Saturday, November 20, 2010

Minnesota: Inspiration Rituals ( INRI ) with CCCChristo

Author Christo Strom
Sole Owner of Orange Race Card Angels
Head of Angel Promotions

November 20th 2010 ( 18 degrees and its Minnesota+++)

Minnesota : Inspirational Rituals

From the desk of Chief Crazy Captain Christo

Woke up got out of bed, dragged a comb across my head....
Wait that's not inspirational!
Let my inspiration flow, token rhyme suggesting rhythm,
that will not forsake me till my tale is told and done....
There that's better. In case you didn't recognize the above
lines were from Beatles and Grateful Dead songs that live in
my head from time to time. So let's get down to business.

The national debt is something that lives in my head like some
worn out cancer bug that needs to get squashed. So you might
be asking your self. Why should I care about the national debt
when I can't even put food on the table for Thanksgiving. If this
is you , and don't be embarrassed if it is you, then you need to
do one thing. Change your way of thinking.

YOU:" But Chief Crazy Captain Christo, I can't think about the national
debt when my children are starving and my mortgage payments
are two months behind.

CCCChristo: " I'm not asking you to think about the national debt, I'm
asking you to change your way of THINKING"

YOU: " I can't even think straight with all the hassles of daily life, making
sure my children are fed and have a roof over their head. I get pulled in
every direction by my boss and the daily traffic. People can be so rude.
All the horror stories I see on the news, wars. I just can't get ahead. I'm
forty pounds overweight , my cholesterol levels are off the charts and
my furnace just went out. I don't have enough money to get through the
month. Why should I care about the national debt? Can you see my
dilemma. I can't get ahead and I'm going full speed."


YOU: " WHY do you keep saying that Chief Crazy Captain Christo?"

CCCChristo: " Inspirational Rituals"

YOU: " What are Inspirational Rituals"

CCCChristo: " It is what the United States of America, the Government,
the American People and especially the Twin Cities Minnesota are going
to find out starting January 4th 2011."

YOU: " But what are they?

CCCChristo: " I'll tell you what. If you can help me get the word out I will
be forever grateful and will give you the crown of life. A new crown of life
and you will say goodbye to your " old " self and say Hallow You Yeah to
your new self. Do you understand?"

YOU: " Isn't that what Jesus promised like two thousand years ago?"

CCCChristo:" Perhaps it is, but I am Chief Crazy Captain Christo, and you are..."

YOU: " I am me and you are me and we are all together"

CCCChristo: " Hey that sounds like John the Baptist, er I mean John the Beatle"

YOU: " I am the EGG MAN..WOO"

CCCChristo: " Ok back to the Inspirational Rituals. Starting January 4th 2011,
Christo Strom's business which is called ORANGE RACE CARD ANGELS will
be teaching 40 Twin Cities Female News Anchors and Reporters..."

YOU: " Which ones?"

CCCChristo: " What?

YOU: " Which 40 Female Twin Cities News Anchors and Reporters are you
going to be teaching?"

STAY TUNED Minnesota!!!

Respectfully in TRUTH,

Chief Crazy Captain Christo
Christo Strom
Sole Owner of Orange Race Card Angels
Head of Angel Promotions

P.S. Inspiration from a True Inspiration
Chief Crazy Captain Christo wishes to always
honor Minnesota's Robert Zimmerman
" People ARE Crazy..."

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