Sunday, October 24, 2010

Frank Kern's Success Stories

 Author Christo Strom
Sole Owner of Orange Race Card Angels
Head of Angel Promotions

October 24th 2010

This next blog entry is straight from a request from FRANK KERN
Now for your enjoyment is what I wrote to Frank.
Enjoy and comment if you wish+++

Well, this is the beginning Frank, not exactly In the beginning but close.
You see, I started a business called Orange Race Card Angels and I am focusing in on Erasing the National Debt of the United States of America which for all intensive purposes is at around 13 trillion dollars. The exact figure is probably higher but who really cares right? Anyways, with the circle of life thing there has to be a point where the circle comes back to ZERO.  To move forward, it just has to be that way.  Now, to start this, I am not going to release any big secrets here because there isn't any. But, I am going to start with the news media, radio, and let's just add a few professional sports athletes.  I will meet with them in say a restaurant like Hell's Kitchen in Minneapolis ( where I am from, actually Saint Paul but who really cares right?) You see, I live up to my name of Chief Crazy Captain Christo (*but in a GOOD LIGHT+++) and I am going to accomplish teaching a few who will go on to teach the masses.
This is simple stuff, simply great stuff that hasn't been taught.  I really like your style Frank and hope that you could interview me next October when you will know if my methods are working.  Look me up in October 2011.  In Minnesota, Orange Race Card Angels.  My mission is to be in Five States in 2-3 years, then the rest as they say will be history.  Seriously Frank do you have any relation to Jerome Kern, the great musical composer? Just thought I'd ask.  Oh and the reason my son is my greatest influence is because he still calls me dad even after my , " I am Chief Crazy Captain Christo routine." Stay Frosty Frank, oh wait that's John Carlton
Respectfully in TRUTH

Christo Strom
Sole Owner of Orange Race Card Angels
Head of Angel Promotions
and I also play the character of
Chief Crazy Captain Christo

P.S. Here is a short video that will teach you how to jump rope and count to a billion
at the same time. Soon you will be able to count up to a Trillion and then you will be on
your way to learn how to erase the national debt. 

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