Tuesday, December 21, 2010

GRIZ and T.C. 3/4 TIME with CCCChristo

Author Christo Strom
Sole Owner of Orange Race Card Angels
Head of Angel Promotions

January 4th is the NEW BEGINNING
National Debt Training starts and goes
till the BEACH is SETTLED.

From the desk of Chief Crazy Captain Christo

GRIZ and the T.C. 3/4 TIME with CCCChristo

The one and only GRIZ is up on stage showing everyone
" How to Erase the National Debt" by using unheard of
TECHNIQUES and CHARM. He is skateboarding on a clear
3/4 Half Pipe ramp, jamming on an Electric Guitar, wearing a
rather bright helmet cam that shoots out different tones
of light the higher he gets on the skateboard ramp and
explaining " How to Erase the National Debt"

GRIZ shouted to the audience, " Did you catch all that?
As I was over the vertical point on the ramp, the light
blinded you didn't it?"

Those in attendance were in deed blinded by the light +(~~+~~)+

and a funny thing occured. They asked for more!
The crowd would not let him leave until he had done the

But GRIZ would have none of it.

GRIZ explained, " I have demonstrated for the last hour and
three quarters " How to Erase the National Debt". You paid
the $ 10,000 to learn how to be a part of the GREATEST
journey involves TEAMWORK and COURAGE. Or as I like to
call it , the T. C. effect that will bowl over the D.C. elect.
The crowd shouted back, " But what are you going to do with
the money? And how are we going to Erase the National Debt?"

Griz responded, " The Ten thousand dollars you just paid will
go towards building your D.C. or DEBT CENTER. It is a series of
Twelve intertwining locations you can go to work on your 1/4
Pipe Completion."

The crowd still didn't understand and wanted GRIZ to explain
even further.

So GRIZ stated matter of factly, " The 1/4 pipe that is missing is
The BLACK HOLE in everyone's life. You know the ENERGY sucker
that makes one's life incomplete. All you have to do is figure out
as a TEAM COURAGE member what is missing from YOUR 1/4 pipe.

When you do figure out what is missing, the funny thing is you
will then pay me between $ 1 million dollars and $ 10 Million dollars
that will go toward Erasing the National Debt. Now are there any
other questions?"

The crowd wanted to know how much time they had to learn how
to fill in their 1/4 pipe?

GRIZ grinned and replied, " Well now, as long as you put in the quality
time and effort, anywhere between one day and Three to Six years"
The crowd answered back, " WE KNOW < WE KNOW> STAY TUNED AMERICA!"
GRIZ laughed out loud, " That's Right. and
Hey T.C. let's get a move on it O.K."

Respectfully in TRUTH

Chief Crazy Captain Christo

Christo Strom
Sole Owner of Orange Race Card Angels
Head of Angel Promotions

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