Saturday, October 23, 2010

Sarah Palin: Meet Up with Orange Race Card Angels in 2011

Author Christo Strom
Sole Owner of Orange Race Card Angels
Head of Angel Promotions

October 23rd 2010

From the desk of "Chief Crazy Captain" Christo Strom

Dear Sarah Palin:

Today is a Saturday and I am writing this with a sense of urgency.
President Obama is rallying the DFL troops down in Minneapolis
at the Field House on the campus of the U of M.  There is a governor's
race and he is rallying support for one Mark Dayton.  There is also a
football game going on in the new TCF Stadium with Minnesota taking
on Penn State.  Why am I telling you this? 
Just to keep things current so you know where I am coming from, Sarah.
Can I call you Sarah or would you prefer Mrs. Palin?

Anyways, here is why I am writing to you Sarah Palin.  I am going to be starting
up a semnar series in the Twin Cities Minnesota and it has to do with erasing
the National Debt.  Now I will bet dollars to donuts that President Obama
could care less about erasing the National Debt.  That is why I am not inviting
him to attend.  I am, however, inviting you Mrs.  Palin to attend a semnar in
the year 2011.  Starting in November 2010 , I will be contacting various media outlets
and stadiums and concert halls to announce the fact that these National Debt
semnars are going to be taking place.  Once started, there can be no denying the
fact that this will be accomplished by people working together.  What a concept
right, people working together to erase the National Debt!

So, Mrs. Palin, what do you think?  Does erasing the National Debt sound like a
winning ticket to you?  Lastly, Mrs Palin, if you are serious about the 2012 top
job in the country, erasing the National Debt could very well be your ticket to the
White House.  Good Luck Sarah and I hope to see you in person in 2011!

Respectfully in TRUTH,

Christo Strom
Sole Owner of Orange Race Card Angels
Head of Angel Promotions

P.S.  Below this line there will be  videos of Orange Race Card Angels'
inviting you , Mrs. Sarah Palin, to the SEMNARS ( not a misprint!) in Minnesota. Maybe even
an invitation for Bristol the Pistol ( Dancing with the Stars+++) . If you don't see them they
have not been uploaded yet.  Halloween, Thanksgiving , Christmas and 72,000 Minnesota
Females.  Stay tuned and God Bless You!+++
++++++++++            ++++++++++++            ++++++++++++            ++++++++++++

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