my National Debt Training couldn't come at a better time.
Those who attend National Debt Training will be in that higher tax bracket
after taking action with what is taught.

Minnesota Women, you will be the first, then Wisconsin, Iowa, Nebraska and
Colorado.  Those are the 5 states I have chosen to teach National Debt Training.
A total of 360,000 Women will be singing a different tune once they have
completed their National Debt Training. 

So Minnesota Women, are you ready to rise above and kick this party into gear?
One thing you will soon see : WOMEN'S PROFESSIONAL HOCKEY
Teams could be owned by National Debt Training graduates.
That is if they are smart enough to attend and take action!

STAY TUNED +(~~+~~)+

Respectfully in TRUTH

Christo Strom
Sole Owner of Orange Race Card Angels
Head of Angel Promotions

P.S. This video below is just for illustration purposes.  In the song
" DIRE WOLF " the narrator sings these lines:
When I awoke, the dire wolf, six hundred pounds of sin
Was grinning at my window, all I said was "Come on in"

Think of the NATIONAL DEBT as it is today as
14 Trillion Pounds of Sin.

The narrator then goes on to sing:
In the back-wash of Fennario, the black and bloody mire
The dire wolf collects his due while the boys sing round the fire

Think of the boys sing round the fire as Political Wolves in Sheep's
clothing who are slaves to the DIRE WOLF ( national debt )

And by the way, ORANGE RACE CARD ANGELS will teach you how to
spot the DIRE WOLF in any occupation. You just have to learn to see!
Lyrics from DIRE WOLF written by Robert Hunter.

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