Sunday, January 2, 2011

GRIZ +++ The LAUGH TOUR ( Laughter ) with CCCChristo

Author Christo Strom
Sole Owner of Orange Race Card Angels
Head of Angel Promotions

From the desk of Chief Crazy Captain Christo

GRIZ +++ The LAUGH TOUR ( Laughter ) +++ with CCCChristo

Calling all you ANGELS

This is ground control to Major Tom. I'm stepping through the door...

What is Chief Crazy Captain Christo talking about?

Well, GIRLS and Bouys ( yes, the floating thing a ma jigs in the ocean)
pull up a chair and let me start to explain.
You see, in order to fulfill one's destiny, you must take action.
In order to become an Orange Race Card Angel , if you are a girl,
you must be willing to do two things at once.  Want to know what those two
things are?  OK, here they are.  You MUST BE WILLING to put $10,000
 and your own ASS on the line to help pay off the national debt. 

Now the next part is played by


 a mysterious being known as the American Female Population.

GIRLFRIEND: WOAH WOAH WOAH, did Chief Crazy Captain Christo
 just ask me to  put up $10,000 of my own money AND did he say
 put my ASS on the line.... What is that Crazy Fool talkin about? He must
 be Crazy if he thinks I'm going to do that!
CCCChristo: Hey GIRLFRIEND, just stop for a minute and listen.  When I
say $10,000 that is what is called THE ENTRANCE fee.  In order to enter
through a door, there is a price to be paid.
GIRLFRIEND: Where does the money go?  You know how long it will take
me to make $10,000?  I can't afford that?
CCCChristo: Well, then GIRLFRIEND, can you afford to PAY ATTENTION?
This is about something way bigger than a $10,000 ENTRANCE FEE! +++
Hey GIRLFRIEND look at these numbers:


Now in order to make those numbers disappear, here's what you need to
GIRLFRIEND : Chief Crazy Captain Christo you are definitely C-R-A-Z-Y.
You'll never erase the national debt.

ready to roll.

GIRLFRIEND : Ready to roll? Ready to roll what?

CCCChristo:  ROLL IN THE OWE.  and an announcement coming from a
video on youtube titled

  Pam Oliver: " O+O " with CCCChristo

GIRLFRIEND : You mean Pam Oliver the Sportscaster for NFL and NBA games.

CCCChristo : Yes, GIRLFRIEND, that Pam Oliver.

GIRLFRIEND : When is that video going to be coming out Chief Crazy Captain
Christo and are you going to sing for her?

CCCChristo: I am hoping to release the video later in January 2011 and yes, I
will sing a snippet of something I make up on the spot for Pam Oliver.
Until then later GIRLFRIEND +(~~+~~)+

Respectfully in TRUTH

Chief Crazy Captain Christo
Sole Owner of Orange Race Card Angels
Head of Angel Promotions

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