Sunday, November 7, 2010

Laura Bell Bundy : Kentucky Woman, Horse Lover's Dream 2011

Author Christo Strom
Sole Owner of Orange Race Card Angels
Head of Angel Promotions
Reminder that National Debt Training
Begins January 4th 2011, Twin Cities Minnesota

Laura " Statue of Liberty" Bell Bundy: Kentucky Woman, Horse Lover's Dream

From the desk of Chief Crazy Captain " Country " Christo
November Seventh 2010 +++ 11-7-10

Dear Laura Bell Bundy,

I have a position for you in my newly formed company.  Orange Race Card
Angels, based in Minnesota, will be launching the first ever
" How to Erase the National Debt " SEMNAR series in the year 2011.
You want to hear about your position Laura?  Ok here it goes.  I need you
to play " The Statue of Liberty" and " The Liberty Bell" in a short ten minute
video.  Now, the reason for this, and how it ties in with my SEMNARS is twofold.
First, " The Statue of Liberty".  I wrote a speech about me, Chief Crazy Captain
" Country " Christo , talking to the Statue of Liberty. Click Here if you want to read
the speech.  Second, " The Liberty Bell " as you know has a crack in it.  Let's just say,
in my video, The " Liberty Bell " will have freshly cracked eggs oozing down into
about a dozen frying pans.  On closer inspection, the frying pans are part of a cooking
contest to see who could cook up the world's greatest omellette and on really
closer inspection it will tie into the Hell's Kitchen/Master Chef ( Gordon Ramsay )and
eleven other great chefs vying for the title of THE WORLD'S GREATEST OMELLETTE
MAKER, and feed a bunch of city kids at the same time.

So, Laura Bell Bundy, how does this tie into you.  Well, let me tell you, Giddy On up
here Ms. Bundy and take a listen.  The National Debt is like Thirteen Trillion  Dollars
and growing! Orange Race Card Angels is the only company on the planet "CRAZY"
enough to try and erase it.  Your video will be the first of it's kind to egg's plain
the rules so I picked you for a reason.  I don't want to work with just anyone. I want
to work with you Laura Bell Bundy!  Now, how does the title of this post fit in with
you.  Kentucky Woman, well that part is easy.  Kentucky is obviously known for its
magnificent horses and beautiful women.  The Horse Lover's Dream part is this.
My longtime love ( 18 years Halloween), who I will just call Morning Glory, loves
 horses and loves Kentucky.  We live in Minnesota and would love to buy land
 and horses to raise down in Kentucky. I will keep my business in Minnesota
 but will travel back and  forth to Kentucky.   If you can keep this on the down
 low Ms. Bundy, I will teach you how to Erase the National Debt so you can
teach all the Kentucky Women you know as well. 

Just so you know, this video will not be made without you.  It has been thoroughly
bred with you in mind.  Hope to meet you in Minnesota in 2011 Ms. Laura Bell Bundy!

Take Care and May God Bless You Forever +++

Chief Crazy Captain " Country" Christo
Christo Strom
Sole Owner of Orange Race Card Angels
Head of Angel Promotions

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